Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Farish Noor I have great admiration for. Reading his flawlessly researched pieces has always been an intellectual treat. Today he drew an unlikely analogy in reference to Zaid Ibrahim’s interview in Utusan Malaysia. He compared the interview to the tiresome, chick-flicks and chick-pulp that is “The Desperate Housewives” (HERE)

I too have admired Zaid, albeit from a distance for many years until 2007 when we were both panel speakers at a forum together with Malik Imtiaz. He was then still in UMNO …..kind of like going into the Lion’s Den too, yes? But I liked him from the start, this unassuming, yes soft-spoken self-made man with the biggest law-firm in the country.

Farish said: allow me to remark on a rather silly thing done recently by at least one politician, Zaid Ibrahim.

Farish was referring to Zaid’s interview with Utusan. Silly? Or probably foolhardy. Zaid never minces his words. He says it as it is. He does not have to patronize anyone. He is who he is. This man’s aspirations is not to be PM. He just wants to make it such that the passage to Putrajaya must involve a clean slate…..the rakyat will only accept a party that will alleviate them from half a century of mismanagement. Zaid knows that he has the will and the expertise to assist in this. He pleads just for this. He steps on toes maybe, but it is more to awaken than to irritate. If he does not get this support from the party he chose, what else can he do? I just wonder. I worry for PKR. I worry about our collective effort towards a better Malaysia. I dread to think that the party that accepted Zaid and was able to bring PAS and DAP to be bedfellows will be the party to sabotage our passage to Putrajaya. I dread to think of this.

Dang I feel shitty and that is not the mood I want to be in to congratulate my former student Mohan on the opening of his BROTZEIT outlet at Mid Valley.


Anonymous said...

Brother! it is common sense! How can you allow such as Utusan Malaysia a field day, knowingly what the paper will do to the party. Spin and lies!
Yes, Putrajaya is the target and there are many obstacles but donot crate another and giving your enemy to whack you. Utusan is well spread out and read by Malays. With the lies and the spinning then, you don't need an enemy, we might as well close shop.
COMMON SENSE! Like this Sun tzu "Know your enemy and know your friend... but for this maverick, he likes Niccolli Michieaveli, "in politic, there is no permanent enemies or friends but interest" so Utusan is used as his tool but for what? interest! party or sendiri!
Just trying to see it through a bit of my common sense. GOOD MORNING MALAYSIA and please read on LKY farewell speech for his wife-true or not nobody knows, dead man tells no tales- it is common sense! Singapore gets the water forever. Our politicians need to be smart as LKY wife don't be like the Malaysians' big mama only interested to be in glamor and no common sense but plenty of Euros and USD enough shopping for the lifetime and the rest can go to hell.
So, itu sahaja la brother. Time to watch Desperate housewives!!!

baDboyzs said...

There are many good men who suffer from moments of indiscretion or lapses whence the devil sneaks in landing the killer blow.
Chaismatic Anwar has fatal problems with close 'aides' while Zaid is not a good politician.He doesn't know how to flex with the wind. He is mistake prone. He will soon be history, as will soon also PKR

sampalee said...

Zaid should have joined Pas.The leaders in pkr and dap are munafiqs of the highest order.They put bn to shame.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed too with PKR and the worst when Anwar's blog posted Farish Noor article. Looks to me they are trying to slay Zaid.

Looks very obvious Anwar is protecting and elevating Azmin.

We smell shit too...

PKR is forcing us to support BN.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro
i have said it before and i will say it again. Only time will tell whether we chose the right person to be our leaders. Those who are disappointed with PKR or DSAI or Azmin or whomever, they are free to choose whether to support the party or pledge their support to BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC etc.
PKR and Pakatan is a 'young' party and hence need time to shape and mold the mind of its members.
When Zaid left UMNO and join PKR he did say that he is not interested in any position and would help PKR in their struggle. But why the change of heart now?
If he truly has issues to raise, why not bring it up to PKR top leaders? Cant he sit down and discuss issues with PKR leaders. Why go to town and was your dirty linen on Utusan's platform?
My question to you my dear uncle, is this - if it is some other person from BN who did this, he for sure would end up in your infamous fart chamber, right?
Why the double standard.
Just for the records, i'm not fan of Azmin but at the least he toes the party line and in politics, that's considered understanding the struggle....


Anonymous said...

