Monday, April 14, 2008


City Police Chief Mohd. Sabtu Osman said that police are aware of planned rally to commemorate "Black 14", which is being promoted by bloggers. I trolled all the blogs on my blogroll, especially Nat's and Eli's and none even mentioned anything about tonights Black 14 get-together at Sulaiman Club. Now where the fcuk did this mother-effer find this Black 14 and in which blogsite? Only MT made mention of what is this bit about this being promoted by bloggers? Suddenly even the police are relying on blogs for news. Even Toyo's and Rustam's blogs made no mention of Black 14.

According to the NST online he warned: "If there is such a rally, it is against the law and we will take action against the participants." You mean I cannot go to Kelab Sulaiman and shout to Anwar, "FREE, FREE AT LAST!" ? or to congratulate Raja Petra and his charming wife, Marina on their 35th wedding anniversary and to shout to both of them "AD MULTOS ANNOS" (to Many More Years.) of wedded bliss.

He further added that police have not received any application for a gathering in Kampong Baru and warned that they will break it up if there were disturbances. is at the private premises of the Sultan Sulaiman Club and are permits a must when held in private premises. If any distrubances, it would be created by you ..... and it will be on your conscience.

Anyway, I will be there with TV Smith, Niamah's Patrick Teoh and All Blogs TV crewman Tony the Mcgyver. But before that I will go to church to light a candle for peace and continued good health to Marina and Raja Petra who will be celebrating their 35 Wedding anniversay at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, and I will also shoot off a silent prayer to ask God not to allow any piss-heads to spoil a peaceful gathering of friends at Kelab Sulaiman which, incidentally, holds fond memories for me during my football coaching days and as a 14 year FAS council member, when before we got our own building at Jalan Birch, Datuk Harun Idris and Datuk Mahmood Ambak used to hold FAS Council meetings. Join us tonight if you can make time.



Anonymous said...

Or just say I'm going to Raja Petra's 35th wedding anniversary in the same place and not the Black 14 celebration. Play your cards well, after all, these men in blue who are UMNO's pussyfooters and paratroopers will start kissing our hands soon after our PM takes over.

Anonymous said...

Polis still on the side of BN!
need to teach them a lesson!
Send the army in!

GobloKing said...

aiyah..too bad I am not in town because my friends asked me to go there to join them to celebrate our joint "forever 21st" birhtday celebration too!

can you imagine if I like - bump into you then? WHATTACOINCIDENCE!!

I always miss out on good stuff like these.

And I am NOT an Anwar supporter at ALL!!

Seriously NOT!

I woulda gone just to prove I have the rights to be where I want to be when I want to be & how I want to be

just make sure you get back in 1 piece

Old Fart said...

"If there is such a rally, it is against the law and we will take action against the participants."

Aiyo!...Zorro, this means I committed a crime. I went there to Kampong Baru and I sat through the entire rally. Even donated some money and wore me a AIC badge.

So where do I report to be charged eh?

zorro said... on brother.

Edi...whose army? Badawi's or Najib's? or Samy's. Samy, where got anymore.

Penny, just come in in one piece at 4.38am....the gang says hi to you.

Old good to see you last nite....yes I got the AIC badge too but in a crush trying to get a kid to safety it came off. Yes I got the chance to hug the 35th anniversay bride.

And Peter who posted an appeal for all of us to help equip our constituency service centre greeted me on my way out with TV Smith. Nice meeting you Peter.

patrickteoh said...

My sincere apologies zorro. I just couldn't get away in time to make it to the celebration. Tell us about the event.

Old Fart said...

Oh yes..I too met up with the celebratory couple. After 35 years she stiil tries to be the shy bride. But nice to congratulate them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Since you were involved in our local football scene, what la happened to our standards???

We were once during the good old days of Santokh, Chin Aun, Shukor Salleh, Mokhtar Dahari, Arumugam, respected in Asia. But now, we are finding it hard to beat Laos, Cambodia, Burma etc.

I dont even know the names of our national players anymore nowadays. In fact, I quit following our local football since 1985.

What la happened?