Saturday, January 12, 2008


OLE, OLE. That's Spanish I'll have you know. Nothing to do with old England as in 'ole days.....more like our BOLEH. So what is the sudden special interest in Spain? Simply because Malaysia is now looking towards Spain for an answer to the mother of all questions: Is the Lingam tapes authentic? I thought the three men panel gave the stamp of authenticity ? Now we have the Royal Commission commissioning Spain to help us. Even the daily UMNO newsletter grudgingly asked why of all place Spain. The RC has sent two guys to make sure that the tapes are not lost in translation.....ooopppps ....lost in transition! I know that Spain is famous for their gourmet bull's scrotum that comes in only two sizes....depending on who wins in the bull fights.

Did the threesome who did the initial investigation ask Lingam if he was the one on the video. If he answered affirmative, why are we sending the tapes to Spain?

Remember my friend Bob who said that it is safer to be a Buddhist monk in Burma than to be a whistle-blower in Malaysia! He was mad as mad can be when we discussed this over 'that" last night. In exasperation he said it was better to send the tapes to it to Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Snow least if it is not authentic, the two guys can sell the tapes to Disney and make the trip worthwhile.




Zawi said...

How much foolishness can we tolerate? If CSL can admit guilt by the tape without it being authenticated why can't this Lingam? It is because they want to give him an alley to escape. In the case of CSL they want to nail his coffin for good. I am not so worried about it being lost in translation, what I fear most is the original tape being lost for good. Once the original is gone they can always say that there is no original tape and the copies can only be a spliced up one.
Its another drama in the making since all they are doing is buying time till the election is over. You know Spain is a long way from here and the boat they are using will go via the Cape of Good Hope and thus circumnavigating the African Continent alone may take a whole year. What about crossing the Indian Ocean? Doubt that the tape will ever get back or if it gets back it will be after the GE and the next government will not be bothered with it anymore.
Another way to send the tape over to spain is by using the scorpene submarine which is yet to be commissioned. You know it is easier to lose a submarine than a boat which can be spotted from the air, while a submarine can go so deep into the Indian Ocean and never to resurface again and no way anybody can find it.
Anything canhappen in Bolehland.

Lrong said...

Hilarious, man... had me rolling down there, snorting away... these fellas, god knows what the fish they are doing...

nstman said...

By going to, of all places, Spain, to check the authenticity and veracity of the tape, we can only arrive at one conclusion. It's a lot of BULL.

team bsg said...

if what you have written be the truth then truthfully, our gomen has gone mad , or their sandiwara has become mentally unstable and shud be treated as such ...dirt
and slime & shud be overthrown this instant without further

Anonymous said...


MADRID, Jan 12 (Bernama) — Fresh from playing host to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will now head for Spain, his first overseas trip for the year.
Abdullah is due to arrive tomorrow in Madrid, the capital of Spain, where he will be attending the First Alliance of Civilisations (AoC) Annual Forum.
Hosted by the Spanish government, the two-day forum from Tuesday seeks to find ways to bridge the growing divide between nations and cultures worldwide and to establish new partnerships to promote global understanding.
It will bring together political leaders, media heads, grassroots and civil society leaders, corporate and film industry executives and religious figures, the AoC said in a statement.
The forum, to be opened by the President of Spain, Josi Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, will be attended by the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Protugal President Jorge Sampaio, who is also UN High Representative for Alliance of Civilisations.
The event will feature announcements of high-profile initiatives, including major projects aimed at promoting understanding among cultures in the areas of media and youth.
Other commitments and partnerships involving governments and multilateral organisations will be announced at the forum, the AoC said.
The Alliance of Civilisations aims to improve understanding and cooperative relations among nations and the people across cultures and religions and, in the process, to help counter the forces that fuel polarisation and extremism.
It was established in 2005 on the initiative of the Spanish and Turkish governments under the auspices of the United Nations.
In April last year, the United Nations Secretary-General appointed Sampaio as the High Representative for the Alliance.
The AoC is supported by a Group of Friends, a community of over 75 countries and international organisations and bodies.
Two key Alliance projects to be announced at the forum are:
+The Alliance of Civilisations Rapid Response Media Mechanism, an on-line directory of experts on inter-cultural issues, whom the media can turn to in times of international crises; and
+The Alliance of Civilisations Clearinghouse, an on-line educational tool on multiple issues aimed at improving cross-cultural understanding.
The first clearinghouse on media literacy education will be launched at the forum.

artchan said...

Why can't they ask lingam..anyway he is one of those listed as "witnesses" for the royal commission.

I think we have wrong people in the commission

Capt Karim said...

"'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain' is a phrase reputedly used by language teachers.
Perhaps it is a good example, because it is a vowel not found in some other languages, Russian, for example. It is also, however, a vowel that differs in different dialects." (South African English Pronunciation)

"Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) famously tries to cure Eliza
Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) of this habit in the film, My Fair Lady
(based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion), by making her recite
'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain' and not 'The rhine in
Spine falls minely on the pline'."
(Columbus World City Guide - London - Language)

In the Malaysian context, could we use this phrase instead:
"The bovine excreta plainly lies mainly in the Malaysian mainstream media"

shar101 said...


The 3-man independent (sic) panel could not conclusively decide if the tape was authentic due to insufficient evidence and/or witnesses, and instead, recommended that an RCI be established. Their three reports were never made public as promised.

Two of these blokes are now on the RCI (why am I not surprised) and we now have to go through, yet again, the same motion of, firstly, verifying the authenticity of the same damn tape in order to build up the body of evidence for the inquiry. Duh!

Spain? Maybe they gotta figure out the 'bull' VKL gave in his statement to the ACA as well. This inquiry seems to go the same way as the other on-going court case.

Lotsa movement on that rocking chair which ain't going nowhere.

Our wild man of the legal fraternity will apparently be on a watching brief on the 14th and will submit his objections to the two blokes being appointed.

They obfuscate, we irritate. And let's see what turns up on the MSM.

P.S. Wah! Cannot go awol on Fridays ah! Solly lah bro. Was bogged down with work. Serious.

jasgill said...

From Malaysiakini:
Businessman Loh Mui Fah today disclosed that it was his son who had recorded the Lingam tape, finally putting to rest the question of the controversial clip’s authenticity.
No need Spanish fly now I guess.

shanghaistephen said...

wasting tax-payers money again....wah...ask me also I can tell it is the Lingam bugger in the tape , why do you need some Spaniard to verify this monkeys' face ?? and did they take Lingam along to Spain to compare the face in the tape against Lingam himself physically??Otherwise how did they confirm if it was Lingam...they have never met him , right ? So how many went to deliver the tape ? 3 on the panel + police escort+ local forensic "expert" + their mistresses+ and who else ? all flying business class ? What about hotels...surely 5 star...not like CSL room in Muar or whatsthattown he was caught in ? right? How many days in Spain huh ? And now the 64 dollar question...WHY Spain.??? and not Disneyland ?
Cheers zorro my head is spinning lah...need a drink !