Monday, October 25, 2010


EARLY this morning I received this dispatch from long-missing-awol HANTU:

Musalim Tajol, Kudat Ketua Cabang was assaulted by Hasnar Ibrahim and his supporters at the airport after Anwar Ibrahim boarded AirAsia. It is believed that Musalim was not supportive of Ansari.

You are all familiar with Pekida and who owns Pekida, I am sure.

I still believe that PKR should opt out of this by-election.

“SAPP is an independent party not aligned to Pakatan or BN. It did not want to come into the Pakatan coalition or go with BN,” Anwar said.

How can SAPP go with BN when they already left BN. And what’s wrong in them being an independent party. Parti Sosialis Malaysia(PSM) is not in the Pakatan coalition and continues to be an independent party. Maybe if they are allowed to go it alone with Pakatan support they might align themselves to Pakatan.

Otherwise, Ketuanan Rakyat, sworn at Kelab Sulaiman is just an empty slogan. PKR could well reflect on Nurul’s question to Perkasa: MALAYSIA OR MALAYSAJA?





Guys, Don't be so sure that muslims would support PBS & hence BN win? It could be Musa Aman's move to bury PBS. Remember what UMNO say about redistribution of seats. I strongly suggest that Zaid must come up strongly in supportive of Ansari. I have already said Zaid must be magninamous. If Azmin sabo Zaid in Hulu Selangor, Zaid Ibrahim must do the christian act....To love the enemy....In ensuring Ansari's win in.....It portrays Zaid a true leader.... Zorro, Isn't that what you want? Now, Zaid must pull ranks on this. No need to harangue Azmin in leading the cause. Zaid pull it through.....The triumph is Zaid's

By looes74 on PKR SHOULD GO IT ALONE? on 10/25/10



Anonymous said...

Who is this fellow standing as PKR candidate in Batu Sapi? Is he a Sabahan? PKR should not contest and leave it to SAPP. I give SAPP 6,000 votes, PKR 4,500 and BN 8,000 .. Wah ! Who win? Think about this ..Primary one students can easily count who win!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I don't agree with the choice of words by Anwar, I don't really trust SAPP. Of course, I am in favouring of DAP fielding Shanty instead. She is clean & more competent.
Anyway, the die has casted. The challenge that I thrown at Zaid is a genuine one. You can say that you don't have much grassroot support. With your reputation, if Zaid can pull this off....Zaid would as well on the way of gaining DP.
Forget about whacking Azmin. His reputation is bad enough

Anonymous said...

Looks like Anwar is pulling a "you are either with us or against us." act. Anon at 5.11pm is stating a realistic outcome. The rakyat loses.

mauriyaII said...

Anwar and Azmin have marginalized Zaid from the very beginning where Sabah is concerned.they want a Malaysaja to be the candidate. They might pull out in favour of SAPP if Yong was not the candidate but another Muslim bumi.

Even if Zaid were to pull his weight it won't be appreciated by Anwar and Azmin who have evolved into Malaysaja PKR leaders.

Zaid might be even accused of sabotaging the election if PKR loses.

Zaid should join the campaign with PAS and DAP to win in Galas.

Anonymous said...

It is good to have that 'fighting' spirit.

For some it is better to fight for the spirit, at the pub.

Anyway, the Sabahans know what they want, and they certainly do not need the Orang Semenanjong to tell them how to govern themselves.


Anonymous said...

Zaid has suffered irreparable damage to his credibility & loyalty to PKR with his intrinsic arrogance towards his present Party colleagues and proud ( & senseless ) defiance of PKR's Utusan Malaysia ban.

His PR where it matters is mediocre. The raison de etre of his high profile resignation from UMNO is now clearer, tho in hindsight he was wrongly admired as a new 1Malaysian Hero.

Maybe naive & docile Malaysians just cannot see it until it is all too late _ as was the rape & plunder of Malaysia by Mahathir for 22 years where he was admired as the Father of Malaysian Development. Tragic !

Anonymous said...

SAPP returning to BN is definitely a possibility here especially if Yong wins.

However I would still rather see SAPP win than scumbag PKR.

Anonymous said...

PKR will not win any seat in coming GE 13 in Sabah with rejected politicians running the PKR in Sabah. This bye election is already a gone case even before it begins. Never see a screwed up party before. Now I've seen one...PKR Sabah. One can already imagine how PKR runs the government if ever elected. Sigh....