Friday, October 22, 2010


8 years ago a Tamil primary school in Ladang Batu Kawan got burnt down. For the last eight years they have been promised a double story school.

Today 125 pupils study in houses of 4 estate clerks and 2 metal cabins. How much does it cost to give these kids a decent education in conducive environment.

Nothing wrong in concentrating on gifted kids. If given a chance these poor rural kids may be gifted. Can some money from the RM111million set aside for the 1st Woman’s Permata program and a wee few millions out of the RM65 millions to renovate your residence, be used to fit schools in rural areas and in the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak with electricity and water?

How much does it cost to build basic toilets for these schoolchildren, who will eventually contribute to the national economy?

Why STIGMATISED poor rural Malaysian kids?

How can the RM5 billion Warisan Merdeka help to eleviate the abject poverty in rural Semanjung, Sabah and Sarawak?

For more than 50 years roads, schools, transport, hospitals and basic infrastructure like water and power is dismally lacking in Sabah and Sarawak. Our Malaysians across the sea is literally ENSLAVED, left behind whilst we build the longest and tallest whatever in West Malaysia.

I blame the native leaders! They are DEAF to their people’s pleas and DUMB in front of their BN masters. Time for a Castro and a Che Guevara to come down from the hills, yes?

click on images for better understanding.

Yesterday 60,000 Malaysians on Facebook have said NO to the 100 storey tower. It is nearing 100,000 now.*

Today, we hear three clowns defend the tower at the UMNO assembly….they are in fact brown-nosing the PM:

“When the government is able to transfer all this spending to the private sector, it would mean the government saves money, which in turn would go back to the people and help solve the many problems that they face.” (Sure or not clever clown?)

Awang Adek Hussin the deputy Kelantan liaison chief and deputy Finance Minister pointed out that such projects help the people by providing many job opportunities. ( What cockamamie! Indonesians find jobs easier in KL than Sabahans and Sarawakians….I heard at a recent forum.)

“When Putrajaya first came up, they said they would sell it off. Now they are racing to take it over. (This is a shit-head, a certified village idiot who does not understand idioms…..he is BORING!)

DANG, I need to sober up at the Backyard tonight!


There are two pro-tower Facebook pages - the 'Kami Sokong Menara Warisan'with 308 supporters, and 'I See the Benefits of PNB's 100-storey Tower' with 50 supporters, has sprung up seemingly in response.


baDboyzs said...

We feel your extreme anger Sir.

We must ensure another Team enters Putrajaya by the next next Christmas, by hook or by crook

( ~pssst... don't have to be PKR,
PAS & DAP ok )

LibangLibu said...

Tuan Zorro,

tq for the 'white elephant' thing.

haha we should put up a contest, anyone who guess the correct weight of the elephant should be given a penthouse at the Jib's Tower. No?

Anonymous said...

Oh...come on, cheer up! Ye boy at MUFC is staying.

Anonymous said...


Can you please not tell those sad stories? Every time someone talks about the kids who could have got a better education if some crumbs from the BN loot could be used on them, my heart breaks. These kids could easily have been my own. These are Anak Malaysia!

It also makes my blood boils. Can someone translate your story into Malay, print heaps of them and distribute them at PWTC this weekend. Let's see if them UMNO pirates learnt from their religion and have a heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro

I don't make much but am prepare to donate RM100 towards building a decent school for these 125 kids. Is there anyone or any organisation I can trust to do that?

new fart said...

I know I can vomit blood just by listening to these galahs spewing out their cow-dung rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

Facebook protest is more than 100,000 now. Protesting online is the way to go, easier, more water canon etc.

nstman said...

I am sobering up at Tanjong Rambutan Pub and Grille where the beer costs next to nothing and you get free music from heartless Ibhrahim Ali and company.

charleskiwi said...

Now you know one of the reasons why MIC got booted out and will never come back to the political scene. Umno do not care about what is happening as along as Samy is well taken care of.

felicia said...

they tried blocking the Facebook-protest site...but it didnt work! hahaha....and now Rice-Yatim has to 'change mode' coz his son is in trouble....
(ps: i didnt know you went to Backyard too! small world....)

Jong said...

Yeah, when money not spent there’s no money earned!
They insist PNB is financing this super mega project not government but who owns PNB - Melayu, Cina, India? No, its the Rakyat's money from tax-payers like you and I.

If we don't speak up and put a stop to this, those schemers will continue and biz as usual! We must all say:

NO, it’s our money damnit!!

RM5 billion is no small sum. It must be put to better use for the people by the people not for Najib, not UMNO or their cronies!

caravanserai said...

