Thursday, October 7, 2010


I went early to Zaid’s house hoping to chat before the press conference. I found him beside the pool with his leg up on the coffee table, apparently very relaxed. After the usual greetings he asked why I was wearing my shades. I replied that I was in a dark mood as I received word last night that he was going to quit PKR. I took off my shades when he assured me that that was only a thought.

He announced at the PC that he wanted Nurul Izzah to go for the Deputy President post. He would willingly step aside for her.

Many comments came in admonishing me for backing the wrong horse, accusing Zaid of manipulation, of flip flopping.

Think people, think strategy. In chess we call this checkmating the opponent. Who then will be Nurul’s opponent?

I hope Nurul will respond positively and I just pray DSAI will not be too harsh on Nurul unlike the time she declared her backing for Zaid.



Anonymous said...

Zaid idsd a gd choice

Habib RAK said...

The wisdom about rooting for Nurul to be the Deputy is pre-mature at this juncture. No doubt Nurul is impressive and inspiring but lets not over do it at this juncture.

Sang Kancil Guru said...

Well, Zaid has no choice. He's not going to win the PKR Deputy Presidency, but Nurul stands a better chance. It will then Anwar's choice between his daughter and his ahem whatever it is Azmin plays in his life.

Anonymous said...

Still don't get it, do you? Take a step back, take a deep breath, close your eyes and close ears and look at the big picture through the darkness and the silence.

Lao' Cha said...

Let's hope Zaid will put his opponent in zugzwang during the endgame. If he's got a pair of bishops covering the diagonals, he might mate his opponent's pair of trojan knights out of the game.

Your move White Queen Nurul !

Anonymous said...

Brother! just ask him to quit PKR and don't create unnecessary confusion.
Or just say you want to 'bertanding' whatever position and stop all the excuses and cakap berbelit belit.
I am no member of any political parties, but my vote will still with PAKATAN with or without Zahid.
Zahid is no bigger than capturing Putra Jaya. The people want CHANGE.
So, your next trip to Zahid swimming pool home, tell him that please don't play around and speak like UMNO goons. The way he responded is typical. Hendak cakap hendak tak nak cakap taknak. No if this and if that, alim alim kuching ma.... just put them in your Fart Chamber.

Buttercup said...

Thank You Zaid for showing who you really are.
Opportunist of the highest order.
Really pity Zorro and others who worship the wrong horse.
We in UMNO know who you are a long time ago.
Looks like you are re-joining UMNO.
Sorry. I think the door is closed.

msbery said...

Mr Zorro
Looks like this totally unexpected Zaid debacle has inadvertently unmasked, apart from the romantised man himself...but also something sinister about the wannabe Zorro Unmasked, that the famed Fart Chamber is for selective clients - as in only when it suits blogging needs

The real Zorro will never support dubious characters like Zaid. Our Hero would have sniffed him out the day he joined PKR ! Wealthy swimming pool Zaid is where he is today in Tropicana because of his I too am Malay UMNO connections ( aka NEP ) early on before he became big ( just look at his triple chins... and need I say now, extremely arrogant ).

He is , sadly just another one of the uncountable done that has been there UMNOputras, definitely not the principled man that he wanted you and I to believe he is.

zorro fan said...

ayo uncle
pls la.. nanti uncle kecewa nanti.

he is playing zulkifli nordin game.
dont u remember?

he wants to be sacked from pkr.

Anonymous said...

Ala Zorro, with Zaid or without Zaid, PKR and PR is still screwed up. They are not a credible alternative to BN. Just take a look at some of their elected reps and wakil rakyat.

Shahrul said...

Dato Zaid, Just Leave PKR...U will have one less meaningless war / fight. Be ur own man. Ur priority now is how to be a MP in next GE. In the Parliment, thats where u r needed the most. Be an Independent MP, truly a Malaysian MP. who need the political party? We are all Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

What Strategy? Strategy to cause trouble. Zaid is very distractive and grave digger. Syed Husin is my hero. Zaid ibrahim is just another Thief!

mauriyaII said...

If Azmin Ali is what Anwar is rooting for, let him have his way. Only time will tell that he was stupid to bet on the wrong horse. That horse may be good to ride at the moment but the young filly may not tolerate too long an aging stallion riding it without satiating it. The end might just turn up to be another shitfull Saiful drama for Sodomy III.

Jong said...

Those schemers in PKR have gone out of control beyond our imagination!

Whether Zaid drops off the race or resign from PKR today will make no difference. Their dirty politicking will not stop here; any future "zaids" will have to go through the same ring of fire and/or be destroyed - it's happening now right before our very eyes!

