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Stand with Selva: Beaten in front of kids for testifying against cops

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Saturday, October 30 · 10:00am - 12:00pm


Bukit Aman Police HQ, Lake Gardens Entrance

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Nathaniel Tan

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Gunasegaran is a man who died in police detention the same day as Teoh Beng Hock.

Selvachandran, Ravi and Suresh were also detained that day, and in an unprecedented, brave move, they testified against the cops – identifying one policeman as having assaulted Gunasegaran.

Ravi & Suresh have been in detention prior to this. On Monday, the court delivered an open verdict, stating the cause of death was unknown.

That same night, Selvachandran was arrested and beaten in front of his wife and kids.

Please, please come this Saturday morning to show that this is truly unacceptable.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about these things, and seeing you there, standing together with the victim’s families, would really, really help lift my flagging spirits, and help us know we are not alone.


Anonymous said...

For too long M'sians have kept silent on such issues of death in polis custody and it continues.
It is so terribly hurtful to hear about a brave man coming to court to be a witness against the evil policeman who in some ways caused the death of the victim, and see the Coroner ruling in favour of the polis where there were 4 witnesses to the crime and now this brave man is arrested and humiliated in front of his family.
Oh Malaysia , our hearts bleed for you with such Evil people around and having such really stinks to high heaven !
We have to voice our grave concern and stay united against such evil acts against humanity.

tupingera said...

Polis Raja Di Malaysia??

Anonymous said...

Those umnoputras and their running dogs aka PDRM, Judiciary and the AG are despicable animals of the worst kind! They are not really humans but scumbags of the earth! Pigs are better than these moronic so-called human beings!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey brother! Did you read that the Air Force Chief threaten the lawyer!
Very soon everyone will be threaten by all the scumbags!!!
Who is he trying to protect? Hahahahhaha what say the Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia is he not going to threaten the rakyats?
Vote for Change and vote for PAKATAN so that reform can be made in all the nation institution!!!
Air Force stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

No prize for guessing why the police are viewed as thugs. This is also a reflection on the Pm and home minister for being
ultimately responsible.

Anonymous said...

You do have a high % of heroic readers from high heaven who are off topic and yes , none ( =0 ) answered your distress call above other than spit sporadic venom.

Your blog might have thousands of readers but sadly they are all here for free entertainment ( or free cutting edge news ).
No wonder you are disheartened. I would too


zorro said...

You were not there at Bukit Aman, so please shut up. At least a 100 Malaysians of all races were represented at this morning's gathering.
Me disheartened? I think it is you that is disheartened.

You remind me of this advise given some time ago:

Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others WHENever they go (OR LEAVE).

and just remember when tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

SetiaSelalu said...

When Rosa Parks stood her ground and refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in the days of US segregation policy she was all alone against the MIGHT of Institutionalisd racism. Her one defiant act and that of Martin Luther King also changed the course of history.
MaHATEthir's racist Biro Tata Negara program legacy is very much evidenced today.
When Good Men like the 4 witnesess who testify against the police in the Inquest into Gunasegaran's death in custody are beaten and locked up for telling Truth....we are living in the darkest days in our history.
Its even more crucial we stand together united against a Polis State.
Thank God we have Good Men in Pas,Keadilan and even Umno who can see the injustice inflicted on minorites in Malaysia.

bumi-non-malay said...

ha ha ha Anon1231pm

I think you are dishearten, DEMORALISED and Devasteated knowing that you only get a Maximum daily Ration of 2 Packet of $1.50 nasi lemak while your Masters and GODS in UMNO Leadership and their Immediate Beneficiary that are still useful to them gets Banquet of $1800 daily for one meal.

For you to rise to that $1800 level, you will need to spend less time on the computer doing your little rubbish hits on UMNO sites and turun Padang Kalau berani. Come out show your face and enjoy the TASTE!!

Meanwhile on a daily basis a Police, MACC and Cawangan UMNO Car gets punctured tyre, cannot start or cawangan problem with electricity, Phone.....etc.....enjoy the daily disruption.

As for me I enjoy making Malaysia economy Falter until the people are Angry and Hungry and March to your UMNO Masters house and DRAG them out by their hair.....especially Rosmah.....and see IF there is enough Police to protect them.......Making Rakyat Malaysia Angry and Hungry is my Agenda..... Agenda Hapuskan UMNO...Golongan Pegnhina ISLAM terbesar di Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...


Do not be disheartened by BN cybertrooper (Anon1231pm)out to discredit you!

We are behind you to seek justice for rakyat.

Anonymous said...

The memorandum urged the IGP to:

- take stern disciplinary action, including criminal prosecution, against the policemen who allegedly assaulted and arrested Selvach Santhiran;

- stop the unjust practice of arresting and re-arresting under the preventive detention laws;

- respect the rights of the people to unimpeded and free access to lawyers at all times

- support the establishment of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission to function as an independent and external oversight body to investigate complaints about police personnel

- to make the police accountable for their conduct;

- require the police especially those in plainclothes to identify themselves and display their authorisation cards when using their powers; and,

- support human rights education and training programmes, with a view to changing the attitudes and methods of the law enforcement personnel.