Thursday, May 14, 2009


Let's cut out the bullshitting. More talk is getting Perak nowhere! The Appeals court might have already scripted their submission before 18 May. More talk means more lies! Everyone is clamouring for the one solution - go to the ballot box - and yet whoever can bring this about is hedging. Nostradamus, will be uncomfortable here for a fact. The ipoh coffee is turning rancid and the nga choy putrid. Whoever is responsible must WAKE UP, GET OUT OF BED and do what is RIGHT, before the shit hits the fan.

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KIMHO8 said...

1 Malaysia for the people!

1 voice from the people!

1 snap state election for the people!

1 vote from the people!

1 MB for the people!

1 unity for all the Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

I'm really really desperate for FRESH ELECTION. I want to decide our governance.

I cant tolerate anymore UMNO's politics...scripts..court manipulation etc.
I want to show my power..the power to vote.
I want to show how powerful the vote of rakyat..not umno's , not BN, not the judge, not power hungy politicians. Want to tell the is not the 3 froggies to decide the fate of the States.

I want to vote again..I cant stand the look of Zamry anymore. I dont want to visit Dentist regulary.

Please can someone please tell me ..poor souls from Perak, why were we not allow to judge & decide for new governance in Perak. Why must it be UMNO's way..not Rakyat's.


Anonymous said...

Afraid of election in Perak then what about PRU13 ...... better " NO NEEDS TOO " cause pkr,pas and rocket will win, just give the government to pas,pkr and dap .... why waste peoples money.

Anonymous said...

Enough have been said of this dead horse. When this Barisan Government holds the power to sit in Putrajaya, they decide for you, me and everybody. They do not offer us any more option to choose. We had forfeited that right and privilege. That's the type of Government we had voted in the past. Now you all know.

Anonymous said...

pm :'s up to sultan NOW !!

Jong said...

What else to talk? Nothing else to talk, more talks more confusion. Just give us back our voice - kembalikan HAK rakyat, that's all we ask for!

Mengapa Najib? Don't let Mamak Kutty the "batu api" scare you. You just said:

"BN is not afraid. We have to face the rakyat and we will face the rakyat. We have faced the rakyat many times,"

Yeah Mr Prime Minister, I like that strong statement, bring out the ballot boxes!

Anonymous said...

pm : " snap elections ah ? no problem
IF sultan says YES !!"

Anonymous said...

Those BN cowards are full of crap. Not afraid konon...podaah! Takut cakap la takut....cowards!!!

Whatever happens, i hope come the next general elections the whole nation will HAPUSKAN BN FOREVER!!!

Sam Yap said...

Just in case you haven't heard, the shit has already hit the fan! Whatelse can one call the fracas at the Perak Dewan on May 7th, a kindergaten party? Thats of course unless, you mean that the people will take to the streets and "storm the bastille"?

Storming the bastille won't work, not now and probably not for another 50 years or more. Even the redoubtable RPK realized that when upon hindsight he realized that we are still very much in the racial mindset mode. Would the "pegawais" have dared to dragged Sivakumar out of the dewan if he had been of a different skin colour?

No, the shit had already hit fan and the splashes of shit have landed squarely on their faces. If it had not, would the UMNO members, the ones who are more level headed, be clamouring for fresh elections in Perak?

Najib has landed himself in hot soup and now he wants to throw the pot of soup back into the royal hands. Too hot to handle. Its too late for him, but not too late for the Sultan. But I wouldn't blame the sultan now if he drags his feet over this mess. He wasn't the architect, he was just the mere rubber stamp. Everyone can argue till our faces turn blue about whether the sultan should have acceded to Zambry's request in the first place to swear the fellow in as MB and then ask Nizar to quietly sail down the Perak river and enjoy the idyllic scenery. But all of that is already water under the bridge.

Now whats the way forward? In fact the path towards resolution of the crisis had already been cleared by the High Court. Unfortunately, the obstinate and recalcitrant Zambry wants to challenge the judgement. The Court of Appeal now has to answer to the rakyat, why was the stay of execution allowed? There must be some merit in allowing the stay. What was or were those salient arguments for stay of execution of judgement?

All of us who can read and had taken the trouble to read Article XVI (6) of the Perak Constitution would understand it in no uncertain terms that a sitting MB can only be removed by a vote-of -no-confidence. No other action was offered to remove the MB. Although the High Court judge had relied on a case precedent, he did so merely to reinforce his interpretation of the said article.

