Monday, October 11, 2010


This guy declared the election null and void. He is one of the JPP members charged with seeing thru the election process in Hulu Selangor. He made this decision without consulting with the other JPP members present.
AND HE GOT CHAIRED FOR MAKING THAT DECISION. And this is what is happening in PKR.

And I am reliably informed that the Sec. Gen went by his decision, to which Dr Molly Cheah objected. But the other JPP members agreed with the Sec Gen because they did not want to rock the boat! What boat? Paper?


Navi said...

This guy and many other arseholes like him are conducting the divisional elections. No wonder there is so much trouble and problems arising at every cabang. I haven't got over the atrocities I saw in Shah Alam.

Anonymous said...

Brother! he is not wrong as the numbers of the ballot paper exceeded the total numbers of voters as registered on that day. Something not right is going on and don't you think so?.
What was shown in the vd clip is just the announcement but what really happened on the ground is a clear inefficiency of the organization that Hulu is lucky that all was under control.
It benefits no one by pointing fingers and being suspicious, let them get organize and allow the Cabang aspirants to fight it out again as all of them claimed they are leaders that PKR is waiting for.
If all the candidates are true democrats then all of them must sit down acknowledging the result and come out with HULU Solution and tell the Hq politely this is what the HULU people wants. Period or else tell them FU and the PUTRA JAYA will remain as a dream.
Stay away from HULU brother as HULU is bigger than Malacca!!! unless you have stayed there for more than 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Molly Cheah wasn't anywhere around the troubled areas. How did Zorro know what went on in JPP? Molly Cheah, chairman of the committee is the worm.

zorro said...

I earlier checked with her and she admitted that it was one div. she did not visit. Kind of like Murphy's law....anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. If she was there it might not go wrong.
What Molly was against was an arbitarary decision by ONE of many other JPP. Worm?

Jong said...

Termite lah, what else!