The white elephants
The status symbols of an ego
Spending billions to put a mark on history
The wastage of public money

The rural areas living in shambles
Poor hygiene no electricity
Wells water; pipe water a pipe dream
For many in East Malaysia

Even in estates
Proper schools shouting no where
The running dogs only bark for noises
Then it is all quiet down

The billions go for a only a few
Shouting for quota working hard refusing to do
Taking public funding without a glance
For others let them rants

Is this way “all for one?”
It is just pulling wool over our eyes
The people in the country
Wake up quickly before all are gone

We mustn't allow the pied piper
Whistling songs sinking us into the hollow
It's time for the new dawn of our history
Make the change with absolute certainty!

Anonymous said...

If our mornarchy are prihatin towards rakyat, then they would rather not spent millions for the palace but to divert the money to improve the welfare of the poor rakyat.

The country does not need another record-breaking tall building.

The country needs to fix its problems - its record-high crime rate, its record-high road accident rate, its record-high budget deficit, its record-high illegal immigrants, its record-high toll rates, its record-high car prices, its record-high traffic congestion, its record-high number of people emigrating, its record-high number of unemployed graduates, and most of all - its record-high corruption.

Anonymous said...

Just as expected, SAPP has fielded Yong Teck Lee as candidate. I am not sure which insider give Audie61 info that Yong is gaining ground. Hahaha! If Zaid could lose because one of the factor is that UMNO "assasinate" Zaid Ibrahim. This one is lagi worst.

To refresh your memories. Eat This

Wonderful ammunition for BN to finish off Yong/SAPP if they go on their own. All PR got to do is to fill one local prominent Sabahan. I hope PKR would fill such person.
How about "loaning" Shanty Chong? I heard that BN is filling one ex-SAPP fella Thien....hahaha, my prediction is correct, PBS traditional votes would be splitted...Aiyaa....

Anonymous said...

If for the last 53 years UMNO leaders had not been self-serving and truthfully implemented the NEP to help the poor Malays and non Malays, the 30% equity would have long been achieved and probably too, Malaysia would be on par with Singapore if not better. The rakyat have totally lost confidence in the UMNO-led BN government and we are ready to PR a chance to govern.

When UMNO is supposed to be helping the poor Malays but instead cheated them like in the case of Felda settlers, then it is not surprising that even their Malay supporters in the rural areas are eroding. No doubt they took a long time to wake up from their slumber but it is better late than never.

sampalee said...

It is not just the native leaders,the majority of the current leaders in pkr and dap are worse in that they are munafiq of the highest order.They are not the normal nasty wolves as they learn to moves around in sheep's attire.
Hopefully the third force emerge and together with pas save the nation at the critical moment in history.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Chor Chee Heung has urged house buyers to sign up two-generation housing loans.

He is creating a new instrument for Ah Long to target two generation of victims.

I sigh when BN cannot solve housing woes but create more problems for the poor....

Anonymous said...

30.10.2010 7pm
DAP Kampar "Towards Putrajaya" dinner;
Restaurant Kim Lin, Kampar, Perak;

Speakers: Lim Kit Siang, Nga Kor Ming & Ngeh Koo Ham;

Enq: 05-253 1532

new fart said...

It's bad enough that most people nowadays are slaves to the ever increasing mortgage payments, having to pay off housing loans for up to 20 to 30 years of their working life and now this stupid government is suggesting 2 generations to pay off mortgages. Imagine the amount of interests plus principle over 2 generations and if the value of the property would be worth that much by then. This is an absolutely ludicrous suggestion and it can only come from a flip-flop government. What they should really be doing is to ensure that property prices don't go through the roof as it is happening now by providing more affordable housing to the people. I bet the banks would be laughing all the way to their banks (no punch intended) after hearing this suggestion!

Anonymous said...

After 2-Generation Housing Loan, BN will launch 2-Generation Proton Loan (Proton has qood guality to last 2 generations), 2-Generation Education Loan (i.e the future son will pay for the father after being born), 2-Generation Wedding Loan etc etc...

That's the BN way of multiplier effect.

Anonymous said...

Specialist Yen Yen can proclaim to the world that tourist to Malaysia can see white elephants in KL without having to go to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

A Country is not judged by how many tall buildings it has but how it treats its people and animals.
The wealth of the country DO NOT belong to Umno/Bn but the Rakyat !

Anonymous said...

I want to understand this before I make a decision as to right or wrong.

Who's doing the construction?

If the 5000 job creation means 90% of goes to foreign workers who will remit money out (since we can never find Malaysians at the right price to do anythng)

WHO really stands to gain?

But then the gomen puzzled as to why should the Rakyat care?

After all PNB is a private company, right?

Oh Look! Another pig just flew by!