Ustaz Ann Wan Seng, a Buddhist-turned-Muslim and currently a national council member of the Muslim Welfare Organisation of Malaysia (Perkim) is an example why Islamophobia exists in Malaysia.

new fart said...

I guess honest politicians just don't survive in the dirty waters of Malaysian politics! It will take years to change the mindset of this country's people, if not centuries! Good Luck!

Jong said...

Yeah, "moments of indescretion or lapses..."

- it rings the bell loud and clear! A classic case of Anwar's 16 September take over of the Federal govt! ..and his chosen monkeys how pretentious, making convenient R&R trip to Taiwan under pretext of collecting signatures of would-be BN kataks-to-be?

Name me one(1) from PKR camp who is of any match to Zaid Ibrahim other than Anwar? ...None!!!!
What they have today is a bunch of insecured threatened by Zaid's aura -clearly Azmin Ali one of them!

Azmin Ali is one fine case of a very insecured who keeps reminding PKR members of his links to Anwar family - quote: "the decades of closeness between our families" and that he had been through storms with them the past decade, and how he single-handedly organised Nurul Izzah's wedding. ..oh, BIG deal!

Who is he(Azmin), other than a loyal faithful Anwar side-kick, what has he got?
Does that make him the best leader or for that matter the best candidate for the Deputy President post or someone capable of pitting one against the other within one's own party, mess everyone's shine just to project himself?

Zaid's different, he is viewed as someone forward looking, confident, able to articulate policies and strike out new directions. He is brave to want to move/change things for the better, in best interest of nation and Rakyat.

I find Azmin's repeated press statement in media very odd and disturbing. In ref to Zaid's "nyanyu or nyanyuk" description of Dr Syed Husin Ali, the outgoing Deputy President of PKR, Azmin said:

"'s not fair for someone VERY NEW in party, making remarks against other leaders".

What is Azmin's problem, what's his point? - that no member must criticise a senior leader as in Dr Syed Husin who certainly failed to conduct himself expected of an out-going Deputy President who should have just shut up and stay neutral!

Dr Syed Husin certainly merepek, belittled and ran down a fellow comrade! Should Zaid give the other cheek?

Anonymous said...

To cut it short, we all suppiort Zaid and Nurul for VP irrespective. In fact, both should work together for the good of PKR. jUST WATCH YOUR BACKS FOR TRAITORS/OPPRTUNISTS/UMNO SPIES etc.... Just look at the current happenings, Anwar aide got bought over, DAP problems in Perak, PKR polls issues etc..all happened together. What a coincidence la!!!
Someones from UMNO/BN are definitely behind all these.

New Malaysia said...

Uncle zorro, you and your friends have supported the wrong horse. Are you people MAN enough to come out to admit that you have erred.

You can't always be right and sometimes you will be used to contribute to the wrong cause. Be very careful.

Zaid Ibrahim is not a leader and have proven that he is not interested. He is just out to whack and run down Keadilan and Pakatan and he is doing it in a very clever way.

Showing all the signs of a Trojan but you will not see it. A great Trojan will not be easy to be detected and will create confusion.

If you people believe in a New Malaysia, you will see that there is today an alternative in Pakatan and should work to help Pakatan which is already under attack by UMNO doing all kinds of things you can never think of to harass and disrupt P.Rakyat.

But you people could not see and fall into their trap and that is chasing out voters. You are not contributing to win votes for the next GE13.

If a candidate who is out to WIN any election will be out to woo votes and Zaid is just sitting pretty at home and not doing anything. Action speaks louder than words ZZZaid is just causing havoc and his action will tell you that he is not interested in winning the Deputy President but just out to create mistrust to PR.

I and my friends have higfh respect of you and Haris but we think this time you have been hoodwink by a very clever person out to spoil the soup just before the election.

Listen to Farish Noor and Azmi Sharom, they speak as they see it.

Honestly, We don't trust Zaid.

kampung malay said...

after reading zaid latest press conference today.with the nurul and utusan and rahimi.

he sounds like zul nordin,i gave up with him.

i was his supporter until today

Anonymous said...

You bastards are even trying to ridicule a true Hero who had sacrificed for people and country! You are putting down Dr Syed Husin who had gone to jail for you! Ask Zaid to first go to Jail for ISA than maybe we will listen to him and only maybe. Disrectful bastard who has suceeded in dividing the Civil Society and the bloggers. umno will surely win come GE13 thanks to Zaid Ibrahim.