There is another important point and I pray that most readers would agree with me. The right and authority to govern a state comes from the citizens and NOT from a court. Readers must remember that the court's authority is limited to interpreting the law and not the appointment of a government.

There is no other way to interpret Article XVI (6). The only argument, if one is admant about it, is to debate the due process in the appointment of Zambry whilst there is a sitting MB. I use the present tense because, truly, and everyone knows it, Nizar is still the MB even today, with or without the High Court judgement.

Why? Because in the first place the due process to appoint and swear in a new MB was flawed.

Bernard wants action now and less talk. But I say, lets talk some more. The more we talk the better it is. The more time spent talking will only serve to spread the message wider and more people will become aware of the real issues.

No doubt the perakians are to sweat it out while waiting for their MB and exco to resume management of the state. But its a small sacrifice to make for the greater good of the nation. Let the rst of the country see the woods for the trees.

Every step made by the current adminstration is compounding their errors. Take a moment to consider these two matters:

1) If the matter had been resolved amicably before May 7th, the people would not have had the opportunity the witness UMNO's thuggery. Even a staunch UMNO man like Sakmongkol called it a putsch.

2) If the matter had been resolved amicably, then we wouldn't have the chance to expose the Jelapang ADUN for the true bitching liar that she is.

Is it any wonder then that the old warhorse, Mahathir did not mince his words when he said that BN will lose Perak badly if a snap election is called.

He forgot, or smartly declined to say that in actually fact, if a GE is called now, BN might lose their underwear.

So let the show go on!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. thats what all this maderfakker good for... when things not in there favor, everything wrong! when KL HC on nizar side, waahhh.., a good practice, great judgement.. thats Y u all r nothing more.. a bunch of maderfakker.. and u tot election result will 100% be on yr side? just wait n c..

nur mohd nidzam said...

The star online today quoted Tun DrMahathir as saying that should there be a snap election in Perak Pakatan will surely win,Tun being the wise and man with great foresight,his words should be taken seriously and believed.Now that statement from Tun only confirms further the theory that Bis scared and unwilling to have snap pools.Najib today said that BN is not afraid to face the people.We have faced the people many times before, he said proudly.Yes Mr PM you have faced the people many times IN THE PAST,but the last few times you faced them the score was 4-1,The past that you are talking about are long gone.People have changed times have changed,your luck have changed,he only thing that has not changed is the mentality and attitude of umno.The faster you realized this the better for you and your party but we have our doubts.We the rakyat think change is beyond you.
Now Tun also suggested against a snap election,being fully aware what are the wishes of the people of Perak Tun is being very unwise to advise against the hes of the people and being undemocratic.Tun's statement only gives weight to the argument of various people that he is indeed a dictator.

Anonymous said...

courts might have already scripted?

go read jeff ooi blog on the expose of ramly burger.

Ashe said...

Its all up to the Sultan of UMNO, good ole TDM. He has delivered his royal decree and our ever obedient PM will just abide.

nur mohd nidzam said...

How come nobody is mentioning the price of petrol being increased 20 sen from 1st sept onwards.Maybe everyone is busy politicking about Perak.

SameSame said...

Hahahaha...they dare call BN a democratic Party! What a laugh!

All whats been happening could be a Komunis one actually.

When one reflects back, maybe it high time Malaysia become a Communist country. Maybe then we some major action!

Not that I wish it sorry, but the way BN goes around and round the pokok kelapa...its bloody frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Well, i think you guys to really know how Najis Razak and Barisan Najis works, put yourselves in their shoes.

If they have a state by election, they will b absolutely creamed, risk 2/3rds majority to Pakatan , that idiot Zambry the Illegal Alien i dare say will lose Pangkor also!

Now, knowing all of the above, tell me again why i should have a state by elections??


Because its the just thing to do?

Because thats the moral upright thing to do???

because Perak is going to the dogs in the next 3 years ?

Do I care? have you forgotten who we are? We are Barisan Najis!!

Guys, answer me this, whats in it for me, Najis Razak!!! What do I Najis Razak gain by having a state wide by election and then having Pakatan trash the crap out of my sorry party?

Donplaypuks® said...

Why are the HRH's still silent?

The lightning speed with which the CoA Judge Ramly Ali was able to order a stay of execution, (unusual for a single judge), shows how deeply the foundations of our Judiciary system have been eroded and manipulated by UMNO/BN.

