Saturday, October 16, 2010


In todays MT dispatch (HERE) RPK wrote:

Actually, I gave the money to Bernard a.k.a. Zorro to use in bailing out six or seven people who were arrested during the candlelight vigil in the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya. Maybe Zorro would like to say something on this matter and name those people he bailed out.

That day was 23 January 2009, at the (old) PJ Court. 23 vigilers were arrested on 9 November 2008, the eve of the Bersih Anniversary.(HERE) YB Lim Kit Siang, Din Merican and I went to Ipoh to lend support to their first candlelight vigil organized by YB Kula, Jong and friends. It would have been 26, so we did save some money.

I was late going to court that morning but was in time to do what I was asked to do – act as bailor. Other bailors were already identified and bail money distributed to them. We had to post bail for 17 OKTs. Fr Paulinus bail was paid by his parishioners, the four DAP YBs together with lawyer Ashok Kandiah posted their own bail. I distributed money to Stephen Franicis and Danny to bail 3 each. I found out that we were short of RM450 to bail out my 3. We had to pass the hat around and most of the contributors were parishioners from Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam. That sorted out we had to go to the bank as required to deposit bail money.

My responsibility was to ensure the last nine get bail posted:

They are:

Thanagaran Karpayah (680811-05-5331)

Khairul Anuar bin Md, Anuar (840708-14-5515)

Ambrose Poh (640208-08-6081)

Md Fasya b Md Tajudin (811224-14-5647)

Jony bin Andu@Abu Bakar Adnan (750430-12-5077)

Raman a/l Kanniayapan (791215-14-5965)

Ong Boon Keong (601121-02-6081)

Ramish a/l Govinathan (800623-05-5215)

Henry Yap (NA)

Should anyone still feel suspicious that Pete used the money raised tolive in a bungalow (I remember it was a semi-d Tony. I remember you were there the day Pete got arrested.) and drive his daughter’s Honda, you could direct MACC to us bailors and we would readily produce the Slip Penjamin (unlaminated nor framed of course.)

Pete also wrote:

. (RM5,000 was also used to pay the bail for one Umno Blogger who is very close to Rocky and Big Dog).

Of course I remembered RM5000 was to pay bail for Syed Akbar Ali who autographed his Malaysia and the Club of Doom. The Collapse Of The Islamic Countries, on 20.11.07 when we had Mee Rebus in Maria’s home. Botak Hamid charged him over the said book.

By the way Pete, if Syed has won his case can we use the returned bail money to donate towards the confiscated Ferrari? No. not good idea. Maybe when the Police return the three notebooks confiscated from you we could donate one to replace the Ferrari, yah?

Aside: Over this Rais vs Rocky one of my readers made this comment:

Anonymous said...

Rocky Bru deserves to be penalised!!!

October 15, 2010 5:22 PM

My reply:

zorro said...

We bloggers may be whacking each other black and blue but when a common enemy bully we instinctively close ranks. Yes we are a very funny breed.

October 15, 2010 5:44 PM

Have a nice weekend people. Dang, mine is gonna be very taxing – Amira’s 15th birthday lunch, Patrick Lim’s wedding dinner, Sunday Curry Lunch at Commonwealth Club with some former Sentul “thugs” and dinner with our “borrowed” son Raja Azman.


bennyloh said...

Out of the blue this fella starts talking c--k. Wasnt' like that before, remembered you put him into your Friday list Uncle.

Anonymous said...

Cheap publicity shot by some has been who has lost readership and public support. Cry baby looking for some attention. What a crap!

Sang Kancil Guru said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend.

Would be nice if you could an organize a small get-together for all your fans/commenters on your blog =D

I would surely come if I am in town.

Anonymous said...

Rockybru is a slimeball, stirring shits so that the naive will fall for him just like most did (lock, stock and all the barrels) the last time during AAB...a plant to curry for sympathy.

baDboyzs said...

Its scary to think that your trusteds with you in battle of life & death yesterday could be scheming to have you dead today. History has not changed one bit.

Just ask Anwar. He trusted people too much and its bad, really bad

We have always believed that one of human's greatest weakness (folly)is having "friends"

Anonymous said...

Najib's 2011 budget is totally out of sync with reality. A 100-storey building in KL? That alone is sheer madness. I can see how a 100-storey tower is transformative to the crony company that is going to design and build it. But I can't see how this can transform the economy to a high-wage one.

Since he want it big and tall, why not 200-storey to become 1 malaysia boleh?

Five-year freeze on toll increase? Okay, how much will the government be compensating the toll operators? Our money is being used anyway. The development of Sungai Buloh land using EPF money - again it is our money.

We should elect a governemnt that will safeguard our money.

Anonymous said...

Najib want to eclipse Mahathir with his 100-storey white elephant building.

The next BN PM will build a 150 storey building at the Pudu Jail site. The next next PM will build a 200 storey building next to Shah Alam Stadium. The next next next PM will build a 250 storey building next to Bukit Jalil Stadium.

