Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As we gathered at Bukit Bendera to lend solidarity to Bersih steering committee member and journalism lecturer at Monash, we became aware after lawyers were refused to aid him, that he was whisked away to an unknown detention centre. Shoot up a prayer for Chin Huat, please. We will continue to update you as we get more information.

NAT's story HERE

Ong Kian Ming COMMENTS in Malaysiakini.


Today's posting is not in BLACK because
the Government
is currently afraid of anything black,
especially black apparels.


KIMHO8 said...

Give them a pitch black!

Eric said...

I have a more accurate slogan for what we see shaping as Najib's premiership: "empty promises, indecision and police state". Sounds truer than the original, right?

Melayu Sengal said...

Hello Uncle Bernard,
The standing order is to wear black tomorrow. Is it on or not. It doesn't matter whoever got arrested, the order is already out, so on with it.
I'm down south and in sympathy with Perakians. Tomorrow my black T-shirt is definitely on.
Anybody comes to tell me off, I'll tell them that my underwear is also black, must I take if off now?

Anonymous said...

Why is the goverment soooo........ childish...???????????
Under WHOSE orders...????????????

Why the editor & owners of UTUSAN were not taken into custody when they call for "Rise Of The Malays" to create racial tensions ...?????????

Why....??? Why not...?????????????

Chin Huat is just a small "kuci meow" & why should the goverment feels soooo..................... threathen by him ???

Wake up lah...........!!!!!!!!!!

Don't do a "Pak Lah"......!!!

Anonymous said...

This Government may not realise that 1 single arrest in such circumstances would destroy 10 good deeds which it is trying to instil in the confidence of the rakyat under the premiership of the new PM. That translates to loss of more votes for Barisan in the next GE. This Government is doomed to fail by self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

Bro,the UGLY HEAD of Hisham(Hummer H4) is starting to show up...this young punk trying to muscle his power.Look at him ,how he answered reporter re release of ISA detenees on TV yesterday,so arrogant and fcuk face...

lanaibeach said...

Black or white
Name can't write
On the sloganic rhetoric
Now the truth prevails
The black knight doesn't ring true
He only says to please

The cloudy sky
It moves never wants to cry
The way the Albino behaves
The quick sand waiting
Come GE 13 light shut it down

Black or white
Albino getting scared
Feeling the heat
And the candles light
Of Aminah hovering in the sky

Every time the black knight rides
He will make the wrong move
He digs into a deeper hole
For it is there the story will be told

Do you hear no black or white?
Albino getting scared
Using uniformed agencies
Putting blocks on people
It never works
History has said so many times

wandererAUS said...

Malaysians are either too tolerant or too selfish...allowing this evil regime to have the better of us. Come, come, don't expect true democracy to be handled over to us on a royal plate! If we allow these UMNO bastards to take advantage of our good nature, allowing them to continue with their despicable divide and rule and take all the country cookies for themselves...we have ourselves to blame. Don't expect a few upright individuals to fight for our cause, stand up now and be counted.
Perak State is the best place to launch and defend with freedom or be trampled!

zorro said...

Melayu Sengal....just wear it for Wong Chin Huat who got arrested for asking that we wear black on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Wear black tomorrow people. If your shirt is white use anything black and make a cross at the centre. If you have a black car, drive to work or wherever you want to drive. Tomorrow is Black Thursday.
If you don't have black shirt, pu on anything black. GOD bless Malaysia and release Wong Chin Huat and the rest of ISA detainees.

Anonymous said...

Come tomorrow, let's create an ocean of black throughout the nation!!

Anonymous said...

Lim Kok Wing University will all be in black in sympathy with Wong Chin Huat

Anonymous said...

Chin Huat knew that he will be ‘IN’ sooner or later, (he just made it sooner)
He wanted to be one of country’s political leaders and the trend is you need to be a registered ‘member’ of KDC!
That’s his ambition! So let us all congratulate him for his progress instead crying foul!

BTW, I’m already ‘black’ top to bottom since day I born and I'm a driver... a 'black maria', c u there!

telur dua said...

What kind of @#$%-up Govt is this? Arresting people on the slightest excuse. Sedition my balls.

elizabeth said...

