Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just came back from a rip-roaring brunch with Hantu II and his 3 burly hunks. It was a lassi-laced lunch, ANIMATED but chatty until I showed them the message I received: Ansari,PKR choice. Marus blew his top. He is Sabahan of course. Expletives came on fast and furious. At this point I did not divulge an sms that Tukar Tuib just sent me.
General consensus: PKR should go it alone in the next GE. (sad yah?) PAS and DAP to join the THIRD FORCEor vice versa but as Pakatan Rakyat. Well, what do you people think?



vengai said...

Yeh, BN sure to win the seat.PKR will tersungkur no matter who is the candidate.
SAPP atikor is that party candidate.Local sentiment might make him win.
So the seat belongs to SAPP or BN after the election.Definately not PKR.

IbnAbdHalim said...

Is that suicide or harakiri?

charis14 said...

There could be a reason for Pakatan to field their candidate. Just like HRP, SAPP is a potential spoiler for the coming General Election, with their 'independent' spirit. If a loss at Batu Sapi is the price to get SAPP to be a team player for the General Election, let it be.

Jong said...

It's pretty boy's Sabah lieutenant as expected - Ansari Abdullah! Let's sit back and watch whether it suicide or harakiri makes no difference to us anymore. Sick and tired of them lah!

Anonymous said...

Brother! apa ini cerita Third Force. Jangan emotional la brother, ini Third Force punya cerita will make you under Najib under wear budget forever!
See the right perspective and get the best out of what happen within this PRK - if you and gang want to go alone go ahead!!!

msbery said...

This election is really a waste of time & resources but nonetheless a valuable barometer as to how Defacto Pakatan Leader Anwar plays his racial card in Sabah & his overall (mis)strategy vis a vis his other (loyal) partners in Pakatan & the now fast wobbling support of the previously Pro Pakatan Bloggers, who has been badly shakened ( irreversibly ? ) over the recent PKR internal mis-elections & the disastrous Zaid Affair

I believe you core Pro Pakatan Bloggers ( and your blue van kakis ) should take a backstep or 2 & see what happens.

Maybe its time to teach Anwar & Azmin a painful lesson before it is too late to save Malaysia. We can still do it with PAS & DAP tho, but you never know if they too turncoat. Such is the tragic Spartan War

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Alaaa...chill la Uncle Zorro... Ini baru by-election... ;P Belum lagi general election, haha. At least Batu Sapi will give us an indication whether those voting opposition would prefer SAPP or PR, then thrash out a better deal come next GE. Apa susah? Hehe. By-elections are always good in terms of indicating how much is the people's support for each party. So yeah, don't be so downhearted by it. We still have Galas to hope about, hehe. Furthermore, I heard that the Chinese voters in Galas were so attached to the late Chek Hashim Sulaima that they actually collected donations to help pay for his medical bill in China, because they want the best practitioners to cure his illness. Unfortunately soon after, he was struck down with colon cancer, which is quite sad... They all know how good a person he was... *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Then you will have UMNO taking back Anwar and PKR rejoins UMNO against the 3rd force !

Really sad huh ?

Unknown said...

The real problem with any party is the leadership.Bn are bad as over the years hopeless and self serving leaders take control and dominate the party.Through manupulation the grass roots members forming the majority are completly sidelined,often ruthlessly.Pkr and dap leaders are following the very same footstep with those from umno.
Pas is spared as Tok Guru stood as vanguard to the spirit of the party's struggle.In dap the ordinary grassroot members are fighting back to revive the original party's spirit of justice,fairness and equality.The cronies of the president are frantically fighting to retain their iron grip.Next month party's election will see the party revived or go the way of the dog.
The third force should proceed based on current need and the co-operation can be sorted out after the clouds settled.

Anonymous said...

Well, the die has casted. I begin to wonder if this is a strategic move by anwar ibrahim. Batu Sapi is a mixed constituency. While folks say that 60% are muslim majority. 20% malay & 40% mixed muslim races including Bajau, Sukau & etc.
From a naked eye, PBS is pretty weakened by the fact that they field a widow instead of an ex-SAPP fella who rejoin PBS. SAPP taiko Yong with mountain of problems going on in Sandakan means what? PBS-SAPP fight would result in a split on votes. Hence, why Anwar wanna put Ansari? Judging from this, I felt that Anwar is playing safe by choosing the devil he knows. Ansari's Azmin man. Azmin was the private secretary of Anwar.

