Wednesday, January 2, 2008


He moves on but with some honor.

He admitted his misdemeanor
He apologised for his misdemeanor

He waited not for others to make a decision
He made this inevitable decision himself.

You need to possess some streak of decency
to to make this painful but honorable option.


My first candidate is very obvious....the least honorable in my book
I throw this song, "The Mansion You Stole" at him.
The mansion I own has captured your heart
You said it was love dear but you lied from the start
I wanted true love but you wanted my gold
Someday you'll be sorry for the lies that you told

You've stolen my heart and you cheated on me
But someday my Zaki I know that you'll see
A house without love can make you so cold
And you will be lonely in the mansion you stole


two-face said...

What honour are you referring to? He confessed because he got no choice. It was clear for all to see that he is the 'chosen' one. I will salute him three times if he admitted last week before the tape was out. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, tak boleh makan nasi lagi. So just make the best out of it by putting ikan bilis and bawang goreng.

Anonymous said...

He who has sinned shall go to heaven is he who has been caught and who says YES ! I have !!

the rest of the honest hypocrites should go to hell !

truthful sinner

wits0 said...

I agree with two-face. There isn't much honour involved. If there's any, it's relative to the past antics of Clingons in the gomen. He had no choice and it looks like the Cabinet of Badawi told him to pack. If he had honour he should have offered to resin on admission.

If he had some degree of real honour, he shouldn't have need to speak of others' "holier than thou" attitude. Well I don't do what he did and I'm sure Bernard never either :D. So if we were to judge him, it is not really a "holier than thou" thing. bear in mind he's not an ordinary Joe.

A minister can compromise a country's security via sex scandal. Bernard would surely recall the British Profumo Affair of yore.

We also remembers his irritating statement on Namewee, and the Mat Rempit serial raping of a victim in Johor. So if his political enemies in the MCA screwed him nicely this time, is he really gonna receive that much sympathy either.

Some say he's competent as a minister of Health. Does that mean e.g., that Jimmy Chua wasn't?

artchan said...

jimmy is laughing...

team bsg said...

next time he shud do it in the complete dark ( like his usual style in the hospital ) then where got such problem one ! but no problem we are sure he can do more when he is out of politics !
then again in 2 or 3 weeks nobody will be bothered to remember anything , right?

The Ancient Mariner said...

maybe this is one occasion when honesty is not always the best policy? I remember he used to advocate the practice of safe sex and to do only with your own partner bla bla . hahaha

toyolbuster said...

I agree with Zorro all the way. In the 1st place its none of our blasted business if this fella wants to screw a chick in the privacy of his hotel room. He decided to resign from all his posts cos he admitted all his wrong doing and apologised to the public. If that is not an honorable thing he did, I don't know what else you holier than thou fellas expect from him. I would think that it was a rare gesture from a BN leader, unlike others who have never admitted their guilt even when they have been found guilty as hell. Like the guy who screwed his sis-in-law, the PD romeo, the bohsia terror and the list is infinity.

lucia said...

ya, i echo very loudly what zorro and toyolbuster said.

chua did the honorable thing!

Mat Salo said...

Belardey hell.. frankly I'm just jealous a SEXagenerian can go banging some PYT 30-40 DECADES his junior. My Gawd..This SOIL EK character probably didn't even have to employ the little blue pills.. No need maa, fresh meat will do wonders.

Unker.. you're not surprised? I think Year of Rat will make more people rat away and we can expect more SEXposes from our publicly-elected reps.

Take car Unker, and let's hope for a better year ahead (although I'm not betting on it!).

wits0 said...

He came across as too cocky, said the wrong and irritating things as wrt Baby Yok Shan, Johor serial rape victim and Namewee. For these he has already lost his goodwill from the detached people in the public.

Claimed to be a "no-nonsense" minister. Experienced and astute people knows that in Bolehland such terms are questionable and even inverted , like with any "smart deals" which usually make suckers of buyers.

Howsy's blog has presented the different views well. The supportive ones are quite hollow.


Anonymous said...

From what I have been reading, he has not shown any remorse. He is blaming everyone else except himself for this scandal. He misjudged and thought he could get away with a simple apology. If this sexpose was not brought out in the open, he would still be carrying on as usual. Think of the wife and the 2 kids. What would you do if you have a dad like him? Resigning in shame is the right thing to do. Saying sorry does not absolve one from a sin/crime. The family is suffering more than him.

Have a great weekend.
sh tan

Angry Taxpayer said...

Yeah agree with Anon 12.01pm...he "honourably" confessed and then un-honourably blame political sabotage for his downfall?!
As far as I'm concerned, the only person responsible for his "downfall" is he himself and nobody else....damn stupid!!

wits0 said...

If he had no weaknesses how can his enemies entrap him? How come Bill Gates' or George Bush's enemies never managed to entrap them this way? If his enemies were unsavory, that doesn't make him automatically likable to detached observers either.