Friday, April 4, 2008


No wonder UMNO is in turmoil when they allow this tomboy to macho around and pushing her breast-foot forward mucking around with state tourism policies. She is behaving like a kid who has lost all her marbles (no pun intended...real as in marble games kids play) and refuses to play with the neighbourhood kids. BN got a beating and she is pouting, And she makes it public. I read this on NST Online:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Tourism Ministry is terminating its memorandum of understanding on tourism with opposition-led states with immediate effect.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman said the respective states' Tourism Action Councils will have "our own people who will communicate directly with the ministry.

"We will work together to develop tourism in any particular state," she said after chairing a meeting with industry players yesterday.

However, she gave an assurance that there would not be a total boycott on tourism in these states.

Azalina said that all the funds for tourism in these states would be directly channelled into the accounts of the state Tourism Action Councils.
Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Victor Wee said the chairmen of the councils would be the executive councillors for tourism in each state.

"But with these five states, the tourism excos will no longer chair the council meetings. The funds which were channelled to the state financial officer will now be channelled through federal funds."

Wee said the budget of RM1 million for each state would remain the same but further allocation will depend on their activities.

I had half a mind to include Dr Victor Wee into the chamber, but with the recent directive on khalwat between muslims and non-muslims, I decided otherwise. Moreover the intensity of the punishment would be dissipated with two occupants....if you get my drift.....of the whiff......

She failed as Sports Minister when she started building castles of excellence in English clouds! And now this. Before she was recruited by Tun Mahatir (why and how, is still a mystery today) she was a lawyer and she was the lawyer who made a police report and the police raided the Instant Cafe Theatre, whilst the play was on. Surely, a sour puss she was.....she doesn't seem to enjoy seeing Malaysians laughing at themselves. Wasn't she the one who told Citizen Nades to shut up and challenge her during an elections?

Note to Nades: Come GE13 if you don't take up her challenge, I will. Twice she won uncontested. Both of us cannot be bought so darn easily, Comprende?

Aunty Rafidah is rocking in her chair and having a good rolicking laugh....I know it. Aunty is also sharpening her keris in preparation for the Assembly. Before any of you want to side the occupant of the chamber, visit Wikipedia for some revelations. My vote is on Macik Rafidah. Go aunty baby go!


Anonymous said...

BN - I'ld say UMNO (and not the other kowtow'ing component parties) have not learnt their lesson and have not changed an iota.
Withholding monies as if it's their own money to give or withold - to be bestowed upon the favoured few or dispensed to obedient states as and when they like.
Arrogance and total disregard for the nation's well being. With all the post election reflection and analysis, this is the type of response the govt has decided upon?
Well, well, it would seem we need a total change in govt - at the federal level, to knock some sense into these people.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Uncle Z,well done.Hope you have thrown away the keys to the chamber!She deserves to be there forever.
By the way,Victor Wee is a good man.Know him personally.He is a good Buddhist and has done a lot in spreading The Dhamma.May the blessing of the triple gems be with all beings.Sukhihotu.

Pak Zawi said...

Her action will only compound the problem to BN's already numerous problems.
What I can't understand is why the opposition put up such a lame duck of a candidate? Bro Anwar himself should stand against her in the next GE. Otherwise you should stand against her. At least she will have to fight for her seat abd not handed over on a silver platter. Then let us see how she will fare.

Anonymous said...


Arrogance! Sheer arrogance! Despite so much of FREE caring advice and analysis volunteered by citizens, the battered BN leaders still continue in that same vein of blatant arrogance. Why?

It is really mind-boggling, defying all common sense as we witness a daily purge of arrogant and demeaning behavior and statments from these leaders.

Even the Prince and veteran UMNO leader Tengku Razaleigh has said it all. But no, BN is still defiant.

So, the ultimate demise of BN can only be inevitable with such arrogance prevailing. And for that - 'NO REGRETS' say the rakyat.

Anonymous said...


wow she is acting tough like a BUTCH.

hey butch ...

shouldnt you be in gym



muststopthis said...

I liken her action to this....
You don't friend me? I oso don't want to fren you!
to have a Minister like this? what a shame......

backStreetGluttons said...

Your esteemed prisoner is just one of the deplorable scumbs from dying UMNO. Maybe you shud just extinguish her straight instead of feeding her in the costly to maintain chambers

Anonymous said...

anon 9.16

think it was from aunty. you are safe else she will come after you with a suit.
what is she good at but to have a RM250 screwdriver and spending on a non-starter project in cloud england. what a big time screw for the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Well Done great work uncle. Have you read the Malay papers recently esp the Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo. They are accusing a top official in the Sports Ministry for wiping out RM 300 million in four years.! I wonder if these is true, the writer also mentioned that a minister was involved in certain deals such as the Federer- Sampras tennis match, the 27 million Champions Youth Cup.
The writer went on to say, 30 Black berry were purchased by the National Sports Council (NSC) on Azalina's instructions, cars were purchased for her close ally.
Till today it is said that NSC owes RM15 million to other sports associations, could these be the reason why bookies are involved in Badminton now.
The writer also mentioned that badminton players are yet to receive 9 months salary.
I tell you uncle if all these are true, Azalina's political life will come to an end. You should ask your HANTU if he/she knows anything about these.
May Justice Prevail.

Anonymous said...

