Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am sure everyone has caught the TV show: Kids say the darndest things. Amir Muhammad writes a monthly piece Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things in Off the EDGE magazine.I hope he will include this in the June issue:

EC chief: No more deaths please

Since 080308 seven by-elections have taken place, four of which were due to the deaths of the incumbents.Looks like by-elections have winded Abdul Aziz Yusof. However, he must realise that deaths cannot be predicted although a pattern has evolved - 2 from opposition and two from BN coalition. Yes, time and manner of death cannot be predicted unless "manipulated" like in Kugan and the Mongolian Aminah. But frogs jumping from one pond to another pond are prdictable. And it all started in Sabah. Even when it was suspected that Anwar was encouraging these frogging, he might have taken the cue from Khir Toyo. Ask MP of Shah Alam YB Khalid Samad and he could tell you how Khir met him after Selangor lost and told him to lets form a coalition of PAS and UMNO to govern Selangor. So actually it was not an invention of DSAI.

For all we know Khir Toyo could have engineered the Perak leap-frogging extravangza. The Almighty decides when you die, but Man decides to jump or not to jump. This latter Aziz Yusof must put a stop to. He can if he wants to, but here again, can he do what his conscience dictate? Not possible really, because he too belongs to the mechanised government agencies. (HERE)





frank serpico said...

Uncle Zorro,
You really spoiled my day when even mentioning the names of the 3 constituencies, what more seeing the befitting frog images of them. I have to spit 3 times in order to recover myself from vomiting. The 2 bastards and the bitch will burn in hell. Perak in mourning on DEATH OF DEMOCRACY!! Zombie MB really no shame to talk and sit on the MB chair.

arifabdull said...

pls put this too...

Pengerusi SPR: Manek Urai tak ada restoran KFCtyvm

Anonymous said...

The Jelapang frog is even uglier in person than the picture you have posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi frank serpico

You only know 2 bastards and a bitch but you forgot to find out who the two prince were that kissed Hee's arse which turned her into a bitch. For the other 2 ultimate frogs, I swear I don't really know who kissed their arse.

You puke and vomit when hearing their names but I am sure you will jump straight into a coffin and ask someone to nail the coffin when you discover the truth that leads to her making such a damning and irreversible decision. I am not defending that damned frog/frogs but lets not forget there in our midst of fighting for our rights, the ""ïnstigator"" princes" are actually leading us. Don't worry, there are a few witnesses around when the event happened and time will reveal the truth soon.

The two prince is today championing the rakyat's cause and lifting their arm into the air shouting "BUBARKAN DUN" but deep down their heart, they know thay had done a mistake politically. The result, pakatan rakyat lost the Perak Goverment. They can deny - that's what politicians are good at - denial.

I too puke and vomit at the mention of the frogs' name but I will vomit more at the thought of this person(s) that challenged her to jump ship using vulgar words and indignified words.

Find out the truth lar........don't just let people lead you blindly.

My vote will always be given to MB Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat. Thinking of joining PAS supporters club too.

Antares said...

Hee hee hee hee, excellent imagework here, Zorro! Ribit!

Daniel said...

Dear anonymous who want to join PAS supporter club,
Why don't you enlighten us with your story about the prince using vulgar language? I would like to hear that side of the story.

shar101 said...

Ribbit, ribbit! Kermit would turn (no pun intended) over in his bed and declare a headache!.

Speaking of headaches and mechanised agencies echoing the dictates of the UMNO Baru led BN administration, look out for the MOD AZH's endorsement for the Rempit Brigade (read: Wataniah and Rela intake during the next few years) making their presence felt during GE13 in lieu of postal votes.

Add to this, the EC recent announcement that the biometric system could be used for the next general election.

Now just imagine if the 'pilot project' is applied to these personnel.

And try envisaging the outcome if ..gasp.. 2 million plus personnel are conscripted into this block of voters.

Scary thought, ain't it folks.

The OBE Skunkworks network have spoken errr.. written it here at El Zorro's.

Anonymous said...

Love the "frogs"...!
They "DO" represent those 3 traitors yah....!!!

Zorro..., better "logo" them with an individual frog title & pix.
Then we'll know "who" is which frog.
Don't want to "see" their faces anymore lah..........!!!

If see them, just throw a shoe or two laden with "whatever shit" avaiable at them............!!!!!!

Eeerrrr...... Unca Zorro !
Can do a favour...???
Can you get Malaysiakini to remove Pangkor Pele's face....?????????
Depressing lah....!!!

I'll take Khairy's face anytime....!!!!!
Thank you....

lazarus said...

Forgot 1 more frog from BOTA who was the first to jump ship to PR, and welcomed with open arms..

KTemoc said...

A malaysian 'ribbit' (froggie) story though a bit dated (Sep 2006) when 4th Floor ruled the roost - ;-)

Anonymous said...


please do not insult the frogs. they are better looking than the 2 jokers and single mace spraying bitch

K L said...

The Clown will make a rule in future that all potential candidates must go for medical check up 1st before nomination. The check-ups are conducted in designated or rather UMNO's, BN's clinics or hospitals.

zorro said...

OBE, starkingly sinister and possibly probable. We have to work on this concertedly. Give a gentle reminded, can. And we will ffff Mafrel in the dog my backside.

zorro said...

Anon 9:00am....cannot lah....dont want to be in Steven Gan's bad books.

Lazarus, I rose him from the dead as the Sampan Man.

Yes, Daniel, what is the story?

zorro said...

KTemoc....yeah but your prince frog don't leap like these 4. I hear your prince is a-planning.

Anonymous said...

7 by-elections oredi tercukup : hey, adun & mp , tausa mati , jika mau mati , minta EC dulu, ok !?

Anonymous said...

At least the frogs have better heath than those dying MPs.

Anonymous said...

these toads very susah to mati one unless eaten by hamidah's snakes !!