Monday, April 21, 2008


I have always believed that when a man is down, you do not go for the kill, only predators (aka animals) do that. Human respect and self-esteem dictate that if you are down two things can happen to you.....people will step over you (because you are in the way) or they will physically remove you (also because you are in the way.) To forstall these, one needs to pick oneself up and do what is right. The PM seemingly did just that. He picked himself up, he is beginning to listen to VOX POPULI. Pessimists will say it is too late, but it is never too late to redress wrongs. People with personal agendas will or those jockeying for their masters will throw all manner of brickbats. The common man with blinkers does these.

Malaysiakini's breaking news report that the PM has given more space to the usually disabled ACA to conduct their business:
The body, which is currently under the Prime Minister's Department, will now report directly to a new parliamentary committee - called the Anti-Corruption Committee - which will comprise representatives from both the government and opposition.

Earlier, the ACA, in efforts to re-engineer their much maligned and battered image through political and ministerial interference, had proposed that they be allowed to operate like Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. It must be remembered that in the 90’s it was the triads who ruled Hong Kong through the Government until the ICAC became fully independent. Today it is a very much respected body, attracting others to study their model. It is admirable that our ACA has taken steps to be an effective agency..... and doubly admirable that the PM has taken this agency away from his aegis: Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badwi today continued with his reform agenda by announcing that the Anti-Corruption Agency will become a fully independent body.

What next Datuk Seri? Like ensuring that the Chief Justice-in-waiting, an avowed UMNO hack is taken out of the judicial loop. DON’T ALLOW YOUR ENEMIES IN UMNO TO SAY THAT WHAT YOU DID ON 17 APRIL WAS MERELY A RED HERRING.



Anonymous said...

give this old man a chance...

He is OKAY better than NAJIS!

Anonymous said...

We dont raise our kids to be sent to the slaughter house, in the name of national integration.
I dont expect the Chairman Lee and DPM to hear the cries of the bereaved families. Dont let the kids die in vain. We cant wait for the next election to scrap this killer program. STOP IT NOW!

team bsg said...

there are at least 3 ways of looking at this apparent initiative.

1, part of a grand political strategy to distract from current -ve issues , 2 an effort to do something good before he goes to heaven ( or Hell )
3, typically confused flip flopping AAB antics ...for he knows not WTF hes usual

the answer to us is quite obvious, which is 3.

mosesfoo said...


Let's wait and see a little, hastily commends may find you hastily eating your words.


Anonymous said...

announcing it and keeping it going are 2 different things.

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Looking at things from another perspectice.....perhaps he is doing all these to muster support from within and without his party and government and from the general populace, ensure his very own survival and perhaps ensure something for his legacy.

Nevertheless, he is moving in the right direction but lets hope these moves will be adequate and will redress and correct all previous and current short comings and injustices.

Next item on the agenda.....the ISA?

Anonymous said...

Elephant may fly soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed..give him a chance he thoroughly after such widespread bashing from all corners..

I still think he makes a better PM than Najib i.e mahader's puppet..

Better still, let's have a PM from the a new PR government..

Save Malaysia from Maha-Najib

kl said...

He knows he's going out - so he's setting things in motion to screw UMNO. Imagine an independant ACA - every UMNO higher up will be quaking in their shoes. Always said AAB was a great leader - he made it possible for this day ( knowingly or unknowingly )to happen, the emergence of a 2 party system, the 5 BN-led free states, the new solidarity among the races AGAINST BN, press yearly license abolishment? Judiciary? Suspect ISA will be next on the list. Kudos to the AAB, what a way to sock it to the madhatter and all the brownosers in UMNO.

Hail the malaysian GORBY !

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I want you to ask these bloggers who want to hound out AAB, (you know them), who are their choies. Some of them are very dirty despite being towering names in the Blogsphere, unfortunately some of them carry titles in BUM. Huh! Makes me vomit. They are pro-Najib. I better relocate to Mongolia than seeing that.

novice101 said...

Yes, what AAB has done so far has always given the nation an serendipitious results. All he is doing now are going to bring us the same serendipitious results. Be pleasantly surprised!!!

artchan said...

