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Parents have been advised not to “privatise” the duty of raising their children to third parties as the move will result in lack of attention and the kids easily falling prey to social ills.

As such the BN government should spend the hidden Petronas money to build, equip creches and pay certified minders for our children and grand-children.....instead of bailing out cronies and failed government projects. If you cant do that....then shut up....just take care of social ills like your adopted machais, the Mat Rempits. You are in no position to give advice to parents as you are not a fully certified parent YET. We will be monitoring how Gabby behaves.(HIGHLIGHTS MINE)

In giving the advice, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said there were parents who totally surrendered the responsibility of caring and upbringing their children to others such as school and tuition teachers.

That is the responsibility of the school and its teachers....total responsibility for our charges. The kids spend 8 hours of their waking lives with us and at most 3 hours with their parents each day. We have to be responsible. Are you subtly intimating that your parents "totally surrendered" you. Come on, your dad was a diplomat and he represented king and country....he cannot be distracted. Did you "grow up" in a malaysian school? If you have not, you do not qualify to give advice to parents. Go advice the Mat Rempits.....there has been no change in their rampages.

“Some parents simply wash their hands off their responsibilities to their children. They leave the duty entirely to others,” he told reporters after launching the “Happy Family Cheerful Society” programme hosted by the Yayasan Budi Penyayang here today.

That is a motherhood statement....some parents....name them for sake of veracity. Young man, you are talking cock! I was quite impressed with you when you just returned and was hosting a tv show.......people, with age, mature for the better.....but let me register my utter disappointment. Is it the company you keep that changed you? Never too late to associate yourself with the young parents who struggle to put food on the table and do their utmost best at parenting. Which right-minded parent would not want to have their kids with them most of the time.

Khairy represented his wife, Nori Abdullah, who is Yayasan Budi Penyayang chairman.

On extra charges imposed by schools and parent-teacher associations, Khairy said parents should not totally rely on the government for their children’s education.

That's cockamamie bullshit again. Easy for somebody who had everything on a silver platter courtesy of hardworking tax-payers contribution.....mine included.....and overseas too. You lucky blighter. Did you get an Ox scholarship too?

“The government has done a lot for education (in this country). Can’t they afford to contribute a sum to the school to help the parent-teacher associations?” he asked.

We dont care how much the government has done for education. They have not done much in the context of QUALITY EDUCATION.....how many hundred thousand graduates unemployed? If you have an atom of care in your soul, I challenge you get your "protector" to use some hidden funds to subsidize schools and the PTA.

However, I get a sense that your mumblings about parenting resulted from your over-exposure to how kids were brought up in the countries you grew up in in your formative years. They always count......Do these pics ring a bell?

The Malay Mail reported Khir Toyo as saying...."ASIAN YOUTHS are capable of achieving the mission of creating "ONE ASIA", He further rambled: "....One Asia to unite all Asian countries into one family grouping, turning the continent into one of the world's major powers." This sounds like a madman's rabid dream. By the way, he is the president of the Asian Youth Council. Anyone heard about this group? I haven't. Jeepers, he is President and he is also our MB who cannot (ow will I also volunteer " will not") bring down the owner of the stolen mansion .

Our Malaysian youths are so rabidly polarised and you have ambitions of a One Asia. One holy book dis say: "Physician, heal thyself". Now this is a real life situation.....it happened on the first day of school for Little Mohd. Iz, who lives on the floor above me and whose grandparents and his uncle blogger Kerp, live beside me. His father and grand-dad took him to his first day in school. He was talking animatedly to Nimmi, who lives in another block. Out of nowhere, a seven year old boy, pushed Iz and said. "kamu, budak melayu, kenapa cakap Bahasa Inggris?" No where the hell did this seven year old get to speak and likewise think like this. In class, this seven year old boy sat behnd Iz and was endlessly provoking him. This ManU fan, lost his temper and swung back at the kid. IZ dad and grandfather witnessed all this. He went into class and got Iz and they left the school. Iz parents discussed this for a while and they came down late in the night to announce to Shah, the grandfather that they have both made up their minds....they were taking Iz out of that school and registering him in a private school. Now there is not only polarization amongst young malaysian of different ethnic origin......here we have polarization creeping into the Malay race.....and all over language. I am just wondering how that 7 year old kid was programmed by his parents. Think about this En. Khir. There is a lot of work lined up for you if you remain as Menteri Besar.

(Apologies: pic of Menteri Besar just went pooffffed when editing......prophetic?)

The BLOGGING FRATERNITY had better be careful of this man. I read this posting in MalaysiaUnplugged. By the way, he has morphed into a naturalised Malay and is Cheras UMNO Numero Uno:

Datuk Syed Ali Al-Habshee said,

"Subversives and radicals should not be given opportunities to voice out their ideas and views because they pose a threat to the country's peace and stability.

We want the government to take stern action, if there is a need to use the ISA (Internal Security Act), then so be it. "

In case many of you don't know, 'Syed' means his forefathers came from the land of the Prophet Muhammad.

'Alhabshee', in turn, means his ancestors originally came from
Ethiopia. This probably happened in the days when Islam was expanding and the Muslim army was conquering the areas surrounding the Arabian Peninsular.

Those who resisted the Muslim army and lost the war would either be killed or captured and taken as slaves (while the beautiful women would become your plaything).

So Syed Ali's ancestors were probably Ethiopian prisoners brought back to the Arabian Peninsular as slaves to look after the camels and clean out their shit every morning until the day either they or the camels died.
Dang! This is sapping.....9.24....time for the malt......sans water please.
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Trashed said...

My goodness, has Malay extremism attached itself to 7 year old children now ?

The country is going downhill fast with this tempurung mentality. New leadership is needed together with strong medicine to stop the rot. If not, Malaysia will no longer be the multi-racial, religious, cultural, lingual paradise that it was.

nstman said...

Ladies and gentlemen. This is a very useful message - If you want to get rid of constipation, just read the antics of Umno morons. I can guarantee you the shit and filth will flow out smoothly.

Anonymous said...

People...please...please have your sense...exercise your right wisely in the coming election...else you will need to leave and breath with all these Umno aka BN morons...
Easy for Khairy to say....If I could I would had lempang him....for taking all the tax payer's money including mine....and spent on his private dealings....pee....on him... who do not want to spent 24 hours with your children...who wanted to leave the kids with day care, maid..if given a choice....but parents need to work to ensure there is enough to bring back home, to feed the children and ensure they had good education.....If he is not the son in law of PM and son of a diplomat...what will he say....bloody stupid idiot oxford graduate...I wonder...what an insult...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes, the typical backward malay mentality!

its even sadder that izz and nimmi are the minority, they were like aliens being caught and watched by a bunch of inbreeding rednecks.

i actually told my nephew that, if he ever being shoved around by these retarded kids to just punch them right in the face but izz has switched school since.

oh heck.

haris said...


Damn, what have you been drinking?

Your juices are flowing!

Loved this.


zaitgha said...

that came from 7 year old but when i was working the similar remarks were made to me when i used English in the office most of the time, and mind you that i was working in the International financial institution....really sad