Friday, April 11, 2008



zorro said...

My title NO COMMENTS does not require me to make any statements about the seven clips. They are self-explanatory.
It does not mean that you cannot comment...but if you choose to JUST BE HONEST.

Unknown said...

Honestly, I believe the whole trial from his sacking, the grounds of the sackings, the reportings, the partiality of the relevant agencies, the circus in and out of court, the demeanour of the judges, Mahathir's disregard for what is subjudice comments, the whole works, is disgusting. If you have something on a man by all means do it, don't fabricate.
He could always say that he doesn't see eye to eye on Anwar for the way he handled the economic crisis so he is letting Anwar go, but he chose to kill the man over and over and over again in public, shaming not only him but also his children and wife. No human could do that. Sorry if this comment is found to be unacceptable but I am being HONEST.

Anonymous said...

zorro Sir,

We are not privy to the actual fact. It's between them.
Let Allah judge them accordingly.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:16PM

Are you a Muslim? You wrote: "It is between them...Let Allah judge them accordingly."

Sir, unless you are a beneficiary of that ugly part of our Nation's history and an UMNOPutra, then I would remind you the saying of the Prophet (pbuh) who has said: "We judge by what see and Allah is responsible for the hidden."

In this regard, as you can see, the man is innocent. The lawyers have proved it and there was nothing that could sustain the allegations but he was assassinated. Do you mean you can't judge that? Or your usage of Allah's name is the same of that of Mahatir? Come on clear if you have conscience. That will remain a black spot on our history’s page. That unacceptable face of oppression will be cherished always and unto Allah is the final return.

Anonymous said...

Part 4 you see the humiliation of Dr. Munawar Anees, the Islamic Scholar and Anwar's speech writer. He sheds light on Mahatir and how he has manipulated the people against the West for local politics while he acted against all teachings of Islam.

"My victimization at the hands of Mahathir's "Asian values" has transformed me in another way. All my adult life, like so many in the Muslim world, I have suspected under every nook and cranny some conspiracy by the West to keep us down. Yet, in this seminal experience of my life, my friends in the West succeeded in saving me, while Mahathir, a Muslim, did everything to destroy me. And he is trying to do the same to Anwar again through his obliging courts on totally fabricated charges."

Anonymous said...

Dr. Munawar's narration

Anonymous said...

It is despicable to have a human named 'Mahathir'. He is not even fit to be animal. Mahathir is a devil.

It is horrible and scary watching at these video clips.

Marina Mahathir, why are you still so proud of this devil, to whom you call him daddy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bernard for the videos. I feel utterly disgusted with this whole conspiracy! May every single person involved in this conspiracy get their retribution. What goes around comes around!!!

Keep up with the great blog Bernard! As a Malaysian living abroad, I have turned to blogs like yours to get news about Malaysia. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Although I've seen this documentary before I wish to thank you for putting it up on your blog. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the injustices endured by all honest, law abiding and loyal Malaysians under the dictatorial and authocratic regime of Mahathir.