Monday, January 14, 2008

WE ARE MALAYSIANS (Thank you Steven)

I told myself that this coming week is gonna be a good week.....nothing negative will happen in our country. Everybody will do their bit to make this country more livable, more lovable and that those 2 guys will come back to Malaysia from Spain with the Lingam tapes intact. International potographer Steven Lee, who took and featured my profile foto in his recently published book "Malaysians", now currently based in London sent me this YouTube and I thought it most appropriate to start off this week.....but one warning to the moral police in case they are lurking: keep off and fuck off our turf.....WE ARE MALAYSIANS HUGGING MALAYSIANS.


johari said...

what do you mean your turf? this is a muslim country so this is an "islamic turf"
are you trying to tell muslims that islam has no place in malaysia?
Are u telling us to fuck off with our islamic values?
Are you trying to mock islam?

zorro said...

No Johari, I never had those thoughts....but now you are formenting ideas. I am not that type of person. My readers will vouch for that. I am referring to those who apprehend people holding hands in public.

I considered rejecting your comment but I thought that this week was going to be a positive I wont do anything negative, like rejecting your incendiary and bigoted comments.

I received this from my friend Tengku Nazaruddin with this message:

"I like this poem and thought should share with those who love peace."

Johari, I dedicate this to you with genuine HUGS to a fellow Malaysian:

God grant us this year a wider view,
So we see others' faults through the eyes of You.
Teach us to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult ... nor the young.

Give us patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so we feel secure.
Instead of remembering, help us forget
The irritations that caused us to fret.

Freely forgiving for some offense
And finding each day a rich recompense.
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand;

That all of us whoever we are ...
Are trying to reach an unreachable star.
For the great and small ... the good and bad,
The young and old ... the sad and glad

Are asking today; Is life worth living?
The answer is only in, loving and giving.
For only Love can make man kind
And Kindness of Heart brings Peace of Mind.

By giving love, we can start this year
To lift the clouds of hate and fear.


Krishna said...

Well said Zorro! Interesting that an innocent piece such as hugging (granted posted with a proviso/health
warning) could raise such a response.

BTW Johari, we are a secular nation (this has been put to rest) in a nation of peoples of whom the majority profess the muslim faith. All of whom want to just get along...

Pass the love around......

thinking said...

Thanks for posting the video, Zorro. It brought a long-lasting smile to my face. It reminded me that sometimes to close the gap between "you" and "me", it falls on "me" to have the courage and compassion to make that first move to bridge the distance.

Two big thumbs up to all the young men and women involved in this project who did not let the fear of rejection get in the way of doing something so simple, but so meaningful and selfless. Well done!

sp said...

Hugs cant solve all the problems we have, but it is touching how ppl are willing to do things like this to give a smile, or make other ppl feel good.

And i must say Johari is really good at making assumptions.

Btw, I really salute you, Uncle Zorro and other selfless ppl like you who are pushing for a change, these blogs made me aware of how ignorant I've been.

Anonymous said...

Buzz off Johari. Uncle Zorro hasn't mentioned anything about religion, and yet you feel uptight about your Islamic faith. You are one of those who sees shadows when there is no one there!! In all his blogs, Uncle Zorro has shown an admirable non-racialist, non-partisan views of life in Malaysia, unless he was grossly provoked, then he chosed to defend himself. So do not raised a non issue like those nincoompoo Malaysian politicians, or are you one yoursalf, Johari? Those young, audacious students in Sunway U. should be praised for their innocuous and unblinkered ways of spresding love and goodwill!!

artchan said...

"Are u telling us to fuck off with our islamic values? "

Is this a very islamic way to reply?

Why can't you challenge Zorro in a more dignified way like most of my muslim friends.

Trashed said...

I believe Zorro used the term "our turf" with "our" meaning all Malaysians. I do not see anywhere that he mentioned "my turf", so must be Johari is truly seeing shadows where there are none.

Bro Jo,
Please think as Malaysian lah - we are all in this together, unless you think that there are people who are more equal than others ?

Anonymous said...

If what Loh Mui Fah said was true, there are many questions can be asked:
- Why did the PM mum over Loh’s letter and his appeal for protection?
- Same question to Tan Sri Haidar who had insisted that nobody came forward to offer information, why did he keep silent?
- What was the role of the ACA? Did the ACA act on the tip off from VK Lingam?

In short, it is obvious that the authorities knew that the clip was genuine and have already had the means to tract down the maker of the video not long after Anwar released the clip.

While in actual fact, the members of the investigation panel need no further evidence on the authenticity of the clip.

Even when the Royal Commission was formed, Tan Sri Haidar continued to be silent on the identity of the video maker. If Mr Loh Mui Fah did not voluntarily present himself to the public, I wonder he would ever be called for the inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Johari , If I got the chance to meet you, I would very much like to HUG you . Not because you are a muslim BUT becos you are a Malaysian! A Malaysian Brother just like Zorro himself.

Anonymous said...


nice try....

Whitelight said...

Anon 3.03pm -

There is no such thing as "Warganegara Malaysia".

But of course there is "Warganegara Malaysia Kelas A" -khas untuk Bumiputera sahaja dan "Kelas B" - penduduk lain yang menetap di Malaysia !!

Warganegara Malaysia ???
nice try too.... keep on trying.

nstman said...

This country is a beautiful country but people like JOHARI stick out like a sore thumb. Hey man, this is our turf, not your turf. By the way, kiss my arse, JOHARI.

Satya said...

BIIIIIG smile on my face after seeing this one. Bigger than the one I had when I saw the original from Perth. Bigger still because the location is clearly the Sunway Uni College cafeteria. Doubly proud to say it's my alma mater. :D

Thanks Uncle Zorro for sharing. Videos like this fill me with hope for Malaysia.

Laksarian said...

Dayum, I wouldn't mind hugging that chick in red. Anyone got her number?

pakshah said...

I feel so sorry for those hug-a-phobics. They are missing some thing worthwhile in their unhappy lives.
A BIG HUG to you my friends.