Thursday, January 24, 2008


I came across an interesting posting picked up by Malaysian Unplugged Uncensored. Seems that after Dr. Chuah's episode there are a few to follow and that DVDs are already circulating. Blogger Politica has the story here
Ministers, Please Be Forewarned!

Tonight, I will be meeting Hantu at an undisclosed sushi joint. He claims to have something for me. Seems there's a multi-billion dollar scandal unfolding......involving three states, a Japanese, an American and our chief. We might have the story tomorrow.


team bsg said...

your sexitempteasers are getting terribly sexmouthwateringlyciting we are wet-sweating already hopefully it ain't the sleeping hadahari coz we'll vomit from his totally digusting side and back profiles

The Ancient Mariner said...

Hmmmm.. the mat skodengs must have been real busy, eh?

Never a dull moment, I say.

Rocky's Bru said...

one of the most feared hantus was hantu tetek (literally, breast ghost).
that was when we were kids.

Anonymous said...

tell me more..tell me more..

zorro said...

Rocky, sure.That was how my maternal grandma stopped us from playing hide and seek at night. The fear of hantu tetek stuffing our mouth with her 3 feet long tetek gave us nightmares. But from young I was told to confront my fears....that explains why I have always been a tetek worshipper. Dang, time for a stiff one.

Captain....another buggery on the high seas, looks like.

Team BSG....spicy morsels sure are more appetising. YES?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

uncle B, if you get something from the hantu tetek, how about leaking it next door? hehehe...

zorro said...

Danny, I will throw her into your long as you leave your window open.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benard,

Anxiously awaiting what hantu will reveal tonight.


Your humble ex LA Salle Sentul Student,


ali allah ditta said...


Probably the work of budak-budak tingkat 4 JPM headed by the arrogant son-in-law KJ. Remember,that he wants to replace the father-in-law by the age of 40. So he got to work fast & smart. Some even believe that the Hindraf movement was initiated by KJ in order to bring Samy No Value.He had already shot Sooi Lek,his next target is Shamuddin aw,aw...


Anonymous said...

salivating, zorro. reveal tom with your breaking news, huh.

mindful mariner said...

With breath a-baited
the news is awaited

What juicy news
may be deduced

Another scandal, or two
may be in the queue

The vox populi
will agree

Immorality has reached the zenith
With sex lies and videos of it

The next general election
results will show a change of direction

Before too long
the two thirds majority may be gone

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Cik Gu

Do you remember kubur Tok Bidan Lanjut in Taiping? It was a pilgrimage point for some stupid people.

i think the hantu tetek was somewhere around there... (An old lady from Batu Kurau told me, Tok Bidan Lanjut was given that name because she has a "tetek lanjut"...)

Ok, ok, hope to read something volcanic from you...


Surind said...

Thanks Zorro & Hantu! The anticipation is killing me!

Anonymous said...

a digression, I know. go read another heart wrenching body snatching incident. lost count on the number of such incidents since Islam Hadhari took over.

shanghaistephen said...

This is worst then "Dallas" or "Falcon's Crest" lah....btw are you sure your source is Hantu and not "Menantu "???
getting a little uncomfortable and suspicious of your accuracy in prophesising thinks hantu or menantu is an operative lah...just don't dig up my past too !!!~malt is on me ice please, Loy!
cheers !

the witch's broo said...

dirt, dirt and more dirt.
can't wait..

Anonymous said...

Hishamudin a Gay ?

What do he use ?

The Keris ah ?