Tuesday, October 12, 2010


September 26(malaysiakini)

She said this when asked to comment on the results of the Sabah's Keningau division's AGM last week, that saw her No 2 nomination.

Keningau also nominated Federal Territory PKR chief Zaid Ibrahim for the post of party president.

"The election secretariat informed me of the fact,” Nurul Izzah toldMalaysiakini today.

She will need a second nomination to be eligible for the contest.

And will not this nomination from Semporna and Selangau qualify Nurul to contest.


What directives is the Secretariat receiving and from whom?

Today: (malaysiakini)

According to election administrator Raden Shamsulkamar Raden Shamsudin, all divisions had to officially submit their nominations by last Sunday.

Is that a fact? I was told it was 16October. A directive from the Secretariate? If so let’s have the directive published. Is the Election committee in the loop or have they been sidelined? Now that the President Kak Wan is back she should call for a meeting between the JPP and the Secretariat. We in the alternative media is quite pissed off with what seems to be afoot at Merchant Square?.

Only 160 of the total 205 divisions managed to meet that deadline, with ten divisions failing to hold their annual general meeting and 35 divisions submitting after Oct 10.

None of the 35 divisions which missed the deadline nominated candidates who had not yet qualified, including Nurul Izzah, he said when contacted byMalaysiakini today.

If some of us were given a copy of Semporna nominations, how come Merchant Square did not? Or what we received were fakes? We need to know or we are therefore led to believe that someone is all out to prevent Nurul from contesting for DP?

Dang, something sure is rotten in Merchant Square.


Anonymous said...

PKR is taking their supporters for a ride, but nobody sees it.

Well, if this is a wayang kulit, it is the best show ever put up.

Perhaps it is better to rope in Dr. Lee Chong Meng as a third force to take over the mess. At least it will bury the current confusion and start anew.

Nurul is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, while Anwar seems to 'Leave It To Fate', while holidaying abroad.

Great. Keep the Fighting Spirit going. It's part and parcel of democracy.


James G said...


DOnt let us down.

You have to rise to the challenge!

All your supporters are behind you!

Go Nurul Go!

It's not gonna be easy, in fact it'll be tough.. but that's what makes a GREAT leader!

Anonymous said...


This prolong negative reports about the PKR elections are not helping Pakatan. Another more month of daily reports about dirty tactics in the PKR elections will not go well with the rakyat.

More and more rakyat are getting fed-up about this UMNO-style tactics. At this rate, regardless of who becomes the eventual leaders of PKR, the rakyat would be so pissed off they will make Pakatan pay in the next GE.

Hell, with all this daily dose of negative news about PKR, I wouldn't bother voting for any PKR candidates if this is how dirty their elections can be.

If house-cleaning needs to be done, do it NOW! Otherwise, there will be nothing left of PKR by November

Pak Zawi said...

What hope of fair play can we expect if PKR were to come to power? It seems to be a replication of UMNO culture to me.

zorro said...

Pak Jawi, my fears too. However, we need to act in whatever capacity at our individual disposal. I will continue to search for the strengths that is PKR. Keep the faith Pak Jawi.Alone I am one, with you we are TWO.

Anonymous said...

Re Pak Jawi and your response....that will make two who are hoodwinked and played out...join DAP man!

zorro said...

One thing have have a distaste for are people who shoot blanks. I am NOT a card carrying member of any party. I support Pakatan Rakyat. Have you got a clearer picture now?

Anonymous said...

Precisely the point - Pakatan Rakyat is glued together by AI/PKR...if the glue weakens PR breaks into two. You could join PAS if you like..he he he

Anonymous said...

Brother! what is bothering you? Really, I don't know. Is everything is so rotten now or we need to go for a change unless you want to be under the gerombolan forever.
Nurul should stay out of the no.2 as she is still learning to take care of her household and focus on retaining Lembah Pantai against the coming onslaught and you bet it will be massive.
Though your candidate is Zaid but let me remind you that in politic there is no permanent enemy and friend but interest. Isn't it your interest to change the government? and many Malaysians out there!
Donno brother, might as well start campaigning telling the people vote nobody and let it be!
Baca Don Quixote and Alice in the wonderland lagi bagus. sudah tentu confuse! please la....brother!

