Thursday, October 14, 2010


I put this up when Azmin went on a campaign against Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim. I am saying this again: If you are not family, best you disband.....aka fuck off, get out of our face.

No I did not put up a posting yesterday.....I wanted answers from merchant Square about Nurul not qualifying to contest for Deputy President, despite me and Haris (People's Parliament) putting up evidence that three divisions nominated her.

Not a squeak from Merchant Square.....but I spent my time well, off the keyboard. I went for happy hours. Happy hours is where you meet the young vibrant Malaysians who are not yet strapped down with wife and kids to go back to after office hours. Time is theirs to de-stress, to drink their cares away, to curse at their bosses. This is the time they speak the truth. I sat myself at Tom, Dick & Harry...the mecca of youthful exuberance. I just wanted to be with the young, hopefully to sound the depths of our youths psyche. I had to know, because I want Nurul to take on that challenge of being the Deputy President of PKR. PKR was using their machinations to thwart her move in that direction. Somebody, Ralph I later learned, spotted me. To cut a long drawn drinking bout short I was assured that this motley crowd, 6 young men and 4 young ladies were in sync with my quest. They do not belong to any political party but they said they loved Nurul,,,,,kinda like a torchbearer of youth. Before I left for Sid, in the next block I admonished Nisha and Kamurul as they are not registered voters. They promised to go to Pos Office to register tomorrow and show proof, failing which they will pay my bills the next ttime I catch up with then,

Sid's Place had the usual suspects nursing their Guiness. I sat outside. Jackson and wife to be Millicent identified me. Millicent to me: Uncle Zorro, no posting today? I told her why. I was waiting the mater-effers at Merchant Square to give me answers to my queries on Nurul's eligibility, However I came away happy that they loved Nurul and see her as a starry potential.

I left Sid, confident that our youths are aware of Nurul. I had to meet the Admiral and Hawkeye after shower to do some fishing,

But I still wait for an answer from Merchant Square? You think they are up to it? To give us an honest answer as to why Nurul does not qualify when we have given evidence that 3 divisions nominated her. If they cannot come up with a justifiable answer then I say FOff.....go back to UMNO.


wandererAUS said...

Why is it that PKR is such a troublesome party compared to the other two component parties DAP and PAS in the Alliance? Is it because of "old habits" learned from UMNO die hard?
PKR needs change...sooner the better! It is much desired an injection of young blood, fresh faces, new ideas and above all, new directions introduced... only then, we will see a possibility of solving the problems in a sick political party. Sadly to those who dream of change of govt, it is simply a wishful thinking, "So near yet, so far"

Sepetbotol boy said...

You cannot alter the dna of umno that id deeply embeded in PKR fellows.

Face the truth.
Accept the truth.

Why waste your energy, Mr Bernard?

Resistance (to truth) is futile.

Anonymous said...

Yup Zorrow,
Time we tell these motherfu@#$ parasites in PKR a language they understand!
What did we expect, a bunch they took us for a ride with frogs too.When its rojak you know we'll get shit then!
A simple election and they cannot get it rightly organised!The leaders are back biting the new comers who are doing some reforms but those old fucking burners [so called loyal die hard members from the days of reformisi craps] still think they are in Jurrasic age!
Me i have one word for them when election comes! FUCK THEM !!! Good!

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan should be hauled up in Parliament for failing to take swift action against “racist” civil servants.

This is indeed a mockery to the Najib administration’s reform plans.

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question, Zorro, is very simple:
'Someone' did not want her to qualify!!
Then I leave it to you to tell us who the 'someone' is/are.

James G said...

If they can do this to Nurul, trust me, when the time is ripe, they will do the same to PAS and DAP.

Jong said...

Those PKR Jackasses can't even stay united for a 'free and fair' election and they expect us Rakyat/electorates to place our trust in them with our votes?

It has been weeks now and the party leadership top to bottom are exceptionally quiet, why? ...guilty they have been exposed?

baDboyzs said...

I think Mr Zorro, it is best we move on from here and leave Zaid to his own defence.

He is after all a grown-up man & a urggh ! lawyer

zorro said...

baDboyzs....totally agree. We go Nurul, yah?

Anonymous said...

wandererAUS said...
Why is it that PKR is such a troublesome party....?

PKR are UMNO/BN rejects. What else can we expect.

Wan Azizah + Nurul + Zaid vs Anwar + Azmin

Too much nepotism = family feuds

Keep it steady like DAP, LKS+LGE and Karpal + GObind, if too much it lead to family feud!!

baDboyzs said...

Mr Zorro Sir
We wanna catch you soon in TTDI either Sid, TDH, Boathouse or the Pier, soon. Remember team BSG, the only gang who may be able to outdrink you on a sober day? LOL !

zorro said...

baDboyz...I remember team BSG. I dont drink to outdrink anybody...let me just enjoy a good drink with good company, yah?

Habib RAK said...

I trust you will agree that if we make a factual error, we should acknowledge it. I just read the article by YL Chong in Malaysia-Chronicle that the Oct 10 cut off date was clearly published even by Malaysiakini on Sept 5, 2010.

As such, I think we (including me) have jumped the gun. All the same, Nurul is now eligible and lets see if she accepts the challenge.

zorro said...

Habib, I just posted on YLChong.