Thursday, April 3, 2008


"This is the time for the bloggers to do something useful and not just use their blogs to condemn the government" - Zahid Hamidi, Minister in the PM's Department.

This guy is still rather THICK up there. Now he is playing the race and religion card. He is trying to muster Muslim bloggers to whack anything Dutchie because of the Fitna movie. He seems to be aping that pre-GE12 loud-mouth up on Bukit Paarliament. For a fact, I can say without any hesitation that BLOGGERS DON'T SELL THEIR SOULS to any bidders. You don't condemn the whole family because of the sins of the father, do you? Go ahead and put a fatwa on this Wilder guy, but you don't put a red dot on all Dutch Products. (Aside: will the government compensate Mydin if customerslin boycott those red-dotted products?) We used to refer to these as knee-jerks or quick-fixes. Is this the decision of the newly branded Cabinet? So Zahid, do'nt use bloggers to do your dirty work. Try Azalina's band of whacky troopers, that is if she has not directed their efforts to thwart the tourism efforts of the 5 opposition states. Is treachery or sabotage the politically correct word here? This is the selllng of the soul what's with the selling of the body?
This is the grand plan of this same Zahid, as reported by Bernama:

The Prime Minister's Department and the Malaysian Missionary Foundation (Yadim) will try to assist former child maths genius Sufiah Yusof, now aged 23 and fending for herself as a prostitute in Salford, Manchester.

Zahid said they would help the gifted girl to return to the right path through the "Save Sufiah Programme".

"The first thing we should try to do is to contact her mother or arrange a meeting with Sufiah to find out the real reasons for her to turn to prostitution, offering her services through the Internet and using the name Shilpa Lee," he told reporters after attending a biefing by Yadim here Tuesday.

It has been reported in the "News of the World" that Sufiah is now a 130- pound an-hour hooker operating from her dingy back street flat.

The "Save Sufiah Programme" is headed by Deputy Minister in the PM's Department Mashitah Ibrahim (she of a certain fatwa) who will come up with strategies to assist Sufiah as soon as possible.

Sufiah created news when she was accepted into Oxford University at age just 13. Her mother, Malaysian-born Halimaton Yusof from Muar, Johor, and her father, Farooq Yusof from Pakistan both tutored her and her siblings at home.

However, Farooq is now in jail after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls whom he home tutored in maths.

Has anyone asked if Sufiah is a Malaysian? I believe the mother, who is already in the midst of divorcing Farooq, is a Malaysian. But is Sufiah? I am not saying that we should only help Malaysians in their time of need. I am saying that we need to focus on what needs to be done at home for our people.

Nurin's murderers are still at large! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE MUCH PUBLICIZED NURIN ALERT?

Nini is still missing! The thousands of cops assigned to GE duty would be back to base by now.

A 11 year old boy is also still missing.....and his pictures are not plastered all over the place. Why?

We have hordes of children of prostitutes, roaming around Jalan Raja Laut and the ChowKit/Tiong Nam area instead of being in school. BUT THEY CANNOT ATTEND SCHOOL because THEY DO NOT HAVE BIRTH CERTIFICATES to qualify them to attend school. As long as they wander, they are victims of you know what! Isn't is more important to save these souls? If nothing is done, these will sell their body and souls!

Why don't our saviours of souls Zahid and Mashita train their sights and focus their efforts on home base. Is it more glamorous to go international when back home we can't resolve basic problems?
Sufiah, as I see it is sorting out her life, sublimating some conflicts that you and I cannot understand. She is an intelligent girl, who endured much. She will have to find her own solace and our campur tangan may not be what she wants. I say, leave her be. Our prayers for her may help though but not some government-hatched feel-good program, no matter how well-intentioned. Leave her be.Focus on our kids at home.


Hantu Laut said...


I am with you on this.

First, the movie 'Fitnah" is a provocative opinion of one man.Muslims mustn't fall into the trap set by Greert Wilders.His whole idea of making the film portraying that Islam,Muslims and the Koran exudes violence is to see whether his film will outrage Muslims to do exactly what he wanted ...violence and confirmed he was right after all.

I urge Muslims to ignore it and consider Wilders a bigot and a shit stirrer.

On the case of the former child prodigy, I was quite annoyed when I read our government trying to be good samaritan for all the wrong reasons.

In the first place she is an adult and a smart one too.She is doing it out of her own choice and what she does with her body is her business.
The guy who suggested this must be as thick as two short planks and deserved to be spanked.

