Sunday, January 6, 2008


In my previous post I had promised that I would be at Independence Square. My usual walking companion Tony 'McGyver' Yew, Eric 'I am a Malaysian' Voon, Haris of People's Parliament, Old Blue 'Sinister' Eyes Shar101, all had previous engagements that they could not reneged or back out from. I had to do it alone this time, but I was sure I was going to meet up with like-minded others.

At first I intended to park my car at the PJ Club, hop on to the LRT, get down at Masjid Jamek and take a stroll into Independence Square. Haris alerted me that there was heavy police presence. They may not even allow me to cross over to Dataran M. I called an old student Terrence and told him that the only way I could join the people at the vigil was thru the Royal Selangor Club. Terrence picked me up and the normal entrance to RSC was not to be. However I got into the club after having been duly signed in and proceeded to the flag pole. The police did not allow assembly under the Malaysian Flag. What transpired is best depicted in the YouTube at the end of this post.

A commentator FAIR, said that I was a BRAVE man. NO, these are the brave young Malaysians, who have a lot to lose by coming out in the open and on a Saturday Night. Me I have nothing to lose, it was not a big deal braving the Blue Boys.

I met Amin (Black in Korea) and his beautiful companion. Amin and a few friends recently presented the PM with some attarctive bed-time accoutrements. I hope Pak appreciates this gesture.

I also me Anu of Galadriel who was bravely clicking away....but has yet to send me the pics. You OK Anu?

Another brave young Malaysian. Jaya. He sent in the pics below with this note:

Dear Uncle Zorro,

I was happy that finally I have met and shook hand with you. I couldn't find you during the Hindraf Rally as the crowd was big. I have attached the pic taken with you together with the pic of me and friends from Klang. Hope to see you again another time.



Jaya and me

Ravi, Indran,Jaya, Muru

And then there was Nanda, young engineer activists.....and finally a young lady from MAWI, Chi Too who sent me this YouTube. This video is fondly dedicated to the people who care for our ISA detainee BUT ESPECIALLY TO THE YOUNG BRAVE MALAYSIANS:


Trashed said...

Good chronological reporting of the events, showing that the violent actions were once again, initiated by .... the police.

Old Fart said...

"Cops forced to use water cannon to disperse protesters"

That was the header in The Star on the report of this peaceful assembly.

Now Zorro, tell me, how could The Star or any other MSMs have such headings or descriptions of the assembly if the police had not used the water canons?

Under Badawi's Islam Hadhari it would have been blasphemous to even suggest that such a peaceful assembly might be possible.

Of course they could have avoided using the water canons and allow the assembly to just pass off quietly. If it was not reported at all the next day, then ofcourse to the rest of the population it would not even have happened!

Those were the two options they had. For them to have chosen the former, i would think that the thinking on the 4th Floor might be that there are more people out there who might be threatened and feel threatened of any demonised assemblies. So with the water canons in full blast, in their estimation you have a demonised assembly, and therefore, a discredited one!

thinking said...

My utmost respect to all the Malaysians who stepped out in the rain and came from near and far to peacefully take part in this gathering. Again I say, it is heartening to see people of all races come together peacefully to peacefully protest against a law which has been unjustly used to silence voices of dissent. I feel sad and frustrated that it has increasingly come to this, that ordinary, peace-loving Malaysians feel they have no choice but to brave the threat of water cannons and tear gas in order to be heard. I also feel angry that the policemen and women who have put their lives on the line protect this country and all its people have to be put into this position where they have to follow orders to use force to disperse a peaceful rally. I am thankful for the self-control exercised on both sides. And I feel angry that a peaceful protest was dispersed in such a manner, that the organisers was treated in such an offhand manner. I feel angry at the unseen hands responsible for denying the permit petition and responsible for putting the lives of ordinary Malaysians and police personnel who are just doing their job, on the line.

Malaysia is for all Malaysians. May the time come soon when all the lies are finally exposed and the house-cleaning of all the deadwood and parasites in the government and civil service can truly begin. May Malaysia have just, unselfish leaders that truly care about this country and its people and who will not tolerate corruption and abuses of power. May those that lead this country be men and women of discipline, compassion, integrity, and empathy. This is my hope and prayer for Malaysia, my homeland.

Anonymous said...

Hail the audacious, young Malaysian!God is the witness to your struggle. To the man in blues, remember, you are PDRM(Polis DiRaja Malaysia) not PRDM(Polis Raja Di-Malaysia)!!One day,if by the wills of God, a member of your own family may himself/herself be placed under detention without trials (ISA), then see how your heart bleeds!

Kel said...

They should give him a pail of water so he can wash his face and wake up instead.
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add me to your links too.
Sorry i didn't make it for the sat rally. I wished to be there though.

ycg said...

The water cannon is, like always, totally unnecessary! I was there. To make things clear, we have dispersed peacefully. The police could have just leave the scene and i'm very sure they would too after a few minutes....but nooooo, they have to bring in the frus with water cannons. Stupid police are even asking restaurant patrons to leave as well...who is actually bad for business anyway?

shar101 said...

Yo Zorro,

You're not brave lah, just stark raving mad. Hehehehe!

So how many cold ones thereafter? Didya get drenched too?

Anywayz, the RSC 'entrance' always seems the logical choice where I.S. is concerned and it's pretty close to you know where.

Cheers, bro.

GobloKing said...

Watched over by that monster photo of Badawi in lights on the building..

Peaceful "demonstrators" hosed down... (I didn't see any violence nor did I see "demonstrating" from the Rakyat did u?)

Men in blue everywhere (candles vs water cannons)

Does that not remind anyone of an Orwellian scene?

Malaysia BOLEH!

Salute to the Brave Malaysians.

galadriel said...

i'm alright uncle zorro. sent u the pix yesterday. I went following the water truck till HSBC then I came back n found u not there.

So I balik laa. Got a little ill the next day hence the late email.

btw, i'm not anu of galadriel la. It is anu/galadriel. :)