Monday, May 25, 2009


Aminah Abdullah was the first to send in her nominations, last to campaign, but first to give a taste of the punches she has in store for PKR candidate Mansor Othman. She has sneered aside the Siames kitten and the born-again Bukit Gantang loser. This Amazon seems to have her sights only on her former party-member.

As I see it from outside the ring, she is applying Mohamad Ali aka Cassius Clay's "rope-a-dope-dope" in the first few rounds. Is she going to "float like a butterfly" and "sting like a bee" in the final round? Mansor's corner VP Sivarasa and Strategist Tian Chuah must now counter with some double-quick shuffles......if you dig what I mean????

Malaysiakini has the full story HERE and according to Susan Loone (HERE) Aminah is quite a lady!

But dang-our-ding-dongs, dangling two "either or" posts just for her to capitulate smells like an UMNO-breed machination (not forgetting that PKR are mostly former old boys of university UMNO..... and I will continue to remind them to "clorox" away that inherent stink some still cling to in PKR!). And who is PKR to make such offers when Guan Eng is the CM?

And even if Aminah is touted as a hard worker that does not qualify her for those posts. We dont need hard working people, we need SMART people. Finally, Aminah must keep true to her name, that is:


Trustworthy, faithful, secure,


Servant of God


Old Fart said...

They tell me that hell hath seen no fury like a woman scorned. So whats' this woman's story? Political parties should take note of dealing with women politicians. Don't ever submit them to scorn. Jelapang Hee already showed what she is capable of.

donplaypuks® said...

There's a face that would stop a bull dead in its tracks!

Let's see if she has the guts to report to the M'sian Assoc for Cows and Bulls!

pinsysu said...

aminah helluva 'in-dependent' con-didate probably backed by somebody who's scad to lose face ... or was it the other way round that she offers not to kacau the bye-election if her terms are agreed to? RM80,000 is at least one zero short to make any sense as the going market rate has 6 zeros behind ya.

telur dua said...

I wouldn't give her 8 Ringgit.

Put her down as another trouble maker.

Tell you what, I'll make her Empress if she doesn't lose her deposit.

Anonymous said...

The offer is the other way round brother!!! She demanded RM80000 to pull out or she remain in the fight and believe she will win and offered to join PKR but demanded the Deputy to Lim Guan Eng-that is most likely.
Anyway just go and tell her my foot!!! as you can win or lose your deposit and stop thinking people are stupid.
She is fit to be in UMNO period!!!

Anonymous said...

Politics is a dirty game played by dirty people.

No matter which side they belong, they still play the same game.

When they win, the Rakyat are the losers.


Anonymous said...

The picture looks more of a HE than a She.
Did Zorro put up a correct picture. If it is the right picture, then BE VERY CAREFUL

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

is this a he or she ????

Antares said...

Good heavens! It's Tengku Adnan in drag! The audacity of it all.... Umno is getting REALLY desperate!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


For anyone in search of publicity
Please do it with a bit of dignity
And sufficient amount of creativity
To avoid comments with negativity

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260509
Tue. 26th May 2009.

Anonymous said...

Where she got the money from, in the 1st place to contest...?

Why was she an "EX-PKR"...??????

Any "dirty" stories in that wo-man at all.....????????????????

Eeerrr......... unca zorro !!
Why put such a close-up pix lah....!????

Aiyaah..... What lah you...???
Just only had breakfast laaah.....!

Btw..., he or she ???????????

Anonymous said...

isn't that Aminah Abdullah also the name of Altantuya Shaaribu a.k.a current PM deceased other-Wife, right?

anyway, similar to Hee, this Aminah will make Lim Guan Eng lots of headache if she sits in the ADUN. remember Hee-Haw!!!

mauriyaII said...

WTF is this cow waiting for? If she has evidence in the form of a CD, then go ahead and inform the MACC for whatever it is worth. They may yet take prompt action if only to demonise the Pakatan Rakyat and get enough votes not to lose her deposit.

These political losers like POJ Hee just amazes me. They like to enter politics by hook or crook because it is where all the ill-gotten wealth is.

If POJ Hee was worth RM25million from the sale of lottery tickets, why is this cow short-selling herself?

Go to Najis and demand another 25 or 30 million to be UMNO/BN friendly.

Anonymous said...

this woman, oops, my bad, dude is so fucked up...oi, don't take us as fools la. u're just like hee yit bitch. different day, different story. monday say you were " 'offered' top council post to pull out", then yesterday say "I'm not sure it was bribery". wtf?

and there's another "independent" candidate,Kamarul Ramizu Idris, who lost in bukit gantang and stirring shit in penanti, publicly asking babi najis voters to vote for him...rofl. there goes bn's shit talking abt not sponsoring any independents in penanti. Fuck You, BN.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 PKR chaps were really foxed by their very alim ex-colleague. Those two did not realize that they were walking into a neat trap.

When you invite a person to your house for lunch, you only record whatever is being said to trap and to use against them. If she were a true Muslim (she tries to portray herself as one by her attire) she would not have stooped this low.

What she did is akin to poisoning her guests. Feed them at the same time try and dig a hole for them.

This should be a lesson to all. Don't GO even if you are enticed even by a beautiful bitch because they are just plain backstabbers.

Kudos to the MACC. When it is about the Opposition, they are super fast in taking action.

What about the two exPKR frogs charged with corruption and sex for favours by the MACC? Why NO action is taken on those? Is it because they have become UMNO/BN friendly?

Malaysia is becoming world famous for harassment, intimidation, death in police custody,clamp down on peaceful candle light vigils, fasting and of course selective prosecution and verdicts by kangaroo courts.

Way to go, Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!! In Bodohland anything goes in place of law and order.

Damsel said...

But how come no one is addressing the issue of the possibility of 2 PKR reps trying to bribe her?

Takes 2 hands to clap no?

All i see & hear is everyone attacking her looks.
How about the alleged act of bribing? We're not condoning that now are we?

If PR was serious about its anti corruption stance, they should investigate the evidence tht she allegedly has and take action if they did indeed try to bribe her.

But that wont be happening i guess, because all i see PR/PKR doing is attacking her and saying that she betrayed their trust by recording them. Eh about the rakyat's trust to you PR politicians?

WE are watching you....

Anonymous said...

erection 4 her ah ? NO NO NO !!!