What about those poor helpless girls who were forced into prostitution, don't you think they deserve more help than someone who decides to make easy money by being a hooker in the comfort of her own home.

I think to be fair to all whores of the world, the Malaysian government should bankroll "Save All Prostitutes Of The World" campaign.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree to the suggestion that Sufiah be left alone to enable her to return to the 'right frame of mind'.

The 'campurtangan' of overzealous politicians (esp under the current political climate) would only make matters worse for her coz these goons would surely be more interested in cheap publicity.

They could get all the 'back-lane publicity' right here in Jalan Haji Taib, Chow Kit dan kawasan2 yg senasib dengan-nya.

(inilah yg dikatakan - gajah di-depan mata tidak kelihatan tetapi kuman diseberang lautan nampak jelas)

duniaaaaaaa! duniaaaaaaaaaa!


zewt said...

aiyah... u know i know la... someone wants a free trip to UK. and the rest... maybe hey have 130 quid to spare?

Anonymous said...

Why can't Zahid and other morally high morons look around in Malaysia and see if anything positive can be done for those in dire need.
Is this the corrupted BN's way of looking for cheap publicity among the Malays?
Next they would like to go over to UK and investigate and inteview the mother. A free all-paid holiday in the guise of helping Sufiah.
Who knows what their ulterior motive is? A quik romp in the red-light district. After all it is not their hard earned money!

Anonymous said...

My take on Mydin supermarket putting red dots on Dutch products is this. Remember, during the PRU12, their boss Datuk Amir s/o Mydin Mohammad, was campaigning for his "satu kapal kinsfolk", Datuk Sharizat Jalil against Nurul Izzah of PKR? Why would a businessman get their hands dirtied by politics, but there is a strong possibility that this Mydin boss guy, being a true Mamak through and through, is trying to be seemingly "more a Muslim guy than thou",as is typical of all Mamak guys staying in Malaysia: trying to be close to the UMNO guys to gain acceptance. And hey! they succeed what with gaining datukship, being classified as Muslim Malay, got the rights to buy Malay lands and access to education in the local universities,buying up Amanah Saham Bumiputra ASB shares, and even became ministers after becoming hardcore UMNO bastards and ballcarriers. After making their money here in Malaysia,these Mamaks would go back to India every year to where their forefathers and womenfolks are.Whereas the real Malaysian McCoys, the Chinese, Indians, the indigineous folks in Sabah/Sarawak, borned and bred here are denied their places under the Malaysian sun! This is Malaysian fairness, UMNO-style, to you! And the Mamaks had the nerve to come on Penang streets to protest against LGE about the NEP: so I say then the Mamaks had their day!Now after the PRU12 losses, the Mamaks are scrathing the bottoms, trying to victimise the Dutch. You don't kill the sons for the sins of the father, so go for the producer of the movie, not someone innocent.

team bsg said...

A perfect salvo against all the stinking scumbak hypocrites and parasites in holy robes.

zorro said...

This comment sent to my email:

hi bernard

congrats on blog. super.

those fanatic idiots sufiah is not even melayu and neither umno member
and non-practising moslem. so far no pas official making fuss about it.
only umno ministers seeking own salvation to go to heaven. these jokers will
never change. u are right go to chow kit road and save those kids. or support
those single malay mums in jln. raja laut who have no choice but to do it to
feed their kids.


englandnotsogood said...

In case my england no so good forgives I,

Mydin put the red dot as a sign of their unhappiness with the movie, they want people to know which are dutch goods, to help them along in their decision making...
just like we punish the whole BN to get rid of bad apples, the thinking here is, the dutch Govt must rein in their extremists, if the polite message does not get through then we hit your wallet
this is an accepted form of civil disobedience, or would you rather see demonstrations and flag burning

sorries ah, maybe your england much better than I's so yours understandings of news articles much deeper

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

It really sickens me to see these people trying to champion Sufiah's cause. She has chosen her life so who gave us this right to interfere in her life? You are right Sir. There are so many issues right at our door steps to attend to. Hypocrites!

kl said...

I wonder why is it that a certain 'sector' of Malaysia has such little esteem or self confidence that they need to promote ANY perceived accomplishment by that 'sector' and play down any accomplishment by any other 'sector'.
Clinging on to this British born PAKISTANI PROSTITUTE, just because the mother is from that particular 'sector'? How silly is that? It brings shame to the country, that we are only helping because she is of a particular race.

Anonymous said...

