Sunday, October 3, 2010


HANTU IV distracted me whilst I watching the tail-end of the foursome. He asked me about the list of eligible voters. I told him that the list of eligible voters in each division IS made available to contesting candidates. "That I know. But some names are missing on voting day", he fired back at me. I cut him short by assuring him that I would find out......US leading Europe 6-4......


Like what's happening HERE


Teemewee said...


Did you watch the Astro AEC (ch301) cuurent affairs program News Talk last nite Sat 11pm?

Catch the repeat at 12 noon Sunday to catch the interview (in English) of the Mr Z and Mr A who are fighting for that PKR post.

Anonymous said...

Brother! there are too many discrepancies at the moment. It only shows of poor foresight in term of planning and definitely lacking in the organizing skill especially at the Cabang around the country. All these have led to some chaotic situation.
My take is that the idea of 1 vote for 1 person is definitely good but did anybody make a proper study of how to implement it? nay...
Standard la orang Malaysia mostly cakap tak serupa bikin. And bear in mind that politic is about resources and when you are short of that, the present scenario and situation is the outcome. The American say it SNAFU-Situation Normal All Fuck UP.
SO USA is not going to lead when the game continue today. Hahahaha Tiger can't find the hole in Celtic Manor so does Zahid knows what he is doing? Or He found the hole in PKR? The missing name... what do you expect when thousands applied to join the party and with little resources to handle it then biasa la... bet you there are many application forms at the Merchant Square that is nothing done. Suggest the PKR Square need volunteers. Volunteers heh... no money.

wong said...

uncle zorro .i feel conned by pkr ! these are no different from umno..when couples are poor they stay united when they become rich thsy start to have wild ideas chinese saying.uncle? what if you are wrong this time on supporting pkr?

Unknown said...

hey wong,
If uncle zorro is wrong this time in supporting pkr we cut off his balls and send it to the virgin to make omelette :-)

Unknown said...

Wong, uncle zorro is right in supporting pkr. We cannot be supporting the evil and corrupt umno right? The people will be united with Pakatan Rakyat when the time comes. And we all need to be united as one.

zorro said...

Wong, one bird don't make a summer.And moreover, I am not forcing anyone to support Pakatan.

Hawkeye.....omelette is passe...scramble eggs better.

Hashyim said...

I think from now on all Muslims in Malaysia will have to pay the full hotel rate at Genting Highlands without any discount as the discount is made possible by the duit haram generated from the profit in casino.

Jong said...

RIGHT, I sokong! Well thought suggestion.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from Street Fighters?
You must be Joking if you are Surprised and Disappointed!!!

Anonymous said...

I expect that the opposition will do well in the next GE even if Anwar is jailed for the sodomy charges – in fact his conviction will prove to voters how screwed-up our systems have become.

More Malaysians now realise it is up to them to CHANGE the BN regime as it cannot change its rent-seeking policies.

The only political uncertainty I can see is the few months after the BN is voted out, there will be extremist elements trying to disturb the peace and the operations of the new government and not quite sure how the Police and the Armed Forces will deal with the new political realities.

Anonymous said...

BTN deputy director Hamim Husain accompanied by the Perkasa youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah, recited the al-Fatihah and prayed for Muslim unity outside the Sentul district police station.

Hamim has added salt to injury and compounded his utter contempt for Prime Minister Najib’s 1Malaysia concept.

Is the BTN committed to Muslim unity or the 1Malaysia and Malaysian unity?

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Nazri, you say BTN does not promote racism because it has no modules promoting racism. Can I ask you some stupid questions?

1. Do you have self-talking modules?
2. If your answer is "no", does BTN employ people?
3. If your answer is "yes", are none, or some, or all of them racist?
4. If your answer is "some", is BTN, or the PM, or you, or nobody, accountable?
6. If your answer is "nobody", I have no further stupid questions.

Bolehland has casinos that don't promote gambling, bars that don't promote alcohol, and BTN that doesn't promote racism.

The fact that no action would probably taken agaisnt Hamim or BTN demonstrates the political reality of M'sia today and the dying of the Malaysian idealism.

Anonymous said...

The NEP was devised as the method by which financial status and occupations would not be factors that delineated the various races in Malaysia as the economic gap was considered one major factor for the May13 riots for which we have never had an official open inquiry to find the culprits.

However the UMNO elites realised early on that the NEP gave them unbridled access to unlimited wealth and BN cronies became engrossed with how to get more from the system.

In the process, even vital bodies like the Judiciary and PDRM became collateral damage in the quest for power.

Now that is one reason why Malay first has become the mantra for some leaders.

We can purge Malaysia of such parasites in the next elections or the nation will never recover.

pinsysu said...

if only PKR functions like the europa team ... great sportmanship great team spirit great support ... get over the missed putts & grind to the last hole! focus on the big picture - putrajaya rydercup!!!

Anonymous said...

If the MRT project is awarded to Gamuda-MMC without any public tender, it will be a repeat of the North South Highway project where the entire project was awarded to UEM although there were more qualified companies who even bidded at a lower price.

Similar "negotiated" projects that used up Billions of taxpayers' money followed such as the PUTRA LRT and the Star LRT. Even worse was that the Govt through Sykt Pasarana Negara had to "nationalized" both LRTs from the builder/operator using billions of ringgit of public funds which could have been better used for the country's economic development.

The rakyat must opposed the continuation of negotiated major projects and demand for public tenders to be conducted for such projects. The country is running huge budget deficit and our debt to GDP is even higher than Indonesia. There is no way we can afford another North South Highway type of "splurging".