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Just over four months ago, on Thursday October 18 2007 a Hantu-inspired post was titled: Go to


The Malay Mail broke a similar story yesterday:

An MZS life member, who asked for anonymity, had referred to The Malay Mail’s report on a former Zoo Negara contractor, who claimed that a vice-president had allegedly demanded RM3,000 a month for several years, purportedly to safeguard his contract, adding that it “had been happening for some time.”

“It is common knowledge and most MZS members are aware of the malpractice, but everybody kept mum and never spoke openly about it.

“Word has it that the vice-president also demands money from other contractors too.

“Your (The Malay Mail) report had opened a can of worms and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since the matter has been reported to the Federal Territory Anti-Corruption Agency, I hope it will be investigated thoroughly,” he said, adding that he is willing to co-operate with the ACA in their investigations.

The member commended the former contractor for coming out in the open, adding that the malpractice could have gone on for much longer had it remain un exposed.

“I hope other contractors, if they were or are in the same predicament, will come forward,” said the member.

MZS president and chairman Datuk Ismail Hutson, speaking to The Malay Mail earlier, urged those with evidence to come forward.

“Give me proof and I will investigate this matter,” he said.

On Tuesday, The Malay Mail front-paged the former contractor’s claims, who decided to spill the beans following the decision by Zoo Negara to terminate his contract recently.

It was reported yesterday that Federal Territory ACA had launched an investigation and were verifying the information forwarded by the former contract or to establish if there are ele ments of corruption.

A source was quoted as saying that several MZS council members will be summoned to have their statements recorded.

It was also learnt that ACA officers will also visit Zoo Negara to obtain relevant documents.

I like this bit: MZS president and chairman Datuk Ismail Hutson, speaking to The Malay Mail earlier, urged those with evidence to come forward.

“Give me proof and I will investigate this matter,” he said.

No Mr. Hutson, the proof might be under the "family" carpet and you don't have to invigilate and investigate should have been done as early as last October.....the investigation WILL BE DONE BY THE ACA. This should be a piece of cake for the ACA unless somebody cast a long shadow over the on-going investigation. You people couldn't do much in the other zoo along Jalan Parliament, we hope you be more successful at the National Zoo....and believe me those animals there are not that dumb.....they do leave tell-tale signs only if you people try hard. Best of luck then.

Allow me to congratulate the Malay Mail team for championing this cause. This has always been the "Paper That Dared". Yushaimye Yahaya and Yusri Azmin, I owe each of you one at the usual place. Cheers brothers. Convey my gratitude to your team.


team bsg said...

we have noticed yr postings last few bullets increasingly accurate and bull's eye lids . soon da pupils we are sure !

Anonymous said...

bro you have hit your target on this ismail fellow, heh he is actor dont forget, a veteran one too.

he knows whats going on and he is involved in this so dont be fooled with his macho statement 'show me proof and i will investigate'....bullshit!!! he runs the zoo like his bapak angkat..the mat salleh called vic hutson. they also run the outward bound school and the royal commonwealth society.

get all the ex and present staffs, presidents,vice presidents, committee members and members of MZS you will see more worms crawling out of the can.

probe into the outbound school in lumut and also the royal commonwealth society...heh you might be surprised to see anacondas crawling out instead of worms.

zap on zorro and mark da fellow.