Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday at 5.30pm YB WEE CHOO KEONG smsed me that he sent me an email.I produce here in toto the contents of his email.

I met Wee some 7 years ago when we studied under the same qigong master. Our paths did not cross until he won the case against MBf recently and he came to announce this to his close friends Rocky and Sam at the NPC. We met regularly thence , especially after his Press Conference when he announced that he was representing Thirunma, Lingam's brother at the Royal Commission of Inquiry. It is now common knowledge that he was not the RCI chief's favorite. Some said that Hidar's body language every time Wee stood up to make a point was akin to Haidar sitting on a pile of durians or had durians tucked under his armpits. Most disconcerting to put it mildly. Around this time he had not decided to offer himself for the GE yet or maybe he had. Before he announced his candidacy he was adamant that he would not stand anywhere else but in Bukit Bintang, the constituency that was hijacked by the former Chief Justice whats-his-name and given to a DAP secondhand car dealer. But that would mean a 3 cornered fight that most of us were against. But good sense prevailed and Wee stood on a PKR ticket in Wangsa Maju. He immediately started a Blog (here)on 22 February, which now already boasts 52,148 visitor-hits at last check..THE REST IS NOW HISTORY. If there is anybody who will crusade for his constituency, it will be this character with pit-bull tenacity and Kelantanese charm. Parliament will no more be the old circus with BN trapeze happily monkeying above heavy-duty safety nets. It will be battle royale, you just wait. This will be an eye-ball to eyeball and bullet for bullet affair. Definitely no holds barred. This is how he will shoot off, primed.


Oral Parliamentary Questions

th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state what are the steps that have been taken or to be taken by the government to prevent the continuous increase in prices of essential goods such as petrol, rice, cooking oil, flour, milk power, and other.

6th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state whether he intends to set up a Royal Commission to investigate into the findings of the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nation Oil-For-Food Programe where Tradeyear Sdn Bhd and Mastek Sdn Bhd were heavily implicated, which are connected to BADAWI,MR. ABDULLAH.

7th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Finance to state how Terengganu’s Wang Ehsan totaling over RM1.2 billion has been spent since its inception, up to April 8th 2008, who are the beneficiaries and to also give full details of the revenues received from Monsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque and Hadhari Museum as compared to their total cost?

8th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Home Affairs to state why was En BSA Tahir detained under Internal Security Act when he was not a threat to our national security but he was alleged to have been involved with a Malaysian company selling centrifuge to a country purportedly to be developing nuclear capability including weapon.

12th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju of Minister of Transport to state why was there a need for the Government to spend RM108 million to specially build a Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) for AirAsia, a private company, when the existing KLIA was under utilized until this day, why there was no Open Tender before awarding the building project to Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd and why was there a necessity to build another LCCT.

13th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Transport to state after MAS took over the rural air services for Sabah/Sarawak whether AirAsia paid back the subsidy of about RM60 million to the Government and whether AirAsia has paid up all its debts owed to Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhds.

14th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Transport to state why was the government refused to have a liberalise national aviation policy of “open sky” and allow MAS to also operate a low cost to serve Malaysians and why was there a need to allow a private company like AirAsia to monopolise such services.

15th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state how many executive jet planes are directly or indirectly owned by the Government, cost per jet plane, cost per flying hour, and to also provide a list of people who have used each and every of the jet plane since 2004 until April 8th, 2008.

20th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Finance to state on what basis Bank Negara allowed Maybank to buy a controlling stake in Bank Internasional Indonesia at 4.6 times of its book values from a company connected to Temasek Holding of Singapore and what are the rules covering such transaction involving GLC.

21st May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state whether his pledge to fight corruption involving high ranking government servant has been successful when so far the ACA has charged only one ex-minister, Datuk Kasitah Adam, for the alleged corruption of only RM3.5 million and the other 18, which have been involved in corruption have not been charged.

Parliamentary Questions For Written Reply

5th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development to state why after the government became a signatory to the Convention for the Rights Of The Child last year, the children of refugees and asylum seekers, and stateless children, are still denied their basic human rights to education and health in Malaysia.

6th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state how much had the DBKL spent so far for the cost of piling and foundation costs of the abandoned Plaza Rakyat project, the supposedly KL transportation hub for KL and how much more to be spent for its completion, and what DBKL intends to do to overcome the traffic congestion in KL.

7th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister to state how to make KL a first class city when KL is facing with social problems such influx of foreign beggars, drug addicts, person with mental problems and the homeless (kutu rayau).

8th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minister state what happened to the abandoned project to prevent the over flow of Sungai Gombak, what were the reasons for the project to be abandoned, total sum paid to the contractor, name of contractor and when will the project to be commenced again.

12th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Prime Minster whether the Government intends to amend the Federal Capital Act to make the Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur to be elected by the residents of Kuala Lumpur. If not, please give reasons for not amending the said Act which is the aspiration of the KL residents.


