Friday, October 15, 2010


Information minister Rais Yatim has a simple and clearcut means of dealing with any blogger who casts aspersions on his character: he can sue for defamation. And if he thinks the courts are ineffectual, it’s also his own fault, for being a member of a government that has failed to improve the administration of justice and which also used the courts as a tool of bullying.

…..Rais Yatim, as a man with a doctoral thesis on constitutional law, should be ashamed of himself for using the law to bully the press


baDboyzs said...

This molehill charade is nothing compared to the mountain bullying of the ever docile Malaysian rakyat at large by the UMNO goons for over half a bountiful century, where as of now even as Najib is gonna speak about the 2011 Budget we are on the verge of national bankruptcy - that will be confirmed soon enough when somebody points us still docile electorate to the empty coffers in Petronas. As they say nothing is impossible in Malaysia Bolih !

Again, as an afterthought we shouldn't waste our time with this Dr Misinfo - Malay Mailer D- grader - both are lousy showmen & bound to create a feeling of utter disgust -
dejavu Sir ?

Anonymous said...

Rocky Bru deserves to be penalised!!!

Anonymous said...

Astro subscribers must now pay 6% service tax courtesy of najib's bajet 2011.

zorro said...

We bloggers may be whacking each other black and blue but when a common enemy bully we instinctively close ranks. Yes we are a very funny breed.

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Rocky Bru sold his 'blogger soul' to Umno for a position in Malay Mail. That's not funny.

Anonymous said...

RPK said:
“Criticising your own country is not the trait of a leader,” said Rais Yatim. Well, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad whacking Umno and its leaders. He even calls Malays cheap who can be bought off with a mere RM200. He also says that Umno has been destroyed and calls upon the Umno members to reject its leaders. Any comments from Rais?

Anonymous said...

Rocky used to be on my list of must-read blogs. Since he became pro-UMNO and took charge of MM, I took him off my list and I no longer follow what he writes.

Sure, everyone has their freedom to write and to blog.

I also believe that it is a core human value to have conscience, know what is wrong against another person and refrain from it regardless of what material and other rewards await.

By changing from anti-Abdullah Badawi/UMNO to pro-UMNO post-Badawi ... knowing full well that UMNO is corrupted to the core and is committing criminal plundering of the nation's coffer and depriving the Ahmads, Ah Chongs and Samys of their right to equal enjoyment of the wealth and resoucers of the country ... that's his right and freedom.

By using his blog and the Malay Mail to continue to mislead the rakyat about UMNO's crime against the country ... that is against conscience.

Now that his UMNO handler is after his skin ... that's a matter between him and his handler.

Would I stand by him? NO!
Would I wish that he is punished by his handler? NO!
Would I close rank and whack his handler? Heck! I have better things to do. Siapa makan cili, dialah yang rasa pedas!

I hope his conscience can let him sleep at night. I hope he can look into the eyes of his children and their children and say I'm not an accessory to the plundering of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see Zorro closes rank with rocky bru just because he is a blogger.

No different from those racists wh support each other just because of skin color.

Anonymous said...

The Service Tax on Pay TV is an easy money for Government. Imagine a monthly subscription of RM100 package, consumers are now subjected to pay RM6 in Service Tax. If Astro have 2 million subscribers, that is whopping RM12 million x 12 months =RM144 million per year in tax revenue.

The Government had tried to implement the same modus operandi to compel sundry shopowners to obtain licenses for selling control items at RM10 per license and was backfired after the association retaliated of intention to boycott in selling them and it was withdrawn at the eleventh hour. Now, the registration is free.

The same apply to credit cardholders who are now have to pay RM50 & RM25 per card for principal & supplementary cards respectively yearly. With the implementation, the cards in circulation drops by 30%. Soon the Government will introduce more such form of taxes as it is less administrative paperwork and consistent revenue growth.

Anonymous said...

PM Najib Razak said the time has come for the BN to spell out its deeds in improving the lot of the people. But the misdeeds after more than 50 years of uninterrupted rule by the Umno-led government are more horrifying:

1) Large numbers of poor Malays (despite 40 years of affirmative action) and poor non-Malays.

2) Massive losses (in billions of ringgit) suffered by the country due to blatant abuse of power in MAS, Port Klang, forex trading, etc.

3) The sorry state of affairs in the judiciary, police, MACC, AG's Chambers, etc, which discourage both FDI and local investment.

4) The RM50 billion out of RM52 billion worth of bumiputera equity that was disposed off for quick profit which has resulted in the 30 percent bumiputera equity being a contentious issue even today. Mind you, the RM50 billion bumi equity is at IPO price and are sold at probably RM80 to RM100 billion, giving immense wealth to the selected few Umno Malays and their cronies.

5) Rampant corruption which has become an incurable disease today.

6) Selected Umno Malays, cronies and family (e.g. Dr Mahathir Mohamad's billionaire son) being so filthy rich while large number of rakyat remain poor.

7) Untold misery to the masses through artificially inflated car prices due to the protection of Proton.

8) Harassment of opposition and peaceful dissent by the authorities (e.g. police, MACC, etc)

9) The blatant abuse of Article 153

10) Lop-sided agreements with independent power producers and toll operators, etc. increasing the cost of living for the rakyat.