Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hantu when sober and alert.

Okay people, for those of you who have just visited let me introduce you to Hantu. He is my buddy and he belongs to specie bubo virginianus. Hold your horses, people. This has nothing to do with virgins and anus. Explanation here is in order:

The Great Horned Owl was first seen in the Virginia colonies, so its species name was created from the Latinised form of the name of this territory (originally named for Queen Elizabeth I, the "Virgin Queen"). The first published description was made in 1788 by Johann Gmelin. Great Horned Owls are sometimes known as Hoot Owls, Cat Owls or Winged Tiger.

Size: Length 46-63.5cm (18-25") Wingspan 91-152cm (36-60") Weight 900-1800g (32-63.5 oz)

Habits: Activity generally begins at dusk, but in some regions, may be seen in late afternoon or early morning. Both sexes may be very aggressive towards intruders when nesting.But being domiciled in this metropolis Kuala of Lumpur, everything is reversed.

Voice: Great Horned Owls have a large repertoire of sounds, ranging from deep booming hoots to shrill shrieks. The male's resonant territorial call "hoo-hoo hoooooo hoo-hoo" can be heard over several miles during a still night. Both sexes hoot, but males have a lower-pitched voice than females.(sounds quite familiar, huh) They give a growling "krrooo-oo" or screaming note when attacking intruders. Other sounds include a "whaaa whaaaaaa-a-a-aarrk" from disturbed birds, a catlike "MEEE-OWww", barks, hair-raising shrieks, coos, and beak snapping. Some calls are ventriloquial. Most calling occurs from dusk to about midnight and then again just before dawn.

Today is Hantu's birthday and he came in to get his birthday present which is a voucher to feast at the Pavilion"s Ichiban Boshi the rave sushi joint. Being a discerning gourmet, his taste veers towards sashimi and wasabe. He says this diet makes him sharp. Sharp as in his ability to sniff out a good lead for a good story for me. This morning he came in with the familiar "whaaa whaaaaaa-a-a-aarrk" Put it bluntly, he is my Resource Director. Whenever he flies in and gets into a paroxysm of pungent wasabe burps, it is a signal that he needs a stiff snort of Macallan single malt. Only after that will he confide to me his latest tale of how he tailed a lead. How can you not love this feathered shapre-eyed, sharpibeakd, sharp-clawed dude. The pic below is when he has had too much of sushi and single malts. When he goes missing for a few days, I know that he is recuperating.....on some rafters in some watering hole.

this is when he has had it too good and too often

But I know that he is in very good company. His buddies are Malaysia Today's Raja Petra's Deep Throat (above) and Screenshot Jeff Ooi's Little Bird (below)....Little, of course compared to Deep Throat, but just as fearless and enterrising.
After two splashes of Macllan he gave me the briefest of story (below).....egged on for more information, he burped that obnoxious burp-reply: "You guys are on the top of the food chain. Go do what you are supposed to do." Can't possibly argue with that, can read on and let's sweep out whatever is under the carpet.

all in the family like

Zakaria, of the "The Mansion I Stole" fame, his son and daughter-in-law kind of ran the Klang Town Council; Pee Emm , his son, his son-in-law, and Monsoon Pat is said to steer Malaysia Incorporated, and now our dilapidated National Zoo (no this time, I am not making reference to our Parliament)is rumored to be run and in full control by the immediate family of the current head honcho of Zoo Negara. Holy cow, whats happening. You animal activists out there. You better take this lead and let us know the truth, will ya?

My last trip to the Zoo was some eight years ago when I took my ailing tiong-mas Ying ,to see the vet, a Dr. Vilayan (I hope I got the good doctors name correct). Mrs Zorro claims that Hantu is a reincarnation of Ying.

Can't tax Hantu more as he, Deep Throat and Little Bird are on their way for a two-week sojourn in the Bahamas. But I did warn the Terrible Trio that I and my extended family have a reputation to uphold in Bahamaland. They can go "sweethearting" (Bahamian slang for snuggling up to the girlies.....this being one of the many variations....but essentially it means illicit affairs!) but don't create any hurricane!

"hoo-hoo hoooooo hoo-hoo"



Anonymous said...

God help the poor animals in the national zoo. Family rule of Malaysia has certainly screwed the the country for the human beings, the taxpayers money has been syphoned off and the infrastructure has deteriorated. The oil reserves are being quickly depleted and there is perhaps only a decades worth left, after that the country will be serious financial trouble, but the plunders will just bail out to live in their overseas abodes.
Going back to the zoo animals, good luck, if the hand does not feed you enough, BITE IT AND BITE IT VERY HARD!
The humans in Malaysia should do the same thing via the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

having a bunch of hyenas running the place, no wonder it's in shambles.

shanghaistephen said...