Anonymous said...

Think about it.

A "father-mother-daughter" family team at the top position of PKR. This will invite tons of bullets from BN !

Nurul should stand for vice president. She needs time to learn.

Regretfully, Zaid is out. He got himself to blame.

TheYoungOne said...

Surely there are some good guys in the whole of Umno ? I personally know some real good people from that rotten party.

But the thing is..... what's the use of being 'good' when they turn a blind eye to the wrong doings that's happening in that party ? I know for a fact that they were at first discomforted with all the unfairness and later on, downright disgusted with the blatant abuse of power and the wholesale thuggery going on. Yet they stayed on, keeping mum and keeping the heads down to avoid being singled out and accused of being traitorous. What worried them most is to lose all their worldly material wealth gained so swiftly and easily just by being 'one of them'.

So.... if we now see beginning of such Umno traits in PKR, DON'T lets act like those 'good' people by keeping quiet and hope all will turn out well by itself.

Just imagine.... because we want Pakatan to reach Putrajaya so badly, we are willing to close both eyes to all the hooliganism that's going on in PKR and when the 30% perkasa-type in PKR grew into 70% because they were embolden with our see-no-evil, speak-no-evil and refusal to nip the problem in the bud, who are we then to blame when another Umno replaced the old Umno (which incidently also replaced the first Umno,hehe).

So, Mr Zorro sir.... please continue with your see-evil, speak-loudly tirade. This is most welcomed.

Ashvin said...

dear anonymous @ 9:55PM 12/10/10,

have you not heard or read the famous words of Pastor Martin Niemöller? The following are his priceless words of wisdom:

'They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.'

As you say 'Baca Don Quixote and Alice in the wonderland lagi bagus'. Dont you think its about time you and the likes of yourself wake up from your slumber for I can assure you, your perceptions are those that are made in foolish dreams.

Sedarlah kawan dari tidur mu sebelum kamu disedarkan.

baDboyzs said...

It is indeed tragic that Great New Hope Zaid blew everything to shreds & threw the game away when infact he could have used this boiling crisis to his godsend advantage of securing himself voter sympathies and ultimately their votes by highlighting Azmin &/or his cohorts treacheries,such as been relentlessly pursued by Haris & yourself. Instead incoherent probably high on ??? Zaid probably has self destructed by portraying himself as a distorted loose canon only interested in himself & his dubious ideals but not the interests of PKR/Pakatan/and Malaysians at large. This must surely rank as one of the finest Malaysian political puzzzzles and political mishaps of all time. A Hero to Zero kind of thriller & a great pity you were standing too near

Anonymous said...

You don't even understand what people wrote.
Unless you are the Don Quixote or you are deep in the rabbit hole in the Alice in the wonderland or you need a rabbit punch!
Go and read those two books and you know what it is all about.
Then the Gerombolan came for you and by the time you are awake the Gerombolan remain bullying you. It is your choice anyway and look at the bigger picture and it is not that I want you to be Don Quixote or follow the white rabbit in the rabbit hole.
For brother Zorro, gua caya lu la!

rueben G said...

uncle zorro

u r more rational then rpk and harris.

Anonymous said...

Happy that Ibrahim Katak lost his Kelantan datukship. 1 down. 2 more to go before he is datukless.

Anonymous said...

When the leadership seems more interested in focusing on getting Anwar to Putrajaya than what policies to implement and follow?
Is the president president because of leadership qualities and policies stated?
What about the vice-presidents up for elections.
Who has given any indication of which policies they intend to get implemented?
What exactly are the intended policies of all these different candidates?
The only one that has made his stand clear, at least on the judicial front is Zaid when he resigned from UMNO.
Anwar has no clear point on anything, Azmin - who is that???
Nurul has made her clear stand in several issues and seems to be someone willing to follow through.
When those claiming to fight for 'reformasi' and democracy makes a mockery of the same, not much hope.

Anonymous said...

In any organisation, there would always be irregularities? I am not saying that what you have are not substantial proofs. However, we got to admit it's only portion of the big picture. We should stop at seeking for clarification from PKR officials
Furthermore, you & I ain't PKR card carriers? Worst still, who knows it'd be Nurul's decision of rejecting the deputy presidentship....Hehehe ( I am speculating) There are so many dimension to the stories. Perhaps, we should leave this to PKR members

As for third force...I think you should be well aware of what happening in the 60s (Hey, I wasn't born then). Ah so what happen.....Who gone back to power again? sigh.....

zorro said...

