Thursday, April 24, 2008


ZORRO SALUTES THESE TWO. Everytime something out of the ordinary occurs, our prophets of doom swoop down with their gratuitous store of damning archaic, medieval remedies and proclamations.... and oten unsolicited at that.

Guan Eng is a maverick, and most mavericks succeed at what they set out to do. Mavericks do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. They try to shine what is bland, status quo and you get their detractors condemn them as "dreamers". Management gurus have always said that VISION WITHOUT ACTION IS JUST A DREAM. But Guan Eng is putting that vision into action and much against the normal way of doing things.....he CHOSE the best man for the job. You choose the best tutor for your kids, whether he he is black, blue, brown or purple. He is standing by his decisions, despite all the sour-grape snides. He is willing to be proven wrong and he is willing to take the rap. If you do not take the first step from A, chances are you will never reach B. My 88 year old mum told me that ages ago. He is doing ordinary things, DIFFERENTLY. What's wrong with that?

He inherited a JADED Pearl of the Orient. You expect him to sit on it and hatch another jaded one?
Can you empathise with him. It is not an ordinary task. The future of the state, his position, is on the scale. Whilst oldie keng Yaik mourns:
“I’m disappointed and angry because he was picked by me.", he has to learn to live with his mistake....and be able to realise later that Kah Choon may be right after all.
We all make mistakes.....especially the top dogs in the BN. Their choice of successors have so far been questionable. I say, IF YOU DONT LIKE CHANGE, STEP ASIDE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO CHANGE......and dont do what you "cleverer than thou" frogs are doing now.....PASANG KAKI. It is demeaning and puerile. But that is exactly what you guys in the BN and some old nuts in DAP are doing.....throwing tantrums like spoilt brats, who do not know where they left their marbles last.

A reader (Kris) of this blog said that he sent a letter to the Star and as he feared, it would not be printed:

The ongoing storm over the appointment (and acceptance) of Datuk lee Kah Choon as Director of the Penang Development Corporation and Chairman of the executive committee of Invest-Penang shows in stark detail the mindset that exists among some within the Barisan Nasional. They do not act in the interests of the Rakyat.

The only response by the Barisan to Lees' appointment has been one of chastising and castigation. For breaking ranks with the party. For being disloyal. Not a word about how this is a case of non-partisan beliefs taking hold and that a good man has been appointed to this position and that he was appointed not by way of his affiliation but that he was deemed competent and capable.

Wake up gentlemen. The Barisan Nasional is not a boys club. It is a political amalgamation of parties and a part of the democratic process to ensure that the people who elected you come first. Not the party. You do not act to protect your interests. It is the people who should come first.

The Barisan needs to grow and mature. It's current reaction borders on infantile and further drives home the point it is not the brightest and the best that the Barisan appoints to key positions but rather members of it's party. This kind of thinking is not in the interest of the rakyat and to King and Country. I would venture to even call it treasonous, to act in your own self interest while abdicating your responsibility to the Nation. You are merely a political party. The country comes first.





PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Right on, zorro, what you write. We Penang people need leaders like Guan Eng and Kah Choon. Leaders who really lead, putting their necks on the line. Bet you, should they make some unforgivable mistake in governing they will be the first to resign as leaders in other countries. NOT like some of the bimbos who profess to be leaders from BN.

novice101 said...

The rakyat has been complaining about the BN being exclusive, it has also been complaining the BN government had been discriminating. With one act, Lim Guan Eng has shown things can be done different, so the rakyat should be commending him for making the right moves. Utilizing the best talents is for the best interest of ther nation. See what Malaysia has lost by the brain drain!

The negative statements coming out from the BN, on this matter, just go to show how narrow-minded, just how wasteful and how selfish, the BN is prepared to go just to spike the opposition. Are they not aware the one they are being spiteful to is the rakyat and the ones.

Lim Guan Eng, is introducing a very unconventional way of doing things, unseen of in Malaysia in the past. It is a positive move which should be vigorously encouraged. This constructive move should be emulated by all state governments under the PR banner! If, they can continously introduce such innovative moves, becoming the next federal government in GE13, should not be a problem at all!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

If the people back in ol'Gerakan can't "accept" it, then they had better look themselves clearly in the mirror and think of their positions as politicians. Have they forgotten that as a politician, their first priority is to the people?

Here are two people, politicians, who have not forgotten their priorities. Kudos to the duo.

