Sunday, October 31, 2010


If you want justice where do you go?

The police, of course.

If a person is missing who do you go for help?

Our neighborhood police station of course.

If your neighborhood cop cannot help you, where do you go?

If you want to know who abducted selva, who do you go to?

The guardians of the rakyat of course.

If you seek the truth, who do you go to?

The police of course.

Do we trust the police?

We have to of course.

So where should we seek truth and some semblance of hope?

The answers throughout seems to be the POLICE.

They seem to be our only hope, as we do not trust the courts!

Where then, particularly?

To Bukit Aman, the Federal Police HQ, of course.

Will we get answers from Bukit Aman?

If we don’t go to Bukit Aman, we won’t get answers.

So that’s where Boom, Rodi, d’Nightcaller and I joined Nat and close to 100 of caring Malaysians chose to go to yesterday morning.




Anonymous said...

How can you get help from the licensed criminal.

They are the licensed extortionist, robbers, framers, trouble makers, goons of mamak and BN.

If you approach them, they will frame you for a bigger buck or boss instruction.

Do not waste time with these moron, sub-specy lah.

Anonymous said...

better is to get help from 'ghost busters' lagi senang !

Anonymous said...

They have 'up the ante' by arresting Teoh Lee Lan.

Sad day for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

one dead man's widow can stand for election but another dead man's sister CANNOT ask for justice?????

sampalee said...

The root cause to the alarming behaviour[symptoms]of the police are the politicians.Only the Third force with devine intervention can end this state of affairs and to all the believers,the day of our lord is at hand.Take care everybody.

Anonymous said...

And we heard a bitch called Heang Seai Kie got her men to assault the late Teoh Beng Hock brother in law & have the police to arrest his sis...

just becos they went to her for help?

And this bitch is suppose to be the... The women, family and community development deputy minister?

Then FCUK her !!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, police, keep up the good job. Shot ALL those criminals so that no complications like this arise. Not until someone got killed and bailed by the lawyers who can be killer themselves like those Banting lawyers brothers

Anonymous said...

Polis practices selective prosecution according to the wishes of bn.

charleskiwi said...

Please expect this from a quarter cooked Malay Institution ! Surely you can't expect a pig to roar like a lion.

Anonymous said...

The government is losing the plot - badly and rapidly. Malaysians are no longer in awe of the men in uniform, thanks to roadside corruption, and they are willing to stand up when treated nonsensically.

Going to jail or getting arrested is no longer the stigma of what it used to be. In fact, it is more like a rite of passage and badge of honour. It is time for the people in power to wake up or they will lose it.

SetiaSelalu said...

Ultimately its the Home Minister and IGP who are in charge and they should be held responsible for no acting to prevent the torture,beatings and even the terrible result of deaths in custody.
Till today over 1800 people have died in Malay Polis custody. A staggering and truly alarming over 1800 people have died at the hands of PDRM.
Yet no one been prosecuted- no wonder it continues.
Now they can even frame you as in Selvachandran's case-dangerous drugs (??? ) how convenient for BIG BULLY Polis to take revenge
An online signature campaign to STOP the torture,beatings and deaths in Malaysia police custody may be an idea to urge all to MAKE A STAND and come together to demand a change.
We cannot allow one more person to die as to do nothing we are equally guilty as those in power are too busy looting the Nations wealth to want to tackle this problem.
A certain Mamak has a lot to answer as during his 'reign ' the numbers of custody deaths was at its highest.

Anonymous said...

Police should focus their effort in catching criminals. Not to intimidate rakyat!

Anonymous said...

If we cannot go to the police, then let us go to the Triads. Go back to the ancient way.

Mat Benut said...


Nice T-shirt.

Whee to get one?
Got sell at Petaling St or not?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon Nov 2 11:56 AM

Go to Triads is like going to MCA.

MCA is the chief samseng in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Forgot Chua Soil Lek is the chief of MCA gangster. A thousand apologies.

Anonymous said...

Although BN government has closed PI Bala's 'double SD' case, the Altantuya Shaariibuu case is not closed in the rakyat's mind. It will go on and on until justice is truly served. She will continue to haunt all those responsible for her murder, and so will Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, R Gunasegaran, Aminulrasyid Amzah and many others.

The road to Putrajaya is paved with many dead bodies which cry out for retribution for their untimely and violent death. Karma awaits those responsible for them. Remember God cannot be mocked and whatever one sows, he or she will reap.

Anonymous said...

Of late police reports have become bizarre, ridiculous and utterly stupid.

UMNO and Perkasa will lodge a report even when a man bites a dog.
And the police will pounce on the man and hold him in the lock up overnight for interrogation. Of course the man must be from Pakatan or a non-Malay.