Tuesday, April 1, 2008


YES, these culprits are the ones that own the mainstream media and they are squeezing these such that nothing but party drivel is churned out day in day out. There is no more creativity that comes with this noble profession JOURNALISM. Creativity is usurped by selfish self-interests that hoodwinked the consumer. Malaysians were conditioned, like Pavlov's mice. to this diet and given no choices but to accept this mundane and bland staple daily fare. Malaysians were taken for a ride for decades. Journalists' creative juices were wrung dry, devoid of life, sans conscience. The customers come second, the stakeholders first. The customers' mantra: give us what WE WANT and not YOU HAVE is just wishful thinking, just that. Reporting what you witnessed is anathema. Truth is what the master says it is. You bake the cake, the master bakers provide the icing. Journalism becomes a necessary cog in the wheel.....with just one function....being a cog. Period.

Great tabloids or broadsheets nurture journalists. Not here, no way. If journalist show signs of non-complicity, they invariably get uprooted. Investigative journalism? What manner of animal is that? Who is trying to be clever here? We had Nades and we had Terrence, and it has to take a tycoon to buy into this tabloid to zip up these two matadors. Or have they?

But today, Malaysians are not so easily foxed. They proved that despite the millions spent by the Barisan Nasional during the recent General Elections. Malaysians came out in force and as Bangsa Malaysia gave the New Strait Times, Utasan, Tamil Nesan and the Star the enough-is-enough two fingers and the rest is history.

We as Malaysians want to bring these MSM to their knees. We want to tell them to take their dirty grubby hands off the MSM to preserve the sanctity of this revered profession called journalism. The current MSM has bastardized this noble vocation. The DAP has the Rocket, PAS has their Harakaht, PKR still awaits their KDN. Why can’t ,UMNO, MCA and MIC have their own party organ,
hire those editors or group editors who have been subservient to them and who only worshiped manon and shareholding idols.

Aren’t there amongst Malaysians someone with the wherewithal to come forward, buy up these MSM or is this asking too much from our tycoons. Or is it we do not have any tycoon brave enough to come forward. No towering Malaysians? Or is it cheaper to “commission” a space tourist. Nah, maybe we do not have men of such caliber in Malaysia. They may be cash-rich but lack that value that asks them to do a service to their country……to save their country from people who currently care a damn about what is right or wrong, as long as they are can sell their souls for a profit.


Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


UMNO already have her own party organ which is manage by Not So Talented People.

See you soon bro. Am on my way, will SMS you once am there.


Anonymous said...

ladyRP says MAYBE these tycoons and/or towering Malaysian are in such position because of their previleged patronage

Anonymous said...

So long as there exists oppressive laws and annual licensing requirements, there will never be a truly independent and vibrant press in Malaysia. The Printing Press Act and Sedition Act, not to mention the dreaded ISA, have often been misused to silence critics of the government. As have license renewals with evermore ridiculous conditions to make publishers toe the line. Reform oppressive laws as well, not just the judiciary, if we want a fair and just society watched over by an independent press.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Zorro:

What globalisation does to countries economic systems opening up, the CHANGED political environs in a large -- or the majority -- sectionof NegaraKu will force theMSM to also change, maybe slowly, but they don';t have a choice if they are to survive the free market place.--Desi
HOPE springs eternal in this Journalist's heart -- solet's give my brethren in MSM a chance for reform, Okay, because I know the 4th estaters in the main are passinate about this
VVe Bloggers force them into a corner -- RED? -- from our blue or yellow ones, let's wait n see. Miss Patience is also Mr/Ms Virtuous:)

Old Fart said...

Zorro, No hurry la broder. By their actions all MSM have forfeited the right to publich or broadcast news. This BN government will fall. And when they do, let the MSM justify to the new government how it was that they qualified to be in the business. Just like a doctor has to qualify to practice. See. No qualifications, forfeit license.

No license cannot publicise or broadcast. Then new government issues licnese to those who qualify or who will show that they will justify the license on a daily basis after the license is issued to them. These people can then go out and buy their broadcasting equipment and/or publiching and printing equipment and so on. Of course tehre will be a lot already available and cannot be used anymore by the owners. White elephant for the owners of course. New license owners can then buy all this on a fire sale. Cheap cheap only.

i have been posting this suggestion for the past week all over. I think if I was a newspaperw owner with hundreds of milions in investment, I will be worried about this happening. And it can happen. Actually I see that today the news in The Star, NST, The Sun all giving a lot more positive cover for PR (pakatan Rakyat) don't you think? Tehre is only more bad news for UMNO and kin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,

