Thursday, October 14, 2010


Into my second, last night, at the Fisherman’s Art (Hawkeye) suddenly pooped this question: Did you read you good friend’s posting at Malaysian Chronicle? MC is not on my must read list but I was curious to know who this good friend was? It was then that we got news that Merchant Square announced that Nurul qualified to stand as Deputy President. A few fast shots ensued and I was not interested to know who this good friend of mine was…..not when Desmond plonked a bottle of Cardon Bleu to the delight of all.

Over brunch I googled Malaysian Chronicle and came upon “BLOGGERS FOR NURUL – Who Art Thou” by YLChong, aka Desi as in Desiderata2000… friend, who have always had a cheeky twist to his writings. But this piece was not cheeky….not even tongue-in-cheek. Dang, Desi…you are going places yah….from CPI, to FMT and now MC!

YLChong began thus:

When I received a text message via my HP yesterday reading thus: "Your resonse to BLOGGERS FOR NURUL?" from someone obviously interested in PKR politics, I replied: "Need backgd.4gOod cause, Yes, anytime, YL"

Wow, Desi! I have suddenly become “someone”. I really have no objection to you naming me. You know me. I have always been forward like I said I will not be associated with BUM 3, BUM 4 and the next BUM! And by the way, you have been a PKR member since 2005(?) and you still need background?

Today I traversed blogosphere, and spied one of the campaigners' websites: As the name implies, it's a movement to urge MP for Pantai Nurul Izzah to go for the PKR deputy president's post.

I put your blog in the invitation list and you need not have to spy around….if only you had visited my blog. I know you don’t and that was why I texted you. Movement? You getting morbid old chap?

YL also made these observations:

Two questions swiftly came to mind:

(1) Are these bloggers even card-carrying members in Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

(2) And if Nurul has herself NOT COME OUT OPENLY to say that she's interested in serving as number two highest post in her own party, why are others urging her on?

Whose ruling is this that bloggers must be card-carrying members to support a PKR candidate? None of us on the list (HERE) are card-carrying members of any political party! We will root for her, assist her but cannot vote for her. (btw Nurul and I are in touch regularly.)

You seem to have forgotten the part bloggers played on 308.

And is it a crime to be Nurul’s cheerleaders rather than be ringleaders, no? And how about this from Papa Anwar:

“I have decided not to support or object to any candidate,” he told reporters in Parliament.

The opposition leader said he just wanted the candidate to be true and loyal to the party and its struggle to initiate reforms.

“So please don't bring up the question of me and (Nurul) Izzah,” he said.

Desi signed off with:

What I am afraid of is that non-PKR members, including bloggers, step into a campaign initiated by parties with less than "principled" interests in what is essentially a matter that the PKR party members must decide for themselves. Mercenary campaigners and not well-informed outsiders may just turn out to be caught in a situation not of their own making. Or some bloggers feel they are now ready to play a "king-maker" role?

“parties with less than ‘principled’ interests”

Mercenary campaigners

Not well-informed outsiders

King-maker role

Mr Chong, I will have you know that I initiated this move (or your preferred "movement") without any promptings from anybody. You will have to take my word for this.(HERE)

Dang prissy Desi, you should take up drinking….it clears cobwebs imaginary or otherwise. Cheers old boy!

PS…what’s Yes, anytime, YL. I will check if C Z Jones wants to give you an old time peck! No I will not as you are beginning to sound like that Rais bloke.


TheWhisperer said...

Never like that chap at first sight during Seremban vigil.

What fuck was that for reciting poem during the anti-isa candlelight vigil?

I never bother to know him from the beginning and many times after that.Mainly because he has a repulsive personality..

That's why la, uncle. Must be observant a bit to be able to judge a person through the way they behave and carry themselves.

Don't lose sleep over this asshole.

And if you need something to help you sleep, go to Nat's blog and listen to what he listened to before he goes to bed:))

Hawkeye said...

That's a mighty good one from the Guru.
We are a card carrying member.. Mycard

LibangLibu said...

haha Tuan Zoro,

i like this prisssy prisssy thing!

Ashvin said...

Quote 'What I am afraid of is that non-PKR members, including bloggers, step into a campaign initiated by parties with less than "principled" interests in what is essentially a matter that the PKR party members must decide for themselves.' Unquote.

r u kidding us? you fcuk faces in PKR do not amount to shit without the support of those who selflessly crusade for the cause. Just in case you imbeciles forget, it is the non-PKR members who put you on your pedestal.

