Wednesday, October 27, 2010



bumi-non-malay said...

Yong of SAPP is a SCUM ex Sabah CM who is now pretending to be for the Sabah People....but deep down we all know his motive is to be CM again after UMNO stabbed him. He is now wondering why he vacated the seat of CM so soon in that STUPID rotation system....serve him right and hope he get buried in this election.

PKR candidate also Crap...leave Sabah all you PKR and leave Sabah to Sabahans...

BN will win with higher majority and lets hope both PKR and SAPP lose their deposit.

Are these all the LOW QUALITY candidate that Pakatan can field......there are times I wish Anwar will humble himself and stick to Semenanjung.... Then again he is still proud and filled with pride. Time for Bloggers to have their choice of candidate and to support him/her if PKR, DAP, PAS do not want to listen.....Malaysia is stuffed anyway. Meanwhile do your very WORST to disrupt Disrupt UMNO unseen Mat Kilau.....until UMNO is OBLITERATED....

Anonymous said...

Hello bumi-non-malay

Why not asking Najib for the 100-storey building in Sabah?

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to get good & clean politicians nowadays esp in Sabah. What we see are political opportunists & rejects.
Where are the likes of Peter Mojuntin & Chong Tet Vun - the fearless & justice fighter who made sacrifices for the people & were detained several times at Kepayan university prisons by ex CM Mustapha. Despite the tyrannical rule by Mustapha, Federal Government turned blind eye. Mustapha rule was sabotaged by Federal Gov't because of his refusal to give up the State petroleum rights to federal government. KL is only interested in that ONLY.
Sabahans have changed state government twice. And the brave act of PBS led State Government pulling out from BN to join force with Semangat 46 to make a failed attempt to change the Federal Government.
Of course now is difficult due to delineation of constituencies by UMNO to make sure this will not happen again. The situation now may be difficult to change the state government but the people of Sabah can still help to change the Federal Government by voting PR or BN opposition candidates in GE 13. This is even more crucial for Malaysians & the nation.
PR needs to recruit clean & capable candidates now to prepare for GE 13 & avoid taking rejects & opportunists. Does not mean an experienced politician is a capable one. Screen the potential electoral candidates thoroughly New, young & capable candidates with high educational credentials appeal to the voters.
PR, DO the Right Thing & the voters will do the right thing for the Nation!

Yong beware said...

Be careful and think first before you shout 'Sabahan for Sabah'.

Do you know that many so-called Sabahans are not true Sabahans.
They are 'imported' via Project M.