PKR president Wan Azizah has lost her steam - directionless, keeping her elegant silence or burying her head in the sand and sees no evil and hear no evil. The truth hurts huh!

Rather than the party be destroyed by those opportunistic junkies, don't give up, PKR needs you Zaid! There's hope, do something to turn the party around - go for No.1! Even if you lose, at least you can tell Malaysians, you tried!

Anonymous said...

Zorro is getting his priority mixed up. Who is the opponent? UMNO/BN or Anwar? You don't need shades to hide your hangover. Be sober, you may see things differently.

Anonymous said...

What do you think will be the real objective with the Zaid's camp? They can't win and they should realise it now.
So isn't it time for some repair work and some face saving?
Stop any further damage which is not good for his image and the Pakatan alliance.
By the way Zaid have only shown that he is a Bull ranting and charging at all in his way - this is his strategy? lol he is looking more like a mad cow.

dollah yankee said...

Nurul Izah for Deputy President?? No lahh uncle, you muct be joking, she too green for the post. If not's because of their relation with Anwar, Nurul and Aziah will be swallowed easyly by many big snakes inside PKR. And if i have to vote, Azmin and Zaid image and credibility no match to Nurul,even Azizah.

Habib RAK said...

You may have already read this piece by Nat... interesting!

Anonymous said...

The suggestion that Nurul should go for Deputy President post by Zaid is so preposterous that I wonder what is his real motive. From the beginning he was against PKR to be a kind of ‘family party’ dominated by Anwar and his family. He is leading Nurul into a trap and I hope Nurul is wise enough to see through this charade.

zorro said...

Yes I am aware and have replied in a posting.

zorro said...

People....lets be clear on one thing. I will always support Pakatan Rakyat and will do what it takes (even my 2 sen)to make this journey with them towards a new Malaysia. i have worked with all 3 parties, but PKR is getting a bit wearisome and worrisome. But we will continue our struggle.

Anonymous said...

What do you all think?

Do you really want to support PKR for the sake of "wanting a change"?

Change from what?
worst to slightly less worst?
or Change from bad to worst?

Personally, the "Zaid" equation is not my quandary in any voting. We just see the "bigger" picture. And the bigger picture is that PKR is looking no better than BN!!

At best: PKR is only a tad less wearisome than BN.

And I expected to see More Humble & Sincere Leaders not "Just as Arrogant" leaders from PKR!!

At the rate PKR is going, I will be putting my vote on an independent now. EVEN if my vote is wasted/defusing/confusing support for PKR!

AND I truly believe I am not alone in thinking like this.

zorro said...


I dont need shades to hide a hangover. If you know me I have a face that reflects a perpetual hangover...mate sepet and all.
Priorities? If PKR doesn't perform to expectations what type of govt. will we have when and if they go to Putrajaya.
I welcome differences in opinions.....but dont lah get personal unless I drink and dine on your bill....even then you have a choice, to pay or not to pay.Cheers yah!

zorro said...

your sentiments are spot on and I share these. Why do you think I whack them? If you only know what is happening! At a meeting with Dr molly cheah, we hope to get some answers for a start.
Lets just get PR, warts and all to Putrajaya, if we can. We put them there and we will kick them out if they do not perform to expectations.....unless we choose the easy way out....dont do anything, lie back relax and let BN days should be over but I want a new Malaysia for our young.

baDboyzs said...

I notice a mellowing of your wild stance vis a vis Zaid, and that is sober and good !

As you have wisely retorted, putting Pakatan in should be the No 1 concern, at least for now. A step at a time. Glad you do not share Haris' 3rd force bulshit !

Unorthodox Zaid ( "gung ho I will survive, yeah yeah" ) has shown some of his unusual true colors - so be it ! We learn everyday - nothing take a backstep, & ZZZipp it as only you can !

sampalee said...

Before,they got there,they will agree to anything,even such strange concpet as voters are the boss.Once they are installed,they can afford to speak honestly.Those silly idealist have help us deceived the masses with their vast popularity and now that we are in power,we can behave as bosses while the rakyat Still THINK they are the boss.To RPK,It is heartening when you speak of the devil as evil,but to give the greater devil a green lane under the deception of people are the boss will undo all the merit you have harvesyed so far.We need all of GOD's given wisdom to deal with politicans that sleep with the devil.
Time is the best Judge and let the posting on this blog archieve all that will come to pass.Even though,I hope to be proven wrong,my inner voice say I AM RIGHT ON.

Anonymous said...

Whether Nurul, Zaid or Azmin gets nominated and elected, it is all through a democratic process never before seen in Malaysia. So why attack them one by one.