That's BN for you.
In the meantime the poor folks still struggle to buy their first decent home.

Anonymous said...

Najib's budget amounting to RM218.9 billion is the highest budget in history. However, there is no detail plan to settle the RM400 billions national debt as stated in the proposed 2011 budget. It is note worthy that this is the consecutive 15 years of deficit budget since 1996. Out of the total allocation, 76.2% is for operating expenses, only 23.8% is for development purpose.

The national car protection policy continue to make Malaysia as the country which have one of the most expensive car price in the world. The imposition of 60% to 105% excise duty make it a real burden for Malaysians to own cars. The increase of service tax from 5% to 6% will also post as additional burden to the consumers.

Vineeth said...

Compare RPK with Rocky? ROTFLOL.. What happen to the case of Rocky. Under carpet for the favor he is doing for UMNO?

telur dua said...

Rocky may be a blogger less loved among some of us, but Officialdom is trying to intimidate/ bully him.

For what?

I think there must be a law to charge those making police reports which are later proven unsubstantiated and frivolous, Minister or no Minister.

backStreetGluttons said...

A cursory visit to Tony's blog revealed that it is strangely restricted to team members and no comments are possible. His obvious UMNO writing style could mean he has been hijacked and therefore needs our sympathies & help. This is not the Tony we know

Anonymous said...

Bro Z
Your friends will believe you no matter what lies are told about you (or RPK )

Conversely yr enemies will never believe you no matter what the truth is

In my eyes, you may some times appear to be bumbling on the long road to Justice & the Truth but I shall never doubt your integrity, or that of RPK
p/s Like you I am no card carrier of any party!

teo siew chin said...

Uncle Z

u r big-daddy to everybody, they wont come get u.... ever! ^_^
As for Rocky, errrrr.... ;)

Anonymous said...

who is this Daisy Chong? Is she Chinese? RPK has sacrifice and done so much for Malaysia. Yet she just comes out with big mouth to accuse RPK being someone payroll. She was just disgusting and disgrace to chinese!!!

Anonymous said...

When all these have been done for, our EPF money would be worth Zimbabwe dollars... enough to buy a loaf of bread for a day for all our life's work.


motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
You are a awe inspiring Mountain ! all watch with greatness of its beginnings!!--
That rock faced maggot lives off the pebbles thrown in to settle his hunger for filth. In time he would know when he degenerates to dust.
You take care my dear Zorro,

Shanghai Fish said...

oh my god....Zorro, I never believed I would see this day when your once almost "son" Tony would write like this! Damn is like only yesterday we all rallied around him ( and that was also the first time I had met him) for his wife's case with MAS and even some friendly lawyers were willing to come forward with pro-bono legal advice or something. I was there ! What happened to this guy ?
btw....I am the "stand-in" bailor for the first 3 guys on your list.(very 1Malaysia huh ! how about that.....even before Najib announced the now crappy and over-rated slogan.) You came along with all of us to the bank and we i.e. Danny and I and a few others had do run to different banks because it was well past 3.30 pm and the banks were going to close.
I wonder why RPK even has to has to explain to anyone. There were well-wishers who I know personally, who handed me a stack of RM50's which were handed to Marina who then distributed to us bailors. Nobody cared to ask receipts cos they cared, bro ! I still have the yellow bail-slips I think. Ask them to go check the PJ court for copies and if they can add all the slips they'll get the total amount. difficult ?
Sheeesh man damn those fucking friends you trusted Bernard...."ungrateful" comes to mind.I could go on and on...but maybe another time.
sheeeeesh !

Shanghai Fish said...

and as for Rocky....I can safely say I've known him personally longer then most bloggers from both sides and yes we may write differently, but he's still my brother. Yes, I would still march in protest for him. Is anyone planning one ?

Anonymous said...

I verify what shanghai is saying abt Tony but in this case Tony was trying to discredit RPK not zorro.

Tony has not really changed. He was the gofer of rocky; then & even more now.

Methinks he is easily maniupulated which is where he is today; a blogger of another shade on the rocky's side.

What Tony needs to bear in mind is this.

Bloggers like bigdog are RABID rascists & ultra umno-ist

Since Tony chooses to be with ppl like that, there're only 2 reasons.

1. He's benefiting somehow
2. He's being used but he still doesnt get it!

He only has to ask bigdog mano-e-mano; "Do you believe non-malays have as much rights as malays in Malaysia?"

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

This is Syed Akbar Ali. I was actually slotted to be the first Blogger to be charged in Court, on Monday May 5th 2008.

The Police called me the night before Sunday May 4th 2008 and told me to be in Court on Monday May 5th 2008.

I recall I bumped into RPK that nite Sunday (in Bangsar?) May 4th and told him I would be charged in Court. At that time he had not been told that he too would have to appear in Court. This meant I was the first Blogger who was to appear in Court.