Gan said...

With the forecast of economic doom & gloom around the corner, LGE does not have the luxury of time.

Penang state is hoping to see him wave his magic wand and hopefully, the doom and gloom might not hit Penang or Malaysia.

He cannot operate in the same tested mode, and, good for him too - he dared to operate differently.

If LKC is the most qualified MAN to helm this portfolio to prosper Penang - so be it.

flyer168 said...

Dear Zorro,
Thank you for the honest article giving due credit where it is needed, syabas !

Anonymous said...

If Lim GE has chosen Lee according to competency; then he has done the right thing. After the election, it's time that all parties realize that the country's interest should be front and centre; not the party's interest - if BN hasn't learnt this then it is doomed.
What is BN (or any other party) but a political party in this country Malaysia? BN is not Malaysia. Without Malaysia nad Malaysians, BN has no relevance. The country and Malaysians owe nothing to BN (and PR); BN (and PR) owes good governance to the nation.

Anonymous said...

The BN, lead by their 'flip-flop' PM, initially said he's ok with Kah Choon taking up the posts but a few hours later, perhaps after seeing the 4th floor boys saying NO, he quickly changed his mind and said it is wrong and against the BN spirit. What crap, what shit from Mr Flip-Flop! Can't he had a mind of his own. Immediately after this, all the sycophantic BN ball-carriers, followed suit and condemned Kah Choon. If that is the way BN operate, then it is no surprise that Malaysia had dropped in the world economic ranking, university ranking,failure to attract the best brains back to the country, Why? Because to them, they prove here that they only choose their own kind, not someone who may be very competent from across the political, racial, or religious divide. By choosing the best on merit and not on kulit, then only can this country complete globally. I thought that the goons in BN had learnt their lessons after the trashing they got from PRU12, but it seems the saying "The tigers would not lose its strip" is very true for them. Tsk. tsk,tsk, still super-arrogant as can be. I can't wait for PRU13 to be here so we can bury them for good. Good riddance to bad rubbish it would be then.

nstman said...

Barisan did not change, won't change and is unlikely to change. It is still caught up in a whirlpool of archaic mindset which turned off voters. It is the last sunset for them. Amen.

Letting the time pass me by said...

Well, this is really a new dawn in Malaysian politics.... Mr Lim Guan Eng really shows that he is not thinking about one term.... He really working with the Spirit of the Rakyat...

Maybe if LGE continue to uphold his sincerity and honesty and integrity in the government, I wouldn't mind him holding a higher position... As long people are willing to make decisions based on sound judgement in the interest of Rakyat, for the peaceful and prosperity for all Malaysians, then it will be great...

petluc said...

Uncle Bernard, Well said!
I too wrote about this matter to the STAR but not published because I chastised the "selfish and stupid" responses from the leaders on the Kah Choon issue.
The right man for the job - irrespective of colour and political affiliation!
Service to the RAKYAT - the RAKYAT's interest comes first above the political masters.
That is why we call them Wakil RAKYAT!
For 50 years, BN seems to forget that even the opposition and their supporters are the Rakyat!

**was great to see you at the JMB briefing last Wed!

Anonymous said...

the newspaper company shud print it out and let everyone read it. but heck we all know that it wont happen. why? cause they still need to 'protect' the good face of BN.

Lim Guan Eng and Lee is really doing his best to serve the people. and i guess by doing what you are suppose to do, u get flamed, kicked, spited upon and many more.

It is high time for the BN heads and grassroots do open their shielded blinded eyes to see the reality. You are elected to serve the people not your own political gain.

thanks for the insight and review / opinion. it was a good read.

Anonymous said...

We want change...

Just change it la...

Hope its a smooth peaceful change!!!

Zawi said...

Lim Guan Eng is showing the BN people of how the country's leader should act, with vision, firmness and clarity of direction.
We didn't hear a single cry of protest from the people in PR or even in DAP itself who were side stepped for the post but cries of protest came from the party whose member was chosen instead.
LKY has yet to learn on how to be a true leader inspite of his old age.

Ben said...

Certainly Penang has been the birthplace for many Malaysian heroes. Real ones, like Dr. Wu Lien Teh who have contributed so much for Malaysia and also internationally. He is world renowned as the plague fighter whose methodology and procedures as guidance to the many professors and doctors fighting new disease such as the bird flu. Funny why we don't read about him in our history books when he is recognised internationally.