Tuesday, January 29, 2008


(The Star) - SEREMBAN: The High Court here dismissed an application by the family of a 74-year-old Chinese man who was buried according to Islamic rites to verify his thumbprint on his conversion papers.

Gan Eng Gor's widow, Chua Chun, and her six children had filed the application claiming there were discrepancies in the deceased's conversion papers.

The family's counsel Khoo Chin Nam said judge Datuk Azhar Ma'ah dismissed the application without costs in chambers.

"We wanted to have Eng Gor's thumbprint on his conversion papers examined by the Chemistry Department. But the judge said we would need to go back to the Syariah Appeals Court to do so," he said when met outside the court.

Last Thursday, the Syariah High Court had released Eng Gor's remains to the state religious council after the deceased's widow and six children failed to appear in court to challenge his religious status.

Syariah High Court judge Mohd Nadzri Abdul Rahman in his ex-parte judgment said Eng Gor, whose Muslim name was Amir Gan Abdullah, was a Muslim based on the testimony by officers from the council and his oldest child Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah.

In his testimony at the Syariah Court, Abdul Rahman said his father had converted to Islam on July 3 last year. This was witnessed by council officer Shasainie Siau Abdullah.


Azhar ma’ah (High court Judge)

Yen Moy, January 29, 2008 | 16:05:03, said:

For cry out loud, thumb print or no thumbprint, with or without declaration from a person the person lives a life that he was. If you smoke and die you are a smoker you can't be a non smoker by thumb printing or declaration.
How good is it to get a dead Muslim with a Buddhist heart or a dead Buddhist with a Muslim's heart?
In my opinion Mr Gan Eng Gor should be judged by the way he practices in life. If he eats pork after thumbprinting then I think ALLAH will reject this contaminated body. If ALLAH is compassionate then he would say "let you have the body but I will always have his heart."

Angela Ooi, January 29, 2008 | 16:05:36, said:

Ahzar Ma'ah you have abdicated your role and brought contempt and shame to yourself and your profession. You will have to live with your decision. JUSTICE WAS NOT SERVED. I pray you will get your just rewards with interest too

Md. Nadzri abd rahman (syariah high court judge)

Malaysiaputra, January 29, 2008 | 16:36:06, wrote:

Looks like our judges hold little importance of justice for the plaintiff. Why has a non Muslim got to resort to an Islamic court ? The clown who sits on the first appearence in the Sharia has not done his job properly. He is just too emotional when it involves a non muslim.

From the pic of the conversion documents, one can see that somethings are definately not in order. How come the judge is blind to this ?. Obviously he must be a clown .



.......and this is the biggest piece of Chinese shit....


He is the biggest fraud here. There was only a thumb print (or was it his fathers? ) The judge did not allow Chemistry Department to verify this. Suspicious, suspicious!!!!Did he pay the religious authorities to vertify his father became a muslim so they he could possess the “ill-gotten” goods????? Remember the recent case of bribery in the syariah court? Which parent can own such a renegade son? As the eldest male son it was duty to take care of his father. He never even visited his father after the massive stroke. He gave his address as the address of the new convert. How can he lie so blatantly. Somebody give me his photo. I need to put him longer in the chambers. The family should disinherit this dastardly eldest brother and publish it in the papers. I would.....and may a million fire-ants make nest in his rear-end orifice.

Yes Rahman Gan Abdullah, you are this

Ong Ka Ting.

As MCA president and avowed representative of the Chinese (he does not represent me, please) there was not a SQUEAK from him nor from any MCA blokes. When Hindraf took to the streets what did the Chinese say: we lost millions of dollars….so said that Running Dog ‘whats-his-name…..the guy with no neck who was Bukit Bintang MP for one term through the grace of a corrupt judge…..

CHINdraf? Fat hopes. The Chinese will never….will lose business. Money is more important than values, more valuable than soul. By the way, me Chinese too you know? But I am Malaysian first and Chinese by birth.


Anonymous said...

it must be a damn miracle for him to recite arabic verses when he is paralysed and lost his voice arising from multiple strokes. an impartial person would have come to a negative conclusion. but is this sort of justice from syariah court? and the buffon high court judge dont even dare to exercise his responsibility. promoted by the corrupt ex-CJ who afterall called for the substitution of secular with islamic laws?
what has the PM done? what has the component parties done? nothing. oh shit, I forgot. they will sort it out in the closet. one for you two for me?
i am not an admirer for Tun but at least you dont see such body snatchings ( mind you deadones) during his time. guess, this PM provides the country with a healthier version of islam under his Islam Hadhari which sanctions such body snatchings. by the way, why is the police involved? to protect the body snatchers? Is that their duty? WTF.

Ya, Mustapha said...

Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah. Yes, ask the Gan family to let us have a photograph of this exemplary "Muslim". I would like to see what he looks like, this useless first son.

Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah. Yes he uses Allah's name to do his foul deeds. And his Muslim brothers are quick to help him.

Why do Muslims like dead people to join their religion?

Why do they want non-Muslims to be buried in their graveyards?

Why do right-thinking Muslims keep silent?