WTF is Malaysia asking consumers to boycott Dutch products as proposed by "Madhatter" and other Muslim egoist goons. What if the Dutch acted and retaliate by also doing the same to Malaysian products? I wonder who gains?

zorro said...

Englandnotsogood. Your england plenty got good, man. I also is very agreeing with you also the speaking about the Lutch gomen reining in their extremists.....(wah your idiom using very got exciting me.) But you know or not that Mydin arrange that day the Dutch ploducts in the middle of hypermart for foto-shoot and invite Minister to prove he got plenty loyalty to the gomen. You no-no meh? In good england, they call it publicity bad england we call it hypocrisy or apple-polishing and in good bahasa, you might call it bodeking. But I have to agreeing with you that his stunt is better than flag burning and demonstration....cheaper, cleaner, no needing to get police permit to get TV coverage, and Ministers lining up to be featured...this Mamak very good focussing got...BN minister- material he got.

On a serious note I dropped in to say hello to a bumi friend who owns the most successful Shell kiosk along the Kesas Highway heading towards PJ. I asked him what he thought of Mydin's press coverage. This was his simple reply: "He can sell other products besides Dutch Baby milk....I only sell Shell oil. Yes, boycott Shell, Miri can close down, most of new Shell outlets now owned by Bumiputras, close all and then we will have demonstration and flag (Malaysian) camp-fire."
chilling truth?

Finally, I am against the stunt Wilder pulled and I abhor such hate-mongering. If I happen to meet him, he will get a knock-out punch from me. I understand the message you were putting across...but brother dont try mind-reading and sarcasm spoils your whole thread. You ended thus: "sorries ah, maybe your england much better than I's so yours understandings of news articles much deeper".Salam.

zorro said...

Anon9:23am. Probably the old man has his sights on the UMNO assembly and GE13. The circus has come to town.

jediraj said...

Sorry to use the F word here , but these motherfuckers are so dumb championing the fight for sufiah for what ? geeez ,,she aint a malaysian !!! her scientist mother got popped by a paki and these morons gonna use my tax money to save the dumb genius ? i didnt see a gun on her head when she gyrated for the undercover reporter . FREE WILL !!!! and i totally agree with you , i aint gonna stop my kids from drinking dutch lady milk just coz some whacko made a movie . Issue the fatwa on him , why dutch products ? in the land of the blind > sigh !

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Heard of distraction?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I agree with you on this..
Prostitutes, mak yah and money boys are a lots in our own town..
It's not too far away..
Mmm.. Let say 30 km from Putrajaya, administrative of Islam Hadhari?
I wonder why..

tehsin mukhtar said...

Good points, many need help right here in Malaysia...and they go on a ridiculous "save sufiah programme"...I sympathize with her and she does need help, but to embark on such a publicized program with asinine conclusions ie: kena ilmu hitam...God...these menteris' mentalities never change.

So what about the Dutch movie? Let them do what they want la...Allah's words will forever be protected despite attempts to distort His's up to us Muslims to live up to His Words...and we haven't done much of that..

This Zahid fella still talking down to us/lecturing us like schoolkids...

elviza said...

The word should not be "condemn" YB. We are just trying to make Malaysia a better place for our children.

Gan said...

Wah ... this Zahid fler is going overboard.

Own backyard got more serious social problems pun tak bolih fix - mahu jaga backyard orang lain.

Maybe he should first help to turnaround the BN politicians onto the "right path" first - after all, they too are "prostituting" themselves in other forms.

Anonymous said...

Until today, the IRD did not send their officers to check their books and quried them how this Mamak company called Mydin can managed to pay cash for all their goods to supplier and yet sell at rock bottom prices (not that it cheaper than TESCO, Carrefour or Giant)and still manage to stay afloat all these years.

Questions that only IRD can answer where their money come from and whether thay can withstand no profits for so many years??

The are the opportunist Mamak who will hitch a ride anytime to legalise their business by the back door!

Anonymous said...

Sufiah wanted to thank Zahid and Mashita for giving her all the free publicity.

She told me that she is book out for the year.

tzarina said...


The movie Fitna seems to have offended our government's "sensitivities". In my opinion, its good that they are offended (whether the movie is right or wrong is not the question here..but the impact is). Now they know how the rest of us non-Muslims/Malays feel in this country when the government and the enforcement agencies trample and insult other faiths. Welcome to the club Zahid!

YeeBody said...

On Zahid, Mashitah and Safiah.
You are a whizz with your essay. You write under influence or not? Under whatever way, your thinking & writing are superb.