Thursday, January 3, 2008


I received a comment this evening at 5.03pm and I thought it was a good posting and it has to be shared with readers. A commentator signing in as WHITELIGHT and it is his/her maiden visit to this blog posted this comment which I now produce in editing....the unexpurgated whole.

I choose to share this with all because, though harsh,(read TRUTHFUL) it is nevertheless TEMPERED with sincerity.

Allow me to share a thought that I came across sometime ago and whose origin I cannot recall:

Parenthesis my own.

Whitelight wrote:

In MY opinion -

Malaysia needs to ban all political parties based upon race or religion. Political parties must be based upon political ideology and therefore provide a choice of different ideologies for all citizens to vote on.

During election campaign the different parties must "sell" their vision for Malaysia for all Malaysians - none of this bumi, chinese, indian, muslim, christian, buddhist, hindu, special rights etc etc. Once the population has voted then its government for all based upon equality for ALL Malaysians.

Freedom of religion is for your personal self - dont bring God into politics and the parliament. Right to govern comes from majority vote of citizens - I dont recall God ever casting a vote here !!!

Malays, Chinese and Indians are ALL three to blame (sorry but I have to generalise here for emphasis) for the past doings and their respective generationally propagated perceptions of their race being in "competition" with others or even more deserving. I feel all three races have failed the United Malaysian race.

To Malays I say - enough of this special rights treatment, discounted property prices, amanah saham, other favoured whatever etc etc etc. 50 years of independence and also 39 years of May 13 gained special privileges and keris scare tactics is enough. How many more generaions do you guys want to go on with this ? Help should now be given to ALL MALAYSIANS in need on EQUAL merit basis based upon individual needs.

To Chinese I say enough of your favouring each other for e.g. in business and your one upmanship in comparing yourself with others. I still recall my younger days living in a row of shophouses. The Chinese shops always had one set of prices for "others" and one for each other - I wonder if this still goes on, hmmmm ??. Stop advertising for positions calling for Mandarin expertise just to work around the "system" !!! MALAYSIAN race and MALAYSIA should now be your focus and prioirty not the next "Chinaman" .

To Indians I say cultural ties and your future now lies in Malaysia. What Hindraf guys did in trying to present petition to QEII was IN MY OPINION a very stupid and laughable move. If you want to make a point of being treated unfairly - stick to that for all Malaysians as a whole. There are poor people everywhere in Malaysia not only Indians. There was also no reason to demonstrate by bring up historical links to the days of the Indian forefathers and colonial connections - no matter what you thought your clever foxy strategy was. You want to make a point against the governement - say so and do it openly - dont try and be smart and hide it behind colonial history. Be proud and walk like a true MALAYSIAN demonstrating for better chances and more equitable benefits for ALL. You are now 3 or more generations MALAYSIANS not INDIANS. Highlighting colonial links, "forced migration" etc and shortcomings for which you now "require" financial compensation means that you are not proud to be here. If true - hop on a plane back and start your life there - its never too late. If you choose to stay (its always everyone's god given right to choose), think Malaysian, act Malaysian and demonstrate against poverty and inequality for all Malaysians.

Well as Zorro would say - back to my single malt - no water.


two-face said...

Very idealistic indeed but don't think it will work in my life time and I'm not too old. If I assumed right, the parties that fit the description will be DAP, PPP, Gerakan and Keadilan. The problem is even within those parties when it comes to electing leaders, the members still vote on racial line. They are just potraying themselves as multi-racial parties when they are actually racial. Again the example of DAP having a Malay Sec. General, Tian Chua becoming the President of Keadilan, PPP with 60% Indians electing a Malay President and likewise Gerakan.

The Malays will vote in Chinese or Indian via BN - example Bukit Gantang & Ampang Jaya and a lot more Malay-majority seats but can a Malay win in Chinese-majority seats?

The idea can't even work in mature democracy say United Kingdom. I don't think a white can win in Bradford or Southall neither could an Asian win in Oxford.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Zorro.

Like I have posted many times at yoour blog, "I am now residing in the USA, but when asked if I am Chinese, my reply is and will always be "no", I am a Malaysian!"

I hope "the people" who represent us will get and act on the true meaning of "representing the rakyat" and do their job and stop fooling around with our right, our money and most importantly show some respect to what the "rakyat" wants, and not what they think is best for the rakyat!

Anon, US

toyolbuster said...

Yes, we are all Malaysian and lets Yaaaaaaaammmmmm SSSSSeeeeeeeennnngg.

Anonymous said...

What Whitelight wrote is our vision of a Malaysian Utopia. This dream will not materialised in my generation or my children's generation, as every politician in the land of ours is busy protecting their own turf, are selfish, greedy, self-centered. Malaysia is the best country in the world to be borned in, if not for these politicians, with their devilish lies.

Anonymous said...

“The idea can't even work in mature democracy say United Kingdom. I don't think a white can win in Bradford or Southall neither could an Asian win in Oxford.”