I can accept irregularities, mistakes, missteps, but NEVER chicanery from a party whose mission and vision is Reformasi. You said: We should stop at seeking for clarification from PKR officials
Why not? Are they infallible?
Why should we give them a free ride? We need to unravel the big picture and not only a portion, no?

zorro said...

Anon955pm...son I taught those two books as literature. Give me some credit.

Thanks Ashvin....for some we have to spell out everything for them, spoon feed them. I will spank them blue if they want me to change their diapers.

zorro said...


I did not publish your comment because it was foul. I may not agree with Anwar but to lump him with all that is going wrong in PKR is just not fair nor civil. The man still has my respect for bringing PAS and DAP together. That must count for something. Let God judge him but not frail mortals like you and I.

Anonymous said...

Brother! the same book should be taught as literature again. I read it before even entering primary 1.
You spank them blue, I will spank them blue black.
Sorry not that young to be your son! Why give them "bola tanggung"!!! Go ahead and let them rule you forever.
Gua bumiputra apa ada masalah!!!

Anonymous said...

If we really need to judge persons or political parties, lets have full facts first. Sometimes in our quest of acheving certain agenda, we might create unnecessary problems on the other.
It's simply because we are not at the privy of all information. Haven't you noticed that Nurul seek elders' counsel before making further steps? And this happens.
We must unravel all truths at all time. The question is it's beneficial. Are we playing into the hand of a devil advocates?

You have my respect of being upright person seeking for truth & justice. You know what were common about leaders such as Tan Chee Koon & David Marshall....Great leaders.....Yeah, create awareness....but then, where to next?
Of course, I don't mean we should stop our quest for truth. We need to set our priorities

I love to read histories. WWII provided us valuable lessons that we can learn from. Look at the Allies, are they perfect? Bombing of Dresden for instance, necessary? US then could simply shut away from atrocities commited in Europe & China. Russia under Stalin was definitely not perfect. Stalin was murderous as Hitler.
However, our priorities would be the complete destruction of UMNO who has grabbed hold of every single Malaysia for 50 over years. It must end.....I am afraid clamouring for third force would lead to UMNO in ruling the country in perpetuity. Brunei refused to join Malaysia. Singapore kenna kicked out refused to get back into Malaysia again.....

Missteps by us could be even more costlier & deadlier than the on-going problems happenning in PKR.
Anwar was right. Work with Pakatan. Get rid of UMNO. Then we talk what's next

Besides,staying in sidelines, if you are not bankrupt or think you are clean. I suggest you guys join these political parties such as PKR or better still DAP. Personally, I always hope that Zaid should join DAP....hmmm.....
As for these problems, lets adopt a wait & see situation.....

Anonymous said...

So far there's been speculation of unseen hands manipulating PKR internal election admin/ results by foul means as in Nurul's case.

Doesn't the PKR central committee have nothing to say? Are they part of it or similarly conned like you n me ? O dear

Anonymous said...

While the present PKR internal election is wobbling from many highlighted weaknesses here and there, it could be a normal case of inefficiency for first timers or in some, underhand tactics ( little Napoleons ) to get a nominee in at all costs.

It appears then what we have here are 3 teams :

1. "personal" supporters of Zaid's attempt to become deputy president ( a few vocal "top political bloggers" such as RPK, Zorro U, Haris Ibrahim )
2. Azmin's supporters
3. the rest of the overall Pakatan supporters wishing to sink BN/UMNO at all costs.

I belong to the 3rd one.

Are we talking about this 3rd force ? Hooray ! We are ready but we must get the facts right first ! We must hear directly from Nurul & Anwar ! only then we can act

3rd force

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you have respect on Anwar for bringing PAS and DAP together.
I have my respect on Anwar for being able to take PAS for a ride. Look at any by-election, its all the efficient PAS machineries!! What did PKR and DAP do? not much compared to PAS. just tag along and suck the juice.

Anonymous said...

from anonymous. just forget about pr and join the mahathirista party. dr m forever.