AAB said he will remove corruption..4and half years later..he did nothing..corruption got worse. So now if he says anyhting..I think he is just buying time. I don't believe him.

He said he is not getting married..then got married..said parliament is not dissolved, next day it happened.

I hope i have to eat my words...but I still think AAB is just all talk.

Let najib come elections he will be fodder for Pakatan Rakyat.

caravanserai said...

When leader is cornered
He will say something to stay alive
Brewing up programs initiative
Put it on hold saying it needs time to set up

When light dim slowly
When the road seems into darkness
When every sound telling you to go to hell
A leader will try one more time

It is said the last people remember
They wish you to run faster with the pack
Offering encouragement to make you realize
You have to push to make it on line

This is happening
The leader pushes his last breath
He wants to reach the line
No half way measure now

Acknowledging government concerned
The drop of Judiciary independence
The set up of MCAC to boost transparency and accountability
To let the people know he means business

O he hears the applause
The measures he takes to right the wrong
I hope he doesn’t sleep on it
The strain will be too much for him to handle

He has his record
He doesn’t buy me my share
He talks he doesn’t know what to do
Sitting on his bed he dreams once more

O he hears the applause
The smile and good wishes
In the end of the race
He still stays far behind…..

desiderata said...

art chan:
I agree with you awe the way until THE LAST LINE!
If Najib cometh in, the Rakyat will be cannon fodder so that the time 13thGE cometh around, Pakatan Rakyat won'tbe eligible to contest and "V"oters will be silent majority to another NOC in his Daddy-o'-Stylo!

I suggest replace wit': Let Anwar Ibrahim regain his rightful place as PMthat was taken away from him by a debaucherised Judiciary.:(

Anonymous said...

That's the way I see it too. He's (AAB) definitely not the best out there, but if he's righting the wrong, then he should be given a chance to. Credit be given where credit is due.

Even now, whatever AAB is doing, there are people (strong ones in fact) who are chiiding every move he makes. Let's see them do better.

For whatever reason AAB might have to make these sudden or not-so-sudden decisions, as long as it's a move that benefits us and not the "strong pembesar"s in UMNO, then it's a move in the right direction.

I say we sit and wait. I'm sure there'll be more to come.

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

At the end of the day, it will still depend on who the people are running the show.

If they are all lackeys, then the best of systems will still fail.

Anonymous said...

come july, its will be 2 years since he launched one fcuking corridor after another... hardly any news/update on what going on in all these corridors.

and now he keep talking about this & that independent commissions but...

end of the day it will be ' chui kong, lampa song'

Malaysian Joe said...

Uncle Zorro,

Has our PM handed the country over to Najib? Read Mkini and come up with your own conspiracy theory.

Ginger said...


Sorry if I too, am sceptical on Pak Lah so called good gesture.
Take for instance Salleh Abas' case, I can't help feeling that he did it half heartedly. No apology but ex-gratia payment. Perhaps he's under pressure from within. As a leader, one should be courageous enough to apologise, face the music and move on though some might argue this happened during the Tun's time.
Pak Lah represents the government. He should start acting like a gentleman and apologise on behalf of the government.
When he first took over, many promises were made and the rakyat were elated. Till now, it's still talk and no action. Not to mention there were at least a few royal commissions set up to tackle the problems. Just look at where they are now? I am sorry to say I am not convinced until I see some results and I mean real effective results.

Anonymous said...

why do ppl still believe in him? he has always been flip flopping. say one thing today, and then say a complete opposite thing tomorrow. decides today, retracts tomorrow. approve today, disapprove tomorrow. you think all these judiciary and aca reforms will come thru? i don't think so. they are all just a ploy to gain enough popularity for a time. in the end, he will screw you guys from behind. like always.

no integrity and credibity, no vote of confidence from me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Artchan and Jebatmustdie.

For those who like to believe Pak Lah lips service pls think again. The terms "commission" and "Parliamentary Select Committee" does not mean anything positive with Pak Lah.They are just smoke-screens. A good example is the case of ECM Libra which went through the "Securities Commission" and the parliamentary "Public Account Committee" and what happened? The robbers got away with our money clean in broad daylight and they are still there enjoying it! Expect me to believe him?