Friday, October 8, 2010


GRIMA WORMTONGUE if of course the acknowledged archetypal sycophant, flatterer, liar, and manipulator. Nat was well advised as a guest columnist not to reveal names. Nat put too much flesh and muscle to his skeleton. Brad Dourif would not be too pleased at your mis-potrayal of Grima Wormtongue. HERE

Let’s learn a bit more of who and what makes Grima Wormtongue:

The wise speak only of what they know, Gríma son of Gálmód. A witless worm have you become. Therefore be silent, and keep your forked tongue behind your teeth. I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a serving-man till the lightning falls.

—Gandalf, The Two Towers

See, Théoden, here is a snake! To slay it would be just. But it was not always as it now is. Once it was a man, and it did you service in its fashion.

—Gandalf, The Two Towers

So Nat, does John SCWen fit the bill as Grima? If it does you are safe; if the parallel is not drawn conclusively then how? And then there was this bit:

Bit by bit, GWT insinuated (or insulated?) himself into the top leadership of the party, including Anwar Ibrahim. The most apparent practical changes that were made were when a new set of GWT-aligned people came to occupy key positions in the party secretariat — notably the secretary-general and the newly-created position of communications chief.

Powerful lah, this Grima WormTongue. Some 2 years ago you told me that you had left the secretariat, yes? That could be why you may have been misinformed and thus misjudged who the real GMTs are! But that part about the communications chief and information chief sure is intriguingly comical, no? Cheers Nat.


Anonymous said...

Both Nat and you have your points.

What I'm having difficulty getting a grip on is how does one who was Mahathir's proxy in his heydays, commit insider dealing, got convicted, go into exile and can come back to Malaysia unscathed and then join an opposition party led by someone that Mahathir hates to the bone. Something doesn't gel here.

Sang Kancil Guru said...

I am sure Nat has good intentions.

Do hear him out.

Anonymous said...

Let me recount something a client told me recently. It was about his personal experience. Something that was told to him in his face. Nothing racist really in content but a very true reflection of umnoputra’s mentality and their unbaked and uncooked beliefs.

My client has a number of umnoputra customers. Actually they are now friends. One of them told my friend not too long ago that chinese are smart and very capable. That chinese are prepared to work hard and they make a lot of money. In spite of that, in his opinion “But we malays are better.” And his reason for saying that (brace youself for this one fellas): “Because we just take the money from your pocket.”

50yrs of independence. 40yrs of NEP. 30yrs of affirmative assistance and 20yrs of dr mamak. And that is where we as a nation are, now.

Anonymous said...

that is what they practice all along, just take the $$$ from your pocket and we happily obliged, look at the listed companies and the local mafias syndicate with connection,they're making tons of $$$,this is paradise to them...
here we're debating who to support,who is more worthy and idolized more.. just vote opposition party to power and see how it goes. what we ordinary folks got to lose anyway???