Thursday, January 12, 2012


“If a member (UMNO) commits an offence, he won't be expelled out of hand. No disciplinary action will be taken without giving him a chance to defend himself," Muhyiddin told a press conference in Putrajaya today.

"Since PAS has its own system of absolute power, it does what it did to Hasan Ali. See how Umno is more considerate, compared to others?"

Of course UMNO is very CONSIDERATE.

Isa is not allowed to stand for UMNO elections because of money politics and yet UMNO allows him on February 2011 to be Chairman of Felda after marrying Bibi, Rosