Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have to agree with Capt. 'Stu' KARIM a retired sea-dog sidekick of the Ancient Mariner Capt. Yusof.

Remember this:
RCI chairman Tan Sri Haidar Mohamed Nor told theSun today it is good that people are willing to come forward and offer their help in the case. (or maybe you also forgot you said this less than three weeks ago...)

But I am sure your Lordship cannot forget this about the hidden seal:

The Supreme Court Judges [Wan Suleiman, George Edward Seah, Azmi Kamaruddin, Eusoffe Abdoolcader and Wan Hamzah] who held the sitting were suspended on 6 July 1988. In their press statement made on the same day of their suspension, they said the following: -

“We would add that when we sought to sit in court, we were informed by the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Haidar bin Mohd Noor, that instructions have been given by Tan Sri Abdul Hamid bin Haji Omar, the Acting Lord President, that none of the court staff should be present in court and the court doors should not be opened and we should not have the use of the facilities of the court including the Seal of the Supreme Court. In those circumstances, it even became necessary for Tan Sri Wan Suleiman himself as the presiding judge to sign the order which we made which in fact should have been the duty of the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court.”

And the age-old mantra: ...."if I didn't do it someone will...who is going to compensate me for the losses"....

Here I’d like to use Capt.Karim’s comment on my previous post:

Transparency, honesty, clarity and accountability should be the keywords of the RCI.

In order to determine the truth, nothing should be hidden, and all persons who can shed light on the affair should be permitted to testify.

If the Chairman is uncomfortable, or fearful that he may be in a conflict of interest position, then clearly he should step aside.

If not then RCI chairman Tan Sri Haidar Mohamed Nor may eventually be seen to be living up to the name 'HIDER' which is phonetically the same as his own name!

So your Honor, the people wait for you to call the following to testify:

Anwar Ibrahim

Karusu and his brother Rajendram Velupillai (gee it is three versus one...Hokkien says very "chyar lat".....strength sapping!)

and Abdul Murad Khalid

and in the process you can tell the other silent ones to hold their tongue….too late for them to break their vow of silence…..it was prodigiously deafening.


Anonymous said...


When Karasu's goes on the witness stand, it will be more than "chyat lat" because he will shows how corrupted are the judges like Moktar Sidin, Low Hop Bing and others.

Tan Sri Haidar will do hte job for the Sleepy Head to cover up the judicial scandals. So he msut at all costs stop Karasu fromtestifying otherwise all hells will break loose.

So people liek you must help to expose the judicial scandals and this will be the one and only time that such Royal COmmission has been set up to investigate into the corrupted judiciary.

Thank you for highlighting it. By the way, if you need the Karasu's witnes statement, it has already been posted in the Raja Petra's blog.

Anonymous said...

that seal fella reprimanded Wee and told him the chair expects some respect from him. shit, respect is earned and not given. so far, he has demonstrated none to deserve respect.
oh, he looks like another Hamid..yup.."who is going to compensate me...."