Friday, April 11, 2008


YOUR Prime Minister (mine is coming soon) said: I do not see why we should apologise (to Tun Salleh Abas. Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman Pawanteh and Datuk George Seah), but let us decide when a cabinet paper on the matter is presented.

He used the majestic WE, which according to adat is reserved for royalty. He should have said, "My government.....". A royal rap on the knuckles is appropriate. No?

Is it so difficult to just say, "Sorry, we have messed up your life and put your reputation and that of the judiciary into disrepute."

He could even have said (and maybe gain some credit points that he very much must accumulate, if he intends to hang on before MY PM announces his imminent advent.): "I will say it for Tun Mahatir, because it is only the right thing to do: Sorry SIRS"

Say it lah, with truthfulness and humility and in the true spirit of Islam Hadhari. That could gain you some time and maybe forestall the impending entry of my next PM.

We are used to deriding the Australians every time they make a misstep towards us. We call them children of ex-convicts. etc, However, there is still honor amongst them. John Howard was arrogant and he paid for it. Bush was arrogant and he is the most abhorred US President and he is lucky not to be impeached for lying about the WMD. Blair was arrogant and he got dumped. BN was arrogant and they got snuffed and now possibly dysfunctional. WE JUST NEED TWO GUYS TO SAY SORRY. If they continue to be recalcitrant, I hope this clip can do some good. In the name of the Almighty, be humble. BOTH OUR RELIGIONS ASK US TO BE HUMBLE and it was Thomas a Kempis who said: HUMILITY IS TRUTH. Allow me to say it for Barisan Rakyat (I am not comfortable with it has connotations with pakat): WE THE RAKYAT ARE SORRY FOR THE MISDEMEANORS INFLICTED ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES ALL THESE YEARS. FORGIVE US FOR TAKING SO LONG TO APOLOGISE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.




peter said...


This is nothing to do with the topic but something that needs urgent attention.

Most of our PKR,DAP and PAS service centres (MP or ADUN, especially in the sub-urban or rural areas are lacking furniture etc.

My appeal is for those of us who have GOOD furniture that is not being used PLEASE identify the nearest service.

Visit them, talk to the ADUN or MP ans see what you can do or a group of the rakyat can do.

I visited YB Xavier Jayakumars service centre in Taman Sentosa. With just a small table and a worn out sofa set, he was attending to the rakyat. NO air-con, no cupboard. This is the office above the 99 supermarket.

Rocky, Harris, Bernard, please publicise this. maybe each of you can pay a visit to some of this service centres and see what you can do to publicise this.

Anonymous said...


Why is there a need to beg apologies from idiots?

Maybe the country and its people should move on.

And let them idiots mire in their glory of illusion – crap that is.


Anonymous said...

Impressive!!! I think many other nations should learn from the Australian government. I wonder if Malaysia will ever mature to this stage?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Their PM should apologize. Ours is coming soon and he will.

Malaccan view said...

zorro bro,
Same as me,my PM is coming soon...BN's PM is hanging on..zzzzzzzzzz

team bsg said...

Knowing these bloodsuckers extraordinaires , we shud just let them die naturally . Apologise ? Never ! ( its not their religion lah , something like that )
aka try asking al quada to apologise and see

Anonymous said...

sri perdana, is full of maggots, that need spring-cleaning...

caravanserai said...

Leaders cultivated and nurtured
To rule the country and people
With power vested through the grace of the voters
So these leaders help to shape the country
And the people have food, harmony, money and relationship
And security guarding them against evil doers………….