What do the IKIM and all the other Muslim bodies have to say about this?

Is Islam a fair religion?

Is Islamic Syariah Court a fair Court? Can anyone find justice there at all?

mindful mariner said...

This is yet another shameful episode, which once again reflects very badly on Islam.

There seems to be serious doubts if Mr. Gan Eng Gor willing converted to Islam, and even if he was in a fit state of health to decide one way or the other.

In addition, the documentary evidence hardly seems authentic enough to convince any wise and learned judge.

Surely there was reasonable doubt in this case.

This case clearly shows once again that Syariah Courts in Malaysia are plainly unjust, a disgrace, and are making a mockery of the tenets of Islamic law & jurisprudence.

In my opinion these courts are inflicting severe harm, degrading human rights; threatening peace, harmony, and stability, as well as denying true justice in Malaysia.

The Seremban High Court judge Datuk Azhar Ma'ah should have been able to rule in this application, instead he seems to have simply washed his hands of it and passed the buck.

Feed those Mexican gas generators some more chilli beans Zorro.

beeranyone said...

if its illegal for muslim to convert to another faith...

then make it illegal as well for non-muslim to convert to the muslim faith and...

save us from all these freaking woes

Anonymous said...


People should know by now that

SCREWING the people has always been bn’s policies

enforced via

the myth of race and religion.


Old Fart said...

Zorro,,I know you are right royally pissed!. But this is just a Chinaman doing a number on the rest of his family! His father dies, in just one stroke he inherits all of the father's estate. What ever the father's will now no more valid! Simple la! And is it too difficult to get the necessary parties to play ball?

The Ancient Mariner said...

Hi Zorro,

Sorry to have to mention this, but the high court judge is a very close relative of mine.


sp lim said...

I think the main culprit is not the Syariah court or the Islamic authorities but our civil court and judges who have abdicated their duty to do justice.

Justice was dying a slow death since 1988 and now it is dead and buried. But I believe it can be resurrected by ordinary folks like you and me. Make our voice heard through our votes in the election, in alternative media and in any creative way possible. Share with someone who is apathetic about the situation in our country. Make him/her to see where our nation is headed with the UMNO led government. Keep on doing this.

I'm a realist. Change is not going to come instantly. But with people like Zorro and Haris and hundreds or even thousands more individuals who are committed to justice and freedom, I'll be hopeful

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sir, How are you doing. It's been a long time since we met at the Backyard for some drinks sir.
I call you sir, because I was your student and it is always an honour to call a teacher like you Sir.
You were involved in sports very actively and you were the pillar of sports in the school.
What do you think of the governments decision to pay RM 160,000 for a gold medal in the Olympics sir. Maybe you can do a piece on that. Our neighbours Singapore pays $1 million for a gold. The athlete gets RM 3000 a month as a lifetime pension. Do you think this is sifficient, or is Azalina plain stupid.
Take Care and keep the fight going.
You are always in my prayers, May Jesus Guide You and May His Blood protect you where ever you are.
God Bless

Tan Ah Tu said...

Can I ask a pertinent question?

WHERE did the conversion take place?

At the masjid? At his house? At the Religious Affairs office? In hospital? By the roadside? Where, oh where?

And WHO were there? Did the Syariah Court judge not ask these questions when he knew there is a dispute?

By the way, I read aloud all those "ilalala" thing posted on the webside. Am I a Muslim now?

lucia said...

dr hsu, like many others (include me) received the forwarded mails from one member of the family, including all the proof - documents from doctors, hospitals and the jabatan agama - why can't the family used those documents to prove their case then? oh but they did already (re: the thumbprint) but they rejected the plea. instead they want the family to go to syariah court!

why? why should they as non muslim be subject to the syariah court? don't tell me the syariah court is higher than the supreme court? yeah it seems so. yeah... so it seems malaysia is an islamic state?

i'm weeping.............

Whitelight59 said...

Wake up malaysian muslims - your islam is being mocked, degraded and made fun of - by your own hard core religious bigots!

How can you allow this travesity of justice to continue in Malaysia under the name of religion?

What makes your religion so special or is it that Malaysian malays are so gullible that conversion from Islam is outlawed yet you can go around converting "dying" malaysians?

I agree with previous poster - all conversions should be outlawed since the Constitution "recognises" all religions.

Furthermore all religions should be alowed to establish their own "religious" courts ala syariah courts to protect their malaysian followers. Ths will also make the normal courts redundant as it is proven they are bloody impotent.

It is the bigest insult to any other religion in Malaysia if a civil court is asking them to attend a syariah court session to seek remedy - they can get f@@$ed !!

toyolbuster said...

Dear Zorro,

You are such a kind person. I wouldn't describe Rahman Gan Abdullah as a piece of shit. Remember, we still value shit as good manure for a better harvest. I would categorize him as a vermin that feeds on those good shits.

juslo said...

hi zorro,

thanks for 'inviting' them to your chambers...

wondering if this could happen??? i wouldnt bet against it…

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Declared a Muslim, Children ‘Disinherited’


i hope it will NOT turn out 2b true 10 years from now…