Monday, January 9, 2012


Last night before hitting the pillow, with alarm set at 5:00am I wrote on my FB:

Me: Congratulations Datuk Ariff. DAP deserves you.
Datuk: Thanks Zorro.
Me: I am available to be of help in any way possible.
Datuk: Thanks. I will be mindful of that.DAP may field me in ____ or somewhere....
Me: Xcellent Sir.

Things looking up....Hasan booted out and scurrying to religious scholars for solace.
Karpal is confident of an acquittal.
Guan Eng said in their convention: Anwar as PM in our out.
MU won although they did not deserve to against 10 men.
We leave tomorrow to the Almighty.



My first experience was on June 14, 1970, when Karen after more than 24 hours of labor, delivered our first child Patrina.

My second experience was on January 16 1978. After 7 months in hospital, Karen gave us Kevin.

This is my third experience…..what transpired at the KL High Court this morning.



….but then again, there is that inevitable appeal by 14 days….


Antares said...

Elation is the frequency of pure unmitigated joy without which we cannot gain Elevation in Consciousness! 901 has not only given Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat a massive energy boost... but Zabidin Mohd Diah has returned from the gates of hell to rejoin the world of decent humans. He can now write his memoirs and it will surely be a best-seller.

Anonymous said...

I think Zabidin changed his mind at the eleventh hour either through divine intervention or orders from the top. That is why his judgement compared to the one he made when calling for defence was a short one.

I hope it is through divine intervention so that he could lead his personal life and assume his judicial carreer with a clean conscience w/o the baggage that Augustine paul and Ariffin jaka carried for the rest of their life and into Hell,

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to be elated in the very first place. Justice is meant to be blind and dispensed accordingly. What transpired in the High Court was just a mere reflection of what should have been a long time ago since 1988.

And we are now supposed to be grateful and withdraw all allegations that the Malaysian Judiciary is truly independant?

Far from it. This verdict is only the beginning sign of a long drawn-out battle. The war is yet to start with GE13. That's when the winners and losers are counted. Are we all ready for ABU?


Pak Oncu said...

Bro Zorro .. terbaik...

casper c said...

One cursory glance, Anwar behind bars is more a threat than one Anwar roaming free - my post 901 take.

Then again, the evidence presented never stood a chance as it had no legs to begin with. I gather all's well in the Anwar household, perhaps a nice family dinner without overhanging dark clouds.

A celebration is in order, one with proper fireworks and not the amateurish incendiary device - reports have it as blank grenades or 'meriam buluh' to some device triggered by a timer - placed under police cone, just so to deny Anwar addressing crowd enmass since dawn !

Also, hats off to the sinister beings behind the bomb scare, casting UMNO in damaging light - the lot of you responsible are truly first rate BODOH'S.

Verdict rendered may have won Najib a few friends but the three little devices going off intermittently only serves to prove aspersions on UMNO, no matter claims of denial.

Also, those ignorant to UMNO's hidden hand would now at least pay heed and take notice the bad faith associated with UMNO.

Hats off once again to the BODOH's for this morning's entertainment - creating a scare, causing minor damage to a few park cars and for landing two gentlemen into emergency admission to the doctor's.

Anonymous said...

you felt elated because you won some quickie drips fr jack daniel or because art of ego RPK was dead wrong?

or because you are just a decent retired schol teacher who can't stand bullies & humbugs ? If so I salute you

Bedul said...

Glad you are safe, Uncle. All in one piece.
Enjoy your orgasm while it lasted.
Saiful is filing an appeal. Anwar is still not safe yet.

Anonymous said...

See Zorro!

I was right.

The judge couldn't sleep all night, had diarrhea because of the pressure.

It's one thing to be pressured by the powers that be to find anwar guilty notwithstanding mountains of evidence to the contrary.

It is another to feel your conscience and soul being tortured because it defies your believes and professional training as a person who is entrusted to uphold the laws of the land.

Looks like conscience prevailed!


bruno said...

Zorro,that is the way to go.Datuk Ariff is a good man who deserves to be in a multi racial party like the DAP.He will be among one of the new crop of MP's from the DAP.

Anonymous said...

Someone is really pissed off ... he is probably out drinking all night ... not in public view of course.

Why? Well, he saw his chance to be numero uno of PKR go down the drain right before his eyes this morning ... so near, yet so far ... Last night, he was even dreaming of becoming PM because people said Razaleigh could be a PM.

Azmin 'Brutus' Ali will have to go to Plan B now ... watch the space ...

Jong said...

At least the Judge Zabidin Mohd Diah can sleep well tonight!

bumi-non-malay said...

This is UMNO long term game.........First Scam the people that the Justice is all good before election.....After Election, Justice is like those Corrupt country...all Powers are used to stop Barisan Rakyat from taking power....Police, sultan/agong, army... judiciary.....etc...what use 4 months joy and another 5 years more + 53 years of UMNO again after election....= 58 years of UMNO to make Malaysia TRULY Bankrupt and slaves to sure as Sun rises, things will Go UP in Price....Barang Naik due to DEFICIT of $500 Billion....moving to Trillion$$$$ because UMNO still in power for 58 years.....

Cat Zeta Jones Loves Zorro said...

Patrina & kevin should be very proud of you, Uncle Zorro.
Keep the momentum.
Also beware of katak around you.
All the best & Happy Lunar New Year.

