Sunday, April 6, 2008


Squeeze water our of a rock? No, we don't need that. Bad Blood yes.....Will the Royal Commission squeeze out all the contaminated and tainted blood that has been running in our judiciary body? Yep, we need new fresh clean blood in our judiciary. Is the commission up to it, now that they are given an extension of another month to submit their findings to the King? The original date of submission was to be March 11 but excuses were manufactured to stall the submission. Amongst the excuses were the GE, the Trengganu MB tussle in which the King was involved in, the RCI members being under-the-weather by turn, and the latest excuse,,,,,the UMNO in-fighting.

This one other excuse I don't subscribe to. It seems Loh the father of Gwo-Bourne insisted that his son be referred to as YB at every mention of his name in the submission!

Of course, the most naughty excuse was that they were deciding if Lingam should be writing out the submission having proven his adeptness in this field over the years.

But according the all-seeing, all hearing Hantu one part of the hearing transcripts has miffed the commission members! They are now in deep deliberation as to how this was recorded in the original transcript. Rumours are flying around that the 4th floor kids are behind this mischief. Here is the transcript that our resourceful Hantu was able to pluck from Haidar's drawer: Fasten your seat-belts:

Somebody farted during the inquiry.

Inquiry officer asked Tengku Adnan first: Did you fart?

Adnan replied: You must be drunk or mad.

The officer then asked Dr Mahathir: Did you fart?

Mahathir answered: I don't remember. Anyway it's my prerogative to fart and I don't have to answer to anybody.

He then asked Eusoff Chin: Did you fart?

Eusoff Chin answered: If anyone wants to fart, what can I do?

The officer then turned to Lingam: Did you fart?

Lingam replied: Sounds like mine, smells like mine is not me.

And you think the commision's problems stops here. No way. Boss Hildar is turning purple when somebody alerted him to Wangsa Maju's Member of Parliamentr, Yang Berkhidmat Wee Choo Keong's question of the week in his explosive blog:

"As we all know, the said Royal Commission Report is a very important document that can shed light on the extent of rot in our judiciary and also help show the way to restore it to its former glory. This week's question then is ...

Now that the Royal Commission has completed its recording of evidence on February 15, should the Royal Commission Report of the Inquiry into the VK Lingam Video Clip be made public?"

Sheeeshhhhhh....this is too heady for me.....Gus Gan, I am coming over to your
Fisherman's Wharf for a stiff make it a double water please. Coming over to watch MU butcher Boro.


Anonymous said...


that fella kept the seal for mahatir and you think he is gonna do the right thing to restore the judiciary. i have my grave doubts but I LOVE TO BE PROVEN WRONG IN THIS CASE.
Whatever, I await.

team bsg said...

omg your runaway thriller is pickin' up steam ...and we thought it will end gloriously after Mar 11
! more ...more...

artchan said... will be made public..

they want to kena the TUN kaw kaw. And dollah breathe easy.

Yes..lingam the chilli sauce maker or was it the lawyer who will write the report..?

Hussin said...


MU did not butcher Boro. They only managed a draw. In fact they almost lost it in the last minute of the game.

I thought the title is a foregone conclusion had they won.

Anonymous said...

Well the Royal Commission has had to rewrite their script, so you too Bernard. MU is lucky to get away with a draw!! Boro should have massacred MU!!.

The whole nation waits with abated breath what the final finding of this royal commission is gonna be.. it better not be rojak

ewoon said...

Zorro, the RCI is in Catch-22 right now.

me think if they can postpone the submission to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong indefinitely it will certainly do so!

Making the report public? Do, the culprits are damned; don't, they are just as damned.

The Yang Di Pertuan Agong has more work cut out for His Majesty. Interesting times we are in.

Anonymous said...

What Royal Commission. It is a Royal Circus!!!

All of the commissioners have no credibility ok.

Old Fart said...

The guy who locked away the seal got a problem now. He got a new master. But then if he chochok the old Master the old master will squeel on him. So how?

caravanserai said...

They don’t get black eyes
They must be the lucky lot
Sitting discussing the juicy parts

Some more 1 month extension
What they want to sugar coated it?
Giving out the small parts
Let the hungry public get the crumbs?

How honest the answer will be?
Sins of the previous leadership
Entangled into the present cross roads

I know nothing breaking the joints
The culprits will walk no remorse
Maybe names get soiled……
In time many will frog get
When talking about the sleeping beauty
Washing his hands off his responsibility
Blaming others for his troubles
He says he isn’t part of the equation

A neat compilation to study
Let others take the fall
They won’t be the ones
Pointing it in their report