My wife and I went to Court on Monday May 5th 2008 with my lawyers Haris Ibrahim, Ashok Kandiah, Mohan Menon, Mansor Saat. Malik Imtiaz also was there.

However after waiting around for hours, I was not charged on that day. Instead they told me to go home.

Then again that nite Monday May 5th 2008, the Police called me yet again and said that I would be charged in Court the next day ie Tuesday May 6th 2008.

That nite the Police informed RPK that he would also be charged in Court on Tuesday May 6th 2008.

So again my wife and I went to court on Tueday morning. Sessions Court Judge Komathy Suppiah set bail at RM5000.

However my lawyer Ashok Kandiah argued for lesser bail of RM3000 which was granted. My wife paid the bail of RM3000.

Later, after RPK was charged the public made donations to help him with his legal expenses. Money was collected in an account. Soon it reached RM50k (I recall) and RPK thanked everyone and told people that was enuf contributions. Later RPK asked his lawyer (sorry bro I cant recall your name) to also 'reimburse' me for my RM3000 bail which was paid by my wife. This I received with thanks.

My legal fees were pro bono by the able and capable Lawyer Ashok Kandiah and Haris Ibrahim. Malik Imtiaz also assisted. My two other brothers in Islam - Mansoor Saat and Mohan Menon (both lawyers) also assisted. Mohan was with me at the Police station - and also one efficient Chinese lady lawyer from the Bar Council's "Task Force". Thank you all.

My case has been "DNAed" (Dismissed Not Amounting to Acquittal) and the RM3000 bail money also returned to me.

I did ask Haris Ibrahim that I wanted to return the RM3000. He just gave me a 'forget it lah' type shake of the head. RPK also has left the country. The RM3k is still with me. Thank you RPK and thank you members of the public who made the contributions.

By the way on January 23, 2009 I was there at the PJ Sessions Court when the 29 'vigilers' were charged in Court including my lawyer Ashok Kandiah. I gave a contribution to Haris Ibrahim for their bail money. People help us, we return the favor. We also dont forget.

Syed Akbar Ali

A Voice said...

Hey zorro ... still here.

Can't disagree with you. We are a strange bunch, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Those MARA lecturers, except other races, could not compete openly in other campuses thus their behaviour. They alway felt short-changed without realizing that they are the ones who had everyone short-changed in the country. when the BTN programme of indoctrination has been carried thus far, these lecturers forgot that they had stopped thinking long time ago. You can just pity the whole Bumi- society that such minds are going to spurt their next few generations [ well they would not go any where until they retire at 60 or more!] to compete with the rest of the whole. If being selfish, I would hope they have such minds to lead them for the next few generations and then we see if 2020 would mean any thing to them. just like the editor of Singapore Berita Harian reminded the Super Ego, don’t ever compare us with you across the Causeway! We can stand and have stood on our two feet and feeling proud of what we can achieve without seeking for clutches from anybody! That is MARUAH of a society! With so many better brains being trained all these years, I am still wondering as to why, those brains still allow such naive, harebrain lectures to be carried out, maybe the population and the general hallmarks of Mara suit such purpose.

zorro said...

Thanks Syed, I probably missed you as I came into court late that particular day.

zorro said...

Really I dont wish that on Tony. I have still a soft spot for him for what he was to me. I rather remember a person's strengths than their weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

while I do not believe you hv kept any of the bail money for yr self, may I suggest some simple accounting explanation?

1. Amt of Money RPK passed to you:
RM xxx

2. Amt used for bails:
x persons x Rm xx = Rm xxx

3. Amt returned to you from bail (if any) = Rm xxx

4. Any other usage: Rm xxx

5. Balance = Rm xxx (incl sums fr item 3 if any)

I advocate this accounting because:
a. those who supported RPK with money will want to know what's happened

b. No more unwarranted accusations fr others

3. In the event any future donation is needed, ppl will be comfortable enuf to know there is accountability

I would also do the following steps if needed:
1. Ask those who donated if they want balance back (if contact possible or you can blog them to contact you)

2. Ask if they agree to other socio-political use of their money

I hope you dont get me wrong.

But I find this may be the best way to cease any doubts in ppl's mind & also to ensure future support when the need arises fr the public

Anonymous said...

Zorro -have some self respect - stop bodek Rocky and Syed - he already mentioned clearly he dont know you lar.
Tak malu ker?? nak bodek lagi

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I feel disappointed with Tony. Can someone just turn like that? He is now not the Tony I thought I knew. Guess he must be getting some kind of benefit sticking with rocky and bigdog. Dont see any comments on his blog so I guess he must be moderating them. I hope he reads this comment here. Tony, it is best for you to be a man of honour and just accept the fact that you made a grave mistake with your posting. The more you say, the more dumb you look. Lose you credibility with those that think you write well :)