Come on Zorro,
The zoo has always been my favorite santuary for me and my little kids and some 8-12 nephews and nieces. for as long as I can remember and I love the aminals within !,please tell everyone to leave this alone,for Gods sake !
Do we actually need more shit about family controlled "public" entities to florish in this here Bolehland ? Have we not been suckered enough by current and past dynasties robbing the country dry ??
Give us names Zorro, has the founding Hutson family anything to do in this scam/rape of the tax-payers interest ? Does this constitute a torough investigation by the ACA( not that I think they are any cleaner !)or is has this been going on soooooo long that it can be swept under the carpet ?
Bring it out in the open with no stones unturned...ok ?
Cheers to the aminals !

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Uncle Zorro,

I agree with Shanghai Stephen. Zoo is a nice place to be.

I like ZOOs a lot, I named my blog "Zakhir's Zoo".


Be kind to animals, even when they are in zoos. That include dogs, be it small pups or big ones!


alliedmartster said...

I brought my girls there when they were younger (about 3 years ago). Back then, I swore I will not return.
The tiger was malnourished then, and the elephant, it stoiiinks to high heaven! So bad too were the roads that the thing they called a shuttle used, that I had to be very very careful with my angels!
Then I was told about the Malacca Zoo.
What a difference it was, the snake and chimp show was fantastic. The tigers in Malacca were beautiful. I couldn't tell little Nikki from the others, but awalk through the raised safari deck was nice, albeit a lttle dusty. All in, my children did see more than they did in Melawati! Even so, the stalls were badly kept, and the xoo, well it was like a pasar malam at the entrance! Surely we can do a better job! Enough with these family cartels!

shanghaistephen said...

Hey alliedmartster,
Perhaps if you treated your kids to the Taiping might want to reconsider your opinion, Run by a local boy, a Dr.Kevin Lazarus ,I think...the guy who actually, on behalf of the Taiping zoo, bought 4 baby gorillas from the African black market...but was later told to return amidst a controversary regarding costs et cetera.
Now this good local boy has done alot as to the enclosures for aminals and even introduced "night safari" long before the KL zoo okay ? see another 1st. added to the long list of 1st's. in the country !
Next time you wanna make your kids happy- think Taiping ok ? Can we say the same for the KL zoo ? And when you go to the zoo- DON'T expect it to smell like a bed of roses lah....where is your sense of adventure and the adaption to the various animals natural odour, man ?
Cheers !

zorro said...

People....I want answers to my post topic not PR campaigns. Is the current sad state a result of poor management. If yes, who is responsible; how did it happen; why did it happen? "whaaa whaaaaaa-a-a-aarrk"

Maverick SM said...

Again, another great picture post. I really love your new style of writing.

lucia said...

shanghaistephen, yes taiping zoo is run by dr kevin lazarus (director). he is a personal friend of mine. we belongs to the same church and also fellow members of society of st vincent de paul.

sorry for the PR, zorro. :)

yes for sure the current sad state we are in is a result of poor management of the country. who is responsible? 90% UMNO top ministers. the other 10% are those non UMNO MPs in BN who are scared (always kow-tow) of that 90%.

another thing OT here, gmail was down tonight so i can't reply to you or haris re: rama as speaker. i had contacted him via sms already and he was suppose to return call to me but didn't. i will call him on saturday morning.

Lrong said...

Had me roaring out loud indeed, bradaa... good one!

zorro said...

Hi Irong-san, thanks for visiting. Sorry about the may have lost your digital, but you have found a friend (old though) in me. Have bookmarked your site.Sayonara.
zorro | Homepage | 10.20.07 - 3:57 am | #

zorro said...

MaveSM....a little variety perhaps.Come for a beer to NPC after the Young Lawyers forum on Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

zorro i like the way you wrote about 'the family' thats running our zoo....pathetic seeing the animals being treated without respect..bad enough they are caged and with little space to move..even their health is neglected. i guess its high time somebody in the respective government office focus on the manner the zoo is being managed.

ask the ex-committee members of the National Zoological Society, veternerians, staffs for i believe they will spill all they have got to say about the way the zoo is being managed.

If you remember the Malay Mail last year was hitting the news about complaints of animal being mistreated and animals dying......roarrrrrr

Anonymous said...

i hope the paper that cares the 'malay mail' will continue to probe and get the weasels thats running the zoo to leave.