Thursday, January 17, 2008


On July 6, 2007 Rocky put up this posting:

For Muslim women only. For exposing her arms while singing for a living, Siti Nor Idayu has been ordered to appear before the Syariah Court. She will be charged with"exposing her body" during a performance and "encouraging immoral activities". [Singer held over dressing, thestar online, 6 July] Did Siti Nor Idayu (pic) expose her body and encourage immoral activities? I wasn't there so I won't know. But I am tired of this Apartheid. Some Muslims in this country derive pleasure from shaming other Muslims and you'd note that these happen only to the lower caste Muslims. They are never going to order the Muslim directors in Malaysia Airlines to appear before the Syariah court for allowing liquor to be flown and consumed on board, for example. Or are they? There are a thousand other better ways if religious department still want to help promote a good image for Islam. Without shaming the Muslims, including those who are just having a good time and not hurting anyone.

Of course good sense prevailed and she was absolved but of course with some 342 warnings on the do's and dont's. (That bit I got from Hantu) Well, this is about the Religious Moral Police.

But now we have another called RELA, the Secular Moral Police, trademark cloak and dagger antics include hiding in dark corners and bushes to apprehend anyone digressing from the moral code in dressing and touching. Shanghai Fish, always and easily angered by any dickheads who cross the line by infringing into our private lives fumed over this here


In the not too distant future, the hundred thousands of RELA will soar the POSTAL VOTES.

But I always believe in giving people a second chance. In the case of RELA would rehabilitation help. If I were to get sponsors to bring this singer from an Arab land it may help change their perspective and to re-engineer their image. If you people think it is worthwhile, let me know. We have a few sponsors lined up.

People I present Nancy Ajram, singing Entah Eih
(this YouTube was dedicated to me by a friend now residing with hubby and kids in Qatar on Facebook.Thanks Nanie)


Anonymous said...


Its no coincidence that the increase of sexual crimes is directly proportional to this so call religious moral policing.

Go back to when this religious moral policing for pervert was first initiated and compare it now its no mistaken where all these perverts are coming from.

from crappy mind comes crappy systems.

oh yeah ... courtesy of umno


team bsg said...

lovely show ! sensuous and thrilling !

...and we thought it was Big apple

delicious , give us more ( Fcuk the relas)

Anonymous said...
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Harrison bin Hansome said...

Uncle Bernie,

I find that this ridiculous procecution of charging this Muslim lass reflected the highest double standard of justice under the so-called tagline "Islam Hadhari" under Badawi's administration.

De jure, if this lass was charged for indecent dress code, many of the BN goons would be in jail long ago as Samy Velu once said that if he goes to jail, many would follow. Could you take it as his own admission that he was corrupt?

J.T. said...

Hi Zorro

There we go ... bring Nancy Ajram to Malaysia to give RELA (and anyone else who needs it) a dose of rehabilation.

Maybe after that, authorities will look into more important things that needs changing in our country - too much crap-ology being churned out.

facebook buddy said...


please watch this. i hope this url works for u.