When the leaders are corrupted
When power rears its ugly head
Ah woe to the people and country!
The drama of good and evil come to play

Laws used amended to sustain power
Of a few to control the whole
Metering out punishments and jail
Let no street demonstrators walk the streets
Let all dissents put to pasture
Hiding away from the public

When people revolt
When power clashes with peace loving people
When power base is eroded
The marching of the people is supreme
The leaders dispose must be answerable
Of the misdeeds of their administrations

When events have come to pass
Saying ‘look you have done wrong’
A leader disposed or resigned must be a man
Accept his wrongs, take his punishment and apologizes
Saying sorry is so easy
It cleanses the soul quickly

Yet it is ego
The root of all greedy leaders
Refusing to accept grace in defeat
Acknowledging wrongs done……
Put an apology so closing the chapter
Let the lives of the country moving on

No Sir!
Greed makes it hard to say
The simple words which will gain grace
Of the people and whom were aggrieved
Of past misdeeds or decisions………
Just say sorry one doesn’t lose one’s dignity

Ginger said...

Elton John....aaahhh...I like Elton.

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word


artchan said...

If AAB can say sorry, we won't be in such deep shit, The fact is, he doesn't seem to know what is going around him. And as PM..this is a frightening thought.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

This is exactly the horrors and sufferings as a consequence of one action by mahathir in malaysia's case. Mahathir as PM then knew his manipulation of the judiciary will have dire consequences flowing through the years after his deed.He had been PM for some years.The rakyat's future be dammed. Power was his. Absolute power(corruption) was in his heart as in the devil's. He must be damned. No question about it.

Malaccan view said...

zorro bro,
Today,i read news that really freeze my mind about speech by Kelantan crown prince at PPM meeting in PWTC..and now i change my mind toward Pak my blog on' why i support Pak Lah as PM?(for now..)'Pls give me your comment..need some strong single malt to defroze my mind bro..

joshua said...

Makkal Sakti! Hidup Rakyat! People's Power!

novice101 said...

Abdullah Badawi solely to be blamed for the dismal result?

It's a sad fact of life that when one is down, one is left to stand alone. One is asked to shoulder all blame though, in life, this is never the case. One is isolated, cast to the wolves. In worst cases, the ones one has helped and whom one has placed one's faith in, joined with the crowd to go for one's blood. All these, from the mildest to the worst scenarios, are now being played out in UMNO!

Having been through one month of humiliation, he must be at his lowest, right now. For all his faults, this treatment meted out to him is not fair. If, the UMNO people do not want to speak out for him, the rakyat should.

The present state of the nation (the emergence of the 2-party system), which we think is good for the nation, would not have come about if not for AAB's more tolerant and liberal attitude.

A more basic consideration is the human values. What democratic principles are we talking about if we don't offer a person his basic right - the democratic right to dignity and respect!

zorro said...

Novice101: I posted this comment on Hantu Laut's comment box. It probably would give you a sense of my own thoughts on this stabbings thats going on. Suddenly, so many are calling for his exit....mostly the former yes-men:

zorro said...

What is happening in UMNO and directed at the PM is a typical National Geographic scenario.
When someone in the pack is hurt, two things happen.The pack leaves him and this is when the vultures and predators zoom in. They smell weakness and the alpha male leads the attack. The odour of blood is overpowering. The predators do
short shrift of the victim whilst the vultures patiently denude the bones. Like there is no honor amongst thieves. Old loyalties and pack ideologies evaporate into oblivion. The law of the jungle is harsh. If you are hurt, you cannot contribute to the pack thus you are useless. No quarters are given; second chances do not exist. Isn't this the scenario played out so publicly and blatantly?
My harshest rebuke to Pak Lah went something like this: "You may have awakened, but you have not got out of bed. Come to the window and shout for help." If Pak Lah failed, I put the blame on his Cabinet.Period. PM's case is what is commonly known as the Peter Principle. Incompetency rears its ugly head like a sore thumb when we try to exceed our personal level of competency. As managers we promote a supervisor to manager position because he does work beyond the call of duty. When incompetence occur, only do we realize that he performs best as a supervisor and not as a manager.
So whoever is the manager that promoted that supervisor should also shoulder some blame for the incompetency exhibited. That, of course does not seem to be the case in the current brouhaha. My sympathy is with our incumbent PM. He needs all the support and help to see him thru this second term.