Friday, January 25, 2008


DAMN! He was foul last night...foul-mood that is. Nothing seemed right: the sushi joint I chose was not a celebrity hangout; he was not being appreciated for his efforts; he never even got a mention at the Loaf; the single malt was suspect; he was bitching about out-of-pocket expenses and even hinted about retirement plans.
On normal days I would have blown my top....but because Hantu did not blink once....I knew that he was bitching serious and I hate to have to look into his eyes that tells you....invariably and inevitably...."read my beak, stupid." In situations like this I am not allowed to speak (I write down my questions) but just listen. But before I could write my first question he went into me....sounded like this but did not sound like Hantu....with "before you came to this pseudo japanese eatery that has nothing japanese like in japanese you posted something inaccurately about the involvement of a japanese and an american. It is just one person, a Japanese-American, just as in African-American." I apolgised becasue it was unwise not to.

(written question): What's the take on Lingam?

Hantu: Do you want news on the Raw Water Transfer Project or Lingam? You people are so obsessed with him. He is an unscrupulous, compulsive, irascible, incorrigible, irrational, irreverent, irremediable LIAR. Given half the chance he can lie his way to convince those already in heaven to give up their PR (permanent resident) status and follow him to hell. May not sound like him or look like him, but we can smell that type of stink miles away. So do you want the RWTP or the man called Penis? Malaysia should shit-can this guy. His fart seems to have more substance than his words. Shit-can him!

WQ: What is shit-can?

Hantu: American expression I picked up....interpret it anyway you want. I am a messenger not an interpreter.

WQ: Point taken. What is this Raw Water Transfer Project.....I thought it was already a done deal involving Pahang, Selangor and Negri Sembilan.

Hantu: Done deal? Your minister should stop the tender and recall the PQ (pre-qualified) selection.
There is widespread market talk here and overseas of foul play during the PQ exercise. The Gamuda-China Consortium was disqualified from the PQ! Tell your machai to question this.

WQ: But you are my machai!

Hantu: You are insulting now.....I am not your's or anybody's machai......I am your messenger, observer, and on the ethereal plane, your conscience.

Anything more on the RWTP?

Hantu: yes, but not today....leave it for two items here: TV3 has sex DVD on MB of northernmost state. Sandwich style.....he in between mah! The other item:Samy already has 5,000 asli votes and 5,000 army votes. So he is ahead by 10,000 votes. MIC may have been given shares worth 5 billion over the years from various projects. So, he not pochee yet as you said earlier.

WQ: Is that all?

Hantu: Tell that friend of yours...that Shanghai Fishy fellow....I dont like his insinuations....I will not dig out anything about small-town folks. I have relatives in Taiping and they are all gentle people he is safe for now, unless he continues to provoke.....but since he is a malt-kaki his sins are absolved.


Mosesfoo said...

Hey Maestro Zorro, time to start a political thriller, Malaysian style, starring Hantu, akin to that of Jason Bourne. ; )

zorro said...

Sure thing part the waves....we start the filming. However, need to ask Hantu, the discerning son of a bitch...ooppps bird.

mindful mariner said...

Very interesting news Zorro,
No cock talk from Hantu
but nevertheless some news of the screws.

The RWTP may be minting money
so the corrupt can buy more honey.

Perhaps RWTP really means Really Well Thought-out Pillaging?

As for no-value Samy V, he is trying not to be history I see

galadriel said...

Interesting about the Raw Water Transfer thingie. Wonder why the Gamuda-led consortium was disqualified when they do have construction as well as water treatment pedigree.

I also thot this issue of awarding contracts was resolved 5 years ago. Shows how little I know. Or I wonder if this is a case of the current administration putting spanner in the works that the previous one did.

Sounds like it. Looks like it, Smells like it. U know Uncle Zorro, if this was the case then I can draw parallels with what Abu Hassan did after he took over the MBship from the disgraced Mat Tyson in the mid-90s.

He was supposed to be the "Mr Clean" but ended screwing up (and I don't use the term screwing arbitrarily here) too.

There were a lot of infrastructure decisions of Mat Tyson that Abu Hassan reversed during his time, and among others it has led to what was a promising northern residential and growth corridor that comprised Bukit Beruntung, Bukit Sentosa, Sungai Buaya and Lembah Beringin, to become a mockery of its potential.

This is what a "screw you" can mean in politics. Till today, many of the hopeful housebuyers still curse the govt.

Gajah sama gajah gaduh, the small fry in between kena pijak la.

While this Raw water supply maneuvering goes on to see who gets a bigger slice among the vultures, a delay will only be to the detriment of the public.

I was told that the current dams we have in Klang Valley can only meet the spiralling water demand until next year.

If this issue is not resolved, brace yourself for water shortage ala 97. U still remember those times? It is the common people and small businesses that suffered most.

galadriel said...

This Hantu seems a most interesting character :). UNcle Zorro, can introduce ah?