WTF Uncle Zorro. I'm not back home, but this surely is beginning to sound like UMNO vs UMNO

Anonymous said...

The main reason why Mamakthir is so vocal about Malay rights, NEP, etc is because he is fearful of Najib dismantling his legacy, and in the process of dismantling his legacy, the can of worms he so carefully nurtured and ensured that it remained unopened would be open for all to see.

KoSong Cafe said...

Well said Zorro!

Since when was there a rule that elections in political parties are the preserve of card-carrying members to comment?

Politicians who are afraid of criticisms should not be in politics.

I am sure if the party is an insignificant one, nobody would bother who wins in the party elections.

PKR happens to be the likely lead party within PR to govern the country if the next GE so permits, so it is everybody's business to know who will win and should win under honourable circumstances. Direct election system is a good move to select the leaders, who hopefully can move on to be PM and DPM of the country.

In case some politicians forget, ultimately, it is the people who vote them into office as MPs and ADUNs. Selection of leaders within a party is one aspect, but they still need to face the voters to test their popularity among the public. They may have the best credentials according to party criteria but can be a failure in the general elections or a by-election. Having said that, I cannot help feeling that I have offended someone like Syed Husin Ali whom I have great respect for. He just did not have the luck to go with elections outside the party. He could have been elected in the last GE when the sentiments were best. Lesser beings have been elected on favourable sentiments alone, or being given safe seats to contest.

For all the cheering by non-members, it is still up to the members to choose, so what is the problem? No confidence in the members' wisdom?

Jong said...

Haha! ..that Azmin Ali's banner woman Malaysia Chronicle/Wong Choon Mei? This is where they practise gutter journalism - twists, spins and turn news they deem fit!

No wonder respectable Malaysiakini don't need the type of reporters around! One MC reader was so disgusted with their twists and esp that woman Wong Choon Mei and he drew attention to here...

I am most surprised by YL Chong's piece, doesn't sound like him at all! Dah kena that woman's poison blowpipe?

liberal said...


its the same,what about pro zaid reporters

Anonymous said...

Past few posting on PKR elections you have been going round the mulberry bush with borrowed speculations and circular attempts to pin down some naughty people from PKR. All these after Zaid joined the race for Deputy President. On hindsight , you should have just enjoyed the inevitable unravelling of the C grade show and the unexpected emerging of the different colors of the x Minister at different times, No ?

X Ray Vision 3

project m said...

You ask most of these migrant from the Philippines in Sabah and they would say they are Muslim and they also have Muslim names. But when they go back to their homeland which is only a few hours by boat, they would turn back to being a Christian AGAIN. They are laughing at us for this Malaysian stupidity. They can come in and go out at any time they like. They also speak the local lingo like they are local.

However during election time they would be highly paid phantom voters for BN, running from one polling station to another in big aircond-buses.

Also, the previous ISA detainees on issuing of MALAYSIAN IDENTITY CARDS to Filipinos have already been discharge with a huge rewards in the form of government contracts.

nstman said...

Zorro, isnt it time for you to train you guns on Umno bastards?
Umno bastards are laughing at us as we implode in the internecine battle among ourselves.

zorro said...


LAUGHTER is never a forced reaction. Its intensity depends on our disposition. UMNO will continue to laugh if PKR continues to make them laugh. I too am trying to stifle the urge to laugh.

shanghaistephen said...

hahaha....Desi is a card-carrying member of PKR and he says parties with less then "principled" interest ? Woeei ! Desi are you speaking for yourself ? That figures huh ...... crap from a man who carries a PKR card and says PKR is less then principled like himself - like he shot himself on his foot..
Desi please learn to keep your mouth shut la. Sheeeeesh...damn you !
And PKR will be shit if not for "non-card" carrying members who voted them in 308.geddit ? UMNO la you and PKR.

Anonymous said...

So long as BN helming the Federal Government, the operating expenditure will forever rises yearly due to an overcapacity in human resource. We need to trim our workforce and increase efficiency in order to stay competitive in a globalised world. The ratio of civil servants (1.27 million) to our population (27 million) is unsustainable. To reduce budget deficit, our government choose to cut development expenditure as we can't hope for the petrol price to reach RM150 per barrel for a second time.

Anonymous said...

Ashvin, Selflessly crusade for a cause? Go n suck your thumb..

40mikemike said...

well azmin ali is the umno mole in PKR!