Look at Kota Kinabalu. Perhapsm this is a revelation why Anwar made this decision

Anwar knows that DAP hated SAPP hence Hiew was chosen as Operation chief.

Perhaps, Anwar might pull it off. Anyway, I am not supportive of Ansari as candidate but Azmin would be very careful from now on as his perception not good.

I still prefer DAP's Shanty Chong to go in

Anonymous said...

Looks like all our comments and advise had fallen on deaf ears. Hopefully PKR defeat in Sabah will knock some sense into them. They are going to walk away with their tail between their legs. Personally I'm quite pissed with them and will reconsider my vote for them in the next general election.

Anonymous said...

What do I think? Forget about it! PKR are crooks, we know that. DAP ... I dont trust these dictators.

Only solution? Migrate!

I am leaving next year with my family. Singapore - better security, better pay, quality education for the kids, top class healthcare ... byee Malaysia

Anak Muda Era Baru said...

Losing faith in PKR here.

I think PAS can fill up the areas where PKR used to contest, and PAS should join forces with DAP more fully and with the Third Force.

This is the way to go.

PKR, sayonara....

Anonymous said...

BN will win at Batu Sapi hand down as muslim bumi largely supports BN - the ruling party.
SAPP or PKR will not get much support from muslim bumi.
PKR will get the least votes.
Even SAPP + PKR votes will not beat BN votes. It is not easy to change the minds of muslim in Sabah & Sarawak. Until PR is the Federal Government, there will be little change among muslim bumi in Sabah.

Anonymous said...

TAIKO will win in the Coming GE../like it or not with their slogon- AT ALL COST.

Whatever the result, the cake is theirs.No one can take it from them even it's legally.



Anonymous said...

This by election will test Anwar's mettle as an effective strategist or not. Or at heart that he is racist/beholden to prettyboys(achilles heel?).

The 3rd Force is a stupid clueless idea by some naive knee jerks & you should just stop wasting your time talking about this hallicinatory

PKR may seem to be cocky now but thats reality cos most of them are low grade rejects anyway. You know PKR was never good, just that UMNO was/is badder.

Use your resources to assist DAP-PAS, but not PKR & to hell with this idiotic 3rd Force which is really a trap

Anonymous said...

We keep on hearing about the 3rd Force , as though its the Guardian Angel sent from above to help us clueless Malaysians !

What / Who is is it if not another imposter ? Common Zorro enough of this wishy washy nonsense ! There is a world of a difference between Bloggers & real politicians and you have to choose which one are you.

Armchair Bloggers can and do change allegiance with a tab while on the ground politicians go through the real dirty battle. Give Anwar the benefit of the doubt-he could yet be your most truthful ally

Anonymous said...

If you dare not come up in the open and keep yourself as 3rd force, I think you can syiok sendiri and we voters would not give you any vote.

Unknown said...

God's willing,the third force will be there.It is God's justice and God will empower it.All will be forgiven and healing restored.
It will be heaven on earth.In the midst of goodwill Zorro will be there.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure that muslims would support PBS & hence BN win? It could be Musa Aman's move to bury PBS. Remember what UMNO say about redistribution of seats.
I strongly suggest that Zaid must come up strongly in supportive of Ansari. I have already said Zaid must be magninamous. If Azmin sabo Zaid in Hulu Selangor, Zaid Ibrahim must do the christian act....To love the enemy....In ensuring Ansari's win in.....It portrays Zaid a true leader....

Isn't that what you want? Now, Zaid must pull ranks on this. No need to harangue Azmin in leading the cause. Zaid pull it through.....The triumph is Zaid's

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting strategic battle. Anwar-Azmin-Ansari-Yong-Zaid-BN-Widow-Najib-RPK-Pakatan Bloggers

We await the game changing results with bated breath