Wee Choo Keong said...


Just got back from my meeting with several Wangsa Maju residents and I really am pleased to have read your blog before I retire.

Thank you so much for posting the Parliamentary Questions in your esteemed blog. It is hoped that it will make the government of the day to be more accountable. Next time, no YB please. Just Wee will be perfectly alright.

Of course, thank you also for your kind words. Can I have a double single malt this Friday at NPC , please?

Thank you and good night.
wee Choo Keong

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to have a delicious birthday present this year, or early birthday celebration. Another exciting prospect ... we shall see, shan't we?

Anonymous said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister -

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister -

Home Minister - Ronnie Liu

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

zorro said...

San 8.14....this is a perforated cabinet with DAP flavor...bland and no zing and zap, Try again, and this time let your head rule your heart and not vice versa.Pekatan Rakyat is a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

The wang eshan amount is wrong.

It is estimated that annual wang ehsan was RM800 million A YEAR. But in view of the hike of oil price, the recent years wang ehsan could well exceed RM 1 billion A YEAR.

So since inception in 1999, the total wang ehsan could be much more, guesstimate, maybe RM5 billion to RM10 billion

"7th May 2008

MP for Wangsa Maju requests the Minister of Finance to state how Terengganu’s Wang Ehsan totaling over RM1.2 billion has been spent since its inception, up to April 8th 2008,"

backStreetGluttons said...

that will be too much for the gomen to answer. surely people will become AMOK . A bew Batman is born in Wangsa Maju , cheers to the Bright Knight!

Unknown said...

tks for the post zorro. this is an eye opener... all this while the opposition have be fighting for the rakyat asking pertinent questions in the parliament but the problem is the rakyat IS NOT AWARE becos the MSM just dont publish!

any idea whether there will be a PR newspaper soon?

Anonymous said...

what about the land-grabbing thing by umno/bn thieves in pg, selangor & sabah?

Dave Avran said...

woah! explosive stuff indeed. thanks to zorro for the heads up and YB Wee for clearing out the skeletons in BN's closet.

I volunteer to supply the durians for the targets of YB Wee's questions to sit on.

Bergen said...

This is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

it was hijacked by x-cj and given to a dr. ayam..

Wee Choo Keong said...

anon 10-04-08 9:36 am

Thank you so much for the information on Wang Ehsan. I will take note of it and will use it during the parliamentary debate.

Once again thank you and I would like to say thank to other contributors.

Wee Choo Keong

CK said...

very interesting. parliament will definitely be merrier

GobloKing said...

again I will state this

The day they answer the truth to all these questions, BOTH zorro and I will dance naked in Merdeka Square.

meanwhile the answers will be
blank blank blank
and wtf does it matter to you?

amno will tell you

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Please convey my 'SYABAS' to Wee (YB title dropped as requested and with respect).

Finally, we are getting somewhere.

And, let us not accept 'NO' for an answer and certainly not 'we are looking into the matter' answers by those who are claiming to be leading, caring and protecting this nation.

It is time everyone got the message: ACCOUNTABILITY s eternal.

And on that score, how can we also circulate these poignant queries widely so that large segments of the population get the drift of things to come?

Perhaps, all party organs (publications by the various parties) can carry these questions in their papers.

Anonymous said...

The MP for Wangsa Maju should also ask why the $60 million subsidy is paid to Air Asia upfront whilst for MAS the subsidy is paid end of year.

The follow up question;
Why for MAS the maximun subsidy they have received for any year after 30 years operating rural services was $14 mill and Air Asia got $60 mill even before they start?
Follow up question;
Why are you so generous to a private company and treat badly a Goverment owned CO

Malaccan view said...

Zorro & Wee Bro,
I 'tapet' both of you for the courage.Wee,keep up your good work,we'll continue to support PR and you.
Bro Zorro,any plan to run for Zul's MP post?let me know,i'll send all my 'comandos' help you...cheeers

Anonymous said...

first things first pass a motion in parliment to put the police, judicary, ag's chambers and the aca directly under the control of parliment, with a sitting commitee of mps with integrity in charge, answerable to parliment, enough of the covering up for these dogs, berani kerana benar, shrink balls because guilty, I can gurantee you in 1 month 95$ of mps from bn will be sitting in jail facing charges, how we have allowed this to happen is our fault, we were brainwashed by the media and may 13, enough of this nonsense. now we see the ministers talk with their begging bowls out, sooo sweet their language have become soo kaki bodek they have become, where is the ec chairman, charge him in court for cheating the rakyat, whatever happened to the ink, where are the people who caused the ink to be cancelled, igp answer this question, you arrested anf charged hindraf supporters very fast, now whats happening are you still looking for proof under you bed.

Unknown said...


(for baggage, a wider seat, food, priority boarding and seat choice - toilets next? smile from crew? on-time departure(lol!), autographed
boarding card by Skhairy Hernandez?