I think for far too long, we value 'peace' too much and becuz of that, we kept the govt in power for more than 50 years. But the so called peace we have in this land is not true peace. True peace is when every citizen is respected, when democracy and human rights are being upheld, when people's voices are not subdued, when those in authorities and power are there to serve the people who voted them in. I will wear black tomorrow...

It may take some time to manage, but I might consider rearranging my wardrobe so that I would be in black everyday!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


As world's free people of honour
Let us all show our "true colour"
Whether at the brightest or darkest hour
Who we can turn to as our real Saviour?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060509
Wed. 6th May 2009.

Anti Mindlessness said...

Who says white is the colour of cowardice? Don't start a nonsensical interpretation.

White stands for all that is good and right.

Anonymous said...

Who the fick is advising the Crime Minister? A bunch of morons I think. Now he will have a problem trying to explain to the people his 1 Black Malaysia oopppss!! 1 malaysia thingmy concept.

Peace Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

I'M dyeing my hairs 'all hitam' !!

Anonymous said...

I didnt know its so scary to wear black clothings..i thought it was cool.Better throw away all black clothes if not accidentally wear ah then in trouble

zorro said...

Anti Mindlessness....I never forced you to believe me. Anway, have you heard of the white feather, or the white flag.

TOKZ said...


I’ve no choice but to agree that WONG CHIN HUAT deserved to be detained. BERSIH is one USELESS ORGANIZATION of which serves no whatsoever purpose. Moreover, it only causes unnecessary CHAOS & PROBLEMS for the ‘rakyat’.

Take a look at what happened during the recent BERSIH MARCH. The rakyat was forced to endure extreme traffic chaos, while, entrepreneurs lost MILLIONS of business due to the inconsiderate actions of BERSIH.

The most effective way to eliminate such NONSENSE ORGANIZATIONS like BERSIH is to first get RID of WONG CHIN HUAT. I strongly suggest the Government to have CHIN HUAT sent to KAMUNTING RESORT for good….

WONG CHIN HUAT is a PEST to Malaysia’s peace & harmony!!!

Black = Funeral said...


Only a DUMB FOOL will ask people to wear BLACK when the weather these days are SCORCHING HOT.

No wonder this DUMB FOOL by the name of WONG CHIN HUAT was arrested. Serve him right for requesting STUPID THINGS!!!

He might as well request everyone to be NAKED instead. At least, that would make more sense than wearing BLACK.


alphaguy said...

Judge by my actions was the pleading of PM Najib's 1 Malaysia policy.Now we understand that even calling to wear black and sending cake is not 1 Malaysia Policy and hence subject to arrest and conviction.

telur dua said...

Actually it is not difficult to understand why the Federal Govt is doing all this. They simply lost all moral authority to govern.

Why? They don't even respect the Federal and State Constitutions.

So, might is right. Comparison of Malaysia to Myanmar and Zimbabwe is not unfounded.

SamYap said...

Ummm...Bernard, If my memory is not corrupted by gutteruncensored, then I think the colour for cowardice is YELLOW, not white.

White means a whole lot of other things: pure, retreat/surrender, its prophet Muhammad's colour, light etc etc.

Anyway, its just a matter of interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Chin Huat's favorite movie must be the 'MIB'. who the FCUK he thing he is? btw, BERSIH begins at home, wash your @SS %#L% first!!

You damn right TOKZ & Black=funeral, hopefully the government will BERSIH all of them and don't forget Zorro too...

telur dua, u donno what u'r talking.. too much telur in ur skull hah?

Anti Mindless-ness said...

This statement - "I never forced you to believe me" is a most irresponsible statement by an adult.

Typical of shifty-eye street peddlers or snake-oil salesmen who sells you junk and then refuse to refund when you discover you have been scammed.

And I understand you were once a teacher. Is this the example and value system you set for younger adults and teenagers?

And for your info, white flag is not a sgn of cowardice and i you research the matter about white feather deeper, you will also find that it goes beyond cowardice. Get your facts right.

SamYap said...

Hmmm...looks like there are a few UMNO shit stirrers it a sign of the violence we should expect from goons?

anna brella said...

"Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or lordliness. It consists in daring to do the right and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds, not in words." Mahatma Gandhi

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.