This is how business goes: You run down MSM, tell readers they write bullshit, readers don't buy MSM and read blogs.
Over in Penang, Ah Chong tells people his char kuey teow is the original, using pure products, while Ah Kow's one is full of shit. Customers go to Ah Chong if they listen to him.
At the end of the day, it is just about the business of winning over audiences. You are doing that by telling readers your 'competition' is writing bullshit. You are angry because your competition quoted some stupid politicians as saying bloggers were liars.
Aren't we all still living like secondary school thugs? Tit for tat lifestyle is it? You do to me, I do you back?
I would just dream on for the day when everybody has some mutual respect for the opinion of others and not crucify each other for talking.
If you want people to respect your opinion, you should ensure that it also works the other way round.
A journalist is not as you have described. Indirectly you have thrown shit on our profession. But I take is as one of those many hard knocks you have to endure as a journalist. I am not ashamed of doing my job at all, more so because of what you have said about us.
I am not ashamed partly because I read the newspapers, watch the news on TV, read the blogs and surf the websites for information that I need. I take each piece as their respective versions or takes on respective issues. You have your say in your blog, so why can't another media, be it new or old, have their take on it?
You have your right to comment, so why are you angry at others for making comments?
If you are angry about the spinning, then you have every right to comment. And people have the right to read what you say and make their own evaluations.
Right now, it seems like many bloggers are just waiting for something they don't like to appear in the MSM and whack the shit out of them through comments.
If you want to be a respected form of media, you should be doing what you say the MSM is not doing.
If you want the BN to get out of the MSM, then you are welcome to say so.
But to be fair, you are celebrating Barisan Rakyat's victories in the GE. Isn't your blog slanted towards the opposition? Are you in the middle and impartial? You want people to read your blog and believe you. But you are telling them don't believe what others say. Wow!
Maybe you are right. You are always right. But are others really wrong?

Anonymous said...


fight to get rid of the Printing Press Act and the ISA, reform the judiciary and limit the ownership of MSM by individuals or corporations to 20% max. Wishful thinking?..I think not.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Benard

A small, trivial point, which doesn't address the heart of what you want to say (so you don't even have to publish this if you don't want to):

"Malaysians were conditioned, like Pavlov's mice..."

Uncle, Pavlov conducted his well-known conditioning experiments on dogs. (Pavlov used bells to call the dogs to their food and, after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the bell.)

Kim Chow said...

Hi Zorro

Many thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. You won't believe it - I didn't know that your comment has been there since 16 March. Very, very malu la.

BTW all my kaki prefer to write email to me rather than comment on the blog. Old habits die hard. Guess, we all need to learn from you. Cheers!

zorro said...

Dang! At the back of my mind it was a dog. But the mindset that most often mice are used in experiments, drove me towards that. Thanks....Pavlof bell conditioning the dog....bell= chow time.

zorro said...

Bernard Khoo's friend. Bernard's friend NEVER address him as Uncle Bernard. Gotcha!

You said: You are doing that by telling readers your 'competition' is writing bullshit.
I have never considered, nor have I ever written that the MSM is a competitor to Blogs. There is no monetary rewards in blogging.

You also said: You have your r ight to comment, so why are you angry at others for making comments?

When did I said that I was angry at others for making commenteds. I have let all comments thru in these 14 months (for or against)and only reject two because they wereI racists commens. I detest falsehoods...bluffing.

You further commented:I am not ashamed of doing my job at all, more so because of what you have said about us.

Did I insult journalists in this posting or in other postings. Prove to me and I will make a public apology.

You added: Isn't your blog slanted towards the opposition? Are you in the middle and impartial? You want people to read your blog and believe you. But you are telling them don't believe what others say. Wow!

Wow! You must have missed the posting where I told LKS to shut the fuck up! I am not a card carrying member of any opposition parties. In my blogs I have said that we the rakyat will take the Pakatan Rakyat to task for any missteps. I tell readers not to believe in lies. Anything wrong in that? I have never asked them to believe in what I post. That is what this comment box is all about.

And you chose to end your comment thus:
Maybe you are right. You are always right. But are others really wrong?

You have anointed me with INFALABILITY. No thanks. Only God is infalliole......a good journalist do not shoot and then aim!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, zorro. Sometime people just don't understand what's blogging n try to play the game. Or maybe they should improve their English before make an attempt to be part of the bloggers' 'family'.

Ooops ... my English also not so good but I still got Mr. CommonSense ... hahahahahaaaa

Anonymous said...

The response says it all..
No further comment.
Thanks for your time.

zorro said...

Response: mine or Julie's? Thanks for taking time to respond. Appreciate that, believe me.