I beg to differ Two-face .you are quite ignorant .Let me refresh your memory, a certain person was elected by the people of Louisiana .The first non-white governor of Louisiana, A REPUBLICAN and a FIRST generation Indian. I would say America is a ‘mature democracy’, don’t you? I can list other examples but that is hardly the point.

By the way, Zorro, you are the man! Continue to fight for justice!

syazeleen said...

It is a very appealing idea. Although it is hard to envisage the country rearranging the political landscape to one that is based upon Western political ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism and a host of other '-ism's.

I fear that the only way it will come to past is through a revolution. Which is not exactly a welcome prospect.

Anonymous said...

Just for your info the Governor General of New Zealand is an Indian by race. He was personally appointed by the Prime Minister.
Anything is possible.

CK Tan said...

tat's my utopia-like wish.

two-face said...

Anon 12.47 and 10.29

Point taken. The reason UK was given as an example because I have been residing here for 12 years. Yes there are non-majority office bearers but there are exception rather than the rule.

Governor of New Zealand as you say was appointed, what about "giving' seats to minorities in Malaysia like I mentioned above.

Do you think the Indian can win seats let alone becoming a minister with 7% of the population? And by giving that kind of concessions, the minorities do not reciprocate. So, there is no way we are going to achieve the utopia.

shar101 said...


Good call, bro. In putting up Whitelight's message.

But I find it exasperating to find 'overseas' examples being offered here for us to move forward.

After several generations of being together, didn't we learn anything from each other? That we, Malaysians, can actually lead the rest of the world in living harmoniously as a society.

For the here and now, plant the seed and nurture it to fruition. And if the first seed fails to germinate, plant another. It is, in fact, every patriot's duty to continue the effort by inculcating the same values within one's own family whereby future generations will benefit and the nation, prosper.

You don't need a politician to tell you the obvious solution. But if the current bunch running this country is any reflection, we are, indeed, equally responsible for perpetuating discord among ourselves.

Vote for better governance by putting in better leaders in the next GE.

Like single malt, no water, please. The unvarnished Truth can be sought.

Question is - Do you want it badly enough?

Anonymous said...

"That we, Malaysians, can actually lead the rest of the world in living harmoniously as a society

Oh! “living harmoniously as a society” more like a charlatan society .Leading the rest of the world ,I don’t think so . Even, Indonesia can give us a couple of tips in “living harmoniously as a society”

So, Mr. shar101 if you want to ignore certain obvious facts around you, (go a ahead, it’s own life and opinion) I will always call a spade a bloody shovel!

shar101 said...

Thank you, Anon (6.05pm).

It would seem that you prefer to maintain the status quo. By doing nothing.

Did I not say 'plant the seed...' for the future? Obviously, the obvious has alluded you.

Please, however, continue shoveling your dribble, disjointed prose, notwithstanding. A spade in hand is akin to having one in bed ... with your spouse.

And we can all watch with glee, can't we.

Whitelight said...

Zorro, that was a surprise seeing my post highlighted. Thank you for your appreciation of my sincerity.

Yes, once I never thought these events would occur in my lifetime - but they DID:-

1. Berlin Wall coming down.

2. Mandela freed, becomes President and apartheid dismantled.

3. USSR crumbles - an act led by its own President.

4. Greece wins Euro title !!

5. Mahathir retires voluntarily rather than expiring whilst in office.

5. Suharto and family lose grip in Indonesia.

6. Future Queen and mother of future King - Diana divorces and to top it off has public relationship with a Muslim from a family not particularly accepted in English "high" society.

7. A Malaysian passport holder can travel to Communist China legally.

Summarising, anything can change or happen at anytime if correct catalytic action is applied in first instance.

The journey begins with a positive step - action, not just by lamenting what can or cannot be achieved. To change the world - first change yourself !


Anonymous said...

Great! , a typical answer mixed with decorative words (who the hell are you trying to impress?) from a pompous person.

In the future, please don’t attack ones method of writing just based on a comment. It shows what type of person you really are.

'plant the seed...' I choose to ignore that due to your other comments on other blogs.

Capt Karim said...

Hasten slowly!
That will be the answer, slow and steady will win the race.
No retreat just a relentless forward march, forever forward.
True progress is never easy, all must be determined, dedicated, steadfast, honourable and united.
Never surrender, do not be disheartened, and a noble victory will be the reward.
Actions always speak louder than mere words.

Sharing said...

Thanks Whitelight for the reminder!

Hope Post 5 of the following can supplement:

Vote what are needed for a Good Country
not for any Race or Religion or Power!

Trashed said...

Whitelight's list of events is a reminder of what can be achieved if you have a common purpose.

I would like to see the NEP (in its many guises) be made need-based instead of race-based, which is the current reality.

Towards that goal, may I suggest a small step to be taken by the government of the day. Discard the bumiputera discount for houses worth more than RM 250,000 since the people who can afford it, by and large do not need the discount.

The next small step is to allow for meritocratic enrollment in technical degree courses in local universities. Our country needs skilled professionals. Period.

shar101 said...


Whitelight's further input at 8.24pm highlights the page we're on.

Get my drift, anon (6.05pm & 11.27pm).