And HRH's continued silence only serves to get the rumour mill going into overdrive that the conspiracy to unseat Barisan Rakyat extends to the Royal Household.

The integrity of our Judiciary, the concept of Separation of Powers and of our electoral processes should all be very dear to the heart of especially the HRH of Perak.

At the moment they are giving the impression that are in cahoots in this Perak debacle with Najib and UMNO!

They should act swiftly and they should act boldly.

mob1900 said...

The longer this debacle goes on, more and more Malaysians will be disenchanted with BN.

Just don't let 'em know, oh wait they can't be bothered.

shar101 said...


Can we believe Tulang Besi's latest posting on UMNO giving in to the wishes of Perakians for a snap election?

No other website nor blog have this breaking news just yet.

telur dua said...

Najib really !@#$-up big time.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Desperate people do desperate things
They will do their stuff faster than they think
For fear they'll lose everything in a blink
Forgetting to bother how badly they stink

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150509
Fri. 15th May 2009.

Sklau said...

It's quite obvious to all that he just doesn't have what it takes to be a PM. A simple man-on-the-street observation and deduction after his 'accession' to the throne.

1. His procrastination and indecisiveness in resolving the Perak impasse has condemned the nation to international ridicule while putting a damper to economic growth and FDI.

2. Passing the buck when the odds are stacked heavily against him making him a coward in the eyes of the citizenry and the world at large.

3. Trying to appease the inner circle to retain support so as to remain in power and not get booted out like he did his predecessor.

4. It is apparent that he is under the thumb of TDM who is calling the shots..including when to relieve himself.

Except for third world dictators, no sitting PM worth his salt would drag a nation and her people through mud while trying to extol the virtues of a pathetic slogan of '1Malaysia' or was it 'Want Malaysia?'

He has been living the good life for far too long until the reality of global competition and economic survival eludes him. Their retarded mentality of 'we've got oil so no need to work so hard' will catch up on us soon enough.

We were colonized once before, and we will again be, if those who helm the nation only wakes up to smell the 'coffer' instead of 'coffee'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

Here are some slogans for the (much hoped for) upcoming Perak state elections:

1. Vote for Hee Yit Foong, she stands up and fights for your rights (with a pepper spray)

2. Vote for Zambry Abdul Kadir, he is inspired by Gandhi, King and Mandela (and believes himself to be the 3-in-1 Malaysian equivalent)

3. Vote for Sivakumar, he is so dedicated that he sometimes gets carried away (by "officials" in plainclothes)while fulfilling his duties as the Speaker of the Perak State Assembly

4. Vote for Ganesan, he can do wonders for you (because he can also get to become Speaker without winning any seat in the Perak state elections)

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

You, me, the politicians, & the rakyat "knows" that this Perak drama is an embrassement to Malaysia & Malaysians...!!!

But these "goons" still don't wanna give up...!

They "know" they've done wrong & they cannot & "will not" admit their wrong doings...!!!

Even The High Court has rule them wrong in The Constitution Of Malaysia (The Law)...!
Now they want to appeal the ruling.

Are they trying to say that the Judge had made a "mistake"...???
That he's not learned...???????
That the Malaysian Constitution is "wrong"....?????????

Better they start releasing all those crooks from prison then...!!

Coz the "actual" crooks are free to roam around...!!!!!

Malaysia is going to the "longkang" lah.............!!!

Anonymous said...

I just ask the opinion of many of the lawyers (6 of them, pals & mates at gym) out there...all says the whole court things are scripted.
Its predictable ..& they know how it ends.
They all laugh out real loud about the express court of appeal decision, 1 man panel & delayed appeal by Nizar & unknown date of hearing.

BTW..anyone aware that old caburator engine car like Saga, Ismawara, Wira has to rely on RON97 fuel which is RM2.00. Economy car paying for PREMIUM fuel price?
RON97 became premium price coz of the price hike not quality...aint that dumb? More tax paid to govt since fuel subsidy long abolished.


Jong said...

"At the moment they are giving the impression that are in cahoots in this Perak debacle with Najib and UMNO!" - donplaypuks

- Aren't they? So far I have never heard one strong word of reprimand from the royal household against those despicable BN monkeys. Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives are being viewed as 'anak tiri rakyat Perak', why?

Anonymous said...

siva must always thank his lucky stars for been 'dragged out' or he he was SHOT dead !!

Anonymous said...

siva is suing ganesan !
hamildah : syoknya, kill them b4 the snakes !!