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

So BN can go to town and scream that the Malaysian judiciary is free?

Nah! Have a re-trail for the Altantuya case to be presided by eminent judges from the British Commonwealth?

Because, this Sodomy 2 case was so badly engineered, the prosecution couldn't get their evidence rightly done!

Next act. Mat Sabu case. Let's wait and see.

Bangsat Nasional said...

Paul and Arifin are burning eternally in Hell... someone is afrad, very afraid!

Jong said...

I'm sure most of us were pleasantly surprised by the verdict we had hoped for and truly glad for him and his family that he is now a free man physically and psychologically.

If you will agree, the biggest ;casualty of the day' must be
RPK who is now left standing all alone high and dry, lost everything he stood for, no?

Anonymous said...

Methink this is UMNO's strategy. Let Anwar go on Sodomy 2 after 3 years of hell. He had hell for that period anyway.

Next they will charge him on Sex Video 1 ... even RPK is being setup to corroborate the story. This will go on for another 3 years while UMNO plan for the next one.

Anonymous said...

The court let him free on technicalities, just like sodomy 1. But the court did not reject the event (otherwise it would have been thrown out two years back).

Conspiracy? Maybe they forgot to include the most important person - the judge.

Damage has been done. No Alibi, No Sumpah and most important of all, Anwar chose to stand on the Accused Box instead of speaking under oath in the witness box.

That is where the rakyat judged him.

The judge could have easily put him in jail, but I have to agree with Anwar - the judiciary is still not independent despite freeing anwar. The court decision was influenced. In other cases, say rape, with the same evidence, I don't the rapist will walk free. The court reasonings on DNA was subjective. It can be disputed.

So what influenced the court? 901? Najib?
Or even threats from Anwar? Unlikely, as Anwar was confident going to Jail.
Only the judge knows.

I was at the court vicinity that morning. Lots of people and looking at them, they are mostly prepared to make trouble. No doubt.

Anyway, I think the court wins, Umno wins too, because Anwar already lost.
Anwar came in droves and got surprised.
No one to accused and shout at.
Elated maybe but more of an anti-climax.

Anonymous said...


I cannot help but wonder why the police and hasan ali have so much to say about Azmin Ali????

IMO, the attacks were meant to cover his dubious tracks awaiting the right time.

I could be wrong but judging from that I think Azmin Ali could also be a mole.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

I can see that you have BN cybertroopers posting comments to create suspicion within the ranks of
Pakatan Rakyat and more specifically, PKR.

These fellas don't give up, do they?

Phua Kai Lit

zorro said...

KL Phua....cyber troopers? I thought thethey were cyber creeps.

Anonymous said...

14 days later then see lah !

Anonymous said...

Anwar is not out of the woods yet, this you can be sure as the kingpins in UMNO would not let Anwar loose at all costs as the next GE is the mother of all GEs!

I think Sak (AK47) has read the play correctly.
Act 1 : UMNO will first sacrifice the first move to its advantage – fooling the masses, the opposition parties and international observers into saying (& thinking) that Malaysia’s judiciary is independent and not a tool of the UMNO government.

Act 2: The judiciary will then put Anwar behind bars over the Video grabs provided by Datuk T gang . Now the masses, the opposition parties and international observers can’t say that the judiciary is not independent!!!

PM will say that it is not fair to blame the judiaciary /Gomen when judgement goes against Anwar(opposition) in the second case because in the earlier Saiful case the whole world was saying that the Malaysian judiaciary is truly independent of the executive.

Now you can see where the gmoen is coming from to lull you silly masses into thinking that the judiaciary is independent and fair !!!
Just be patient and strap on your safety belts as the real fireworks will now begin !

Anonymous said...

This would have never happened under Mamak Kutty. He would have sent the case to Anthony Paul or some other judge cognisant of "the national interest". But you are happy, Anwar is happy, Saiful has 6million reasons to be happy. His future is also rosy, mah?. The adult video industry will be very interested in abilities overseas.

It is Truly Malaysia, as they say.

RVP said...

Uncle Zorro
I think your pal (or may be ex-pal) RPK is losing fans as day goes by.
The lesson I learnt now is to be extra careful with people seperjuangan. They can turn around and stab you.
Agree ?

zorro said...

RVP....that is not important now. Lets work on personality involved...just a rakyat's cause.

Anonymous said...

almost everybody thought that anwar will go to jail. nobody expect that the court judgement will be favorable to anwar. but why such judgement was made? read an alternative analysis on why such unexpected judgement was given at:

Anonymous said...

UMNO has shown that corruption, cronyism, greed and misuse of funds is too deeply entrenched in their dealings.

UMNO is showing such tolerance for their own, Shahrizat is acting like she has not done anything wrong. She betrays such thick skin, almost like, "this is normal, what is the problem?"

This sense of being beyond the law has permeated into PDRM and other government agencies.

We are much more intolerant of petty theft by ordinary Malaysians, how is it we condone such looting by UMNO?

Why is it that so many Malaysians continue to vote for UMNO/BN?

Isn't it time that we give Pakatan a chance to rule this most beautiful country Malaysia - and bring cheap UMNO/BN thieves to justice? Isn't it time we clean up the country for the sake of future generations?