Let us see more of this moronic and self-destruct mentality for these UMNO goons... and they shall be exterminated by the rakyat before too long

Unknown said...

dear azalina,
it is alright. i forgive you. i think you were under the misconception that the duit tourism is 'duit bapak kamu'. it may seem so but actually, my dear, it is not. it is duit rakyat.

so do give a re-think to all your pronouncements of late. otherwise the rakyat might think you are laboring under a delusion that memang betul duit bapak kamu!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she is following her former benefactor, you know, the big Tun.

Yes its a sheer copy cat (pun intended), you know this Wang Ehsan thing.

Channel funds "indirectly" to the state through her functionaries.

Man she's gonna fall next. Just make it quick for this tomboy. She's needed along Chow Kit area.

lanaibeach said...

Azalina where she comes from?
Woman from Mars or Jupiter not Malaysia is she?
Funding is tax payers’ money
It should be shared by all Malaysians

Now I hear
She acts as if it is her money
Giving it to her appointed people to dispense it
Where is the sense of accountability and transparency?

Tourism in the country
It must be for all Malaysians
Irrespective of their political inclinations
This is the way I want it to be cultivated

Tourism a wealth generated machine
Promotions and funding be shared equally
To woo tourists from other countries
To benefit the people and the government

It is not the solely right of the BN government
To withdraw and give it to BN representatives
This arrogant of the Federal minister(s)
The divide and rule policies
It will be the downfall of BN/UMNO

These BN leaders never learn
Statement of arrogance; don’t care attitude
The ship is leaking waiting for another tsunami
It is gathering momentum on the streets
Nowadays just phone messages…………………….
Ah the moon cakes of old China…..

Noruddin Idris Noh said...

When are our politian going to learn that winning the election and forming the government doesn't mean that every single cent in the treasury belongs to the party (BN). MY dear politicians', you are only entrusted to managed the government money, which in actual fact belongs to the rakyat, for the good of the rakyat. It doesn't give you any right to discriminate any rakyat, be they BN supporters or PR (Pakatan Rakyat) supporters. Should that be the case, then I see no reason why I should pay the income tax or any tax for that matters since the money is going to only the BN supporters not the rakyat.

Noruddin Idris

Guy in the glass said...

Firstly, she said no TOTAL boycott. So there'll be partial boycott? The fact that a boycott is even contemplated means that she does not have her head screwed on right. Is she tourism minister for Malaysia, or just for Johor, Pahang, Melaka, NS, Perlis Trengganu, Sabah and Sarawak?

Secondly, by going this "channel direct to accounts some tourism action council looks like "Wang Ehsan" approach re-invented. They are going to waste taxpayers money.

YAB LGE called Pak Lah "my prime minister". Will we be able to call Azalina "my Tourism minister"?

Anonymous said...

chow kit cowboy

what is the chow kit area that requires her? cant see anything in her that fascinates me. i dont know about others wiht different wants and needs.
zorro, dont waste your gas. she is beyond saving.

Malaccan view said...

Zorro bro,
This tomboy shld be send to All male prison for orientation,hope after that she'll learn the lesson to be lady and wear skirt..another UMNO idiot started to open up his ass mouth after moulded inside ass hole since GE..this fler is Nazi(ri)...still act like PakLah doorman..wonder when he'll learn.

Rockybru said...


Won't be her last time in your Chamber, I bet.

Anonymous said...


a little bird told me she squandered a lot of money when she was in the youth and sports ministry and left them almost penniless. aparently no other minister in that portfolio has ever been that lavish. there was talk of investigations but the new minister doesnt want to start his job there by persecuting his predecessor. and i doubt your gas chamber will make any difference, when she is so full of foul gas herself, she will feel at home in it. u should instead put her in a chamber of dicks.
anyway must drop by at the press club one day and meet u guys, is it just for members or can anyone walk in?

Anonymous said...

Let em bitches in UMNO tear themselves apart.

MakLijah said...

hahahahaha.. good one, anonymous. Chamber of dicks, it should be.

She won uncontested. TWICE!!! The worst part is, everybody knows that even if any of the Sesame Street characters were to contest against her, she'd lose.

So why is she still there? Because we let her.

Damn her la. Why can't BN have even a drop of honor? You win sometimes, you lose sometimes... but there's no excuse for being a sore loser bereft of honor...

Not that they had any honor in the first place.

lucia said...

"u should instead put her in a chamber of dicks."

nah. a tomboy wouldn't like that. :)

brace yourselves, people. we'll have more of this kind of silly arrogance 'punish the opposition states' stuffs from the ministers.

Shanghai Fish said...

zorro, she holds the current record for inflaming your bp level to shoot up. Hmmm...deserves a special place in the "rogue's gallery" huh ? Maybe she's lover the ambience within those walls me your chamber. Cheers !

mauriya said...

Hi Lucia, why do you think that the tomboy would not like dicks. She would be only too pleased to service and to be serviced!


Anonymous said...

Can you all not comment and make sly remarks on her sexuality? That is crass, crude and sinking to their level? So what if she is a tomboy, a shim, a lesbo or whatever...does that make her sub-human? Some of you lot sound like Jerai and Kinabatangan. Shame on you.

Criticise her for her work, her performance, her derogation from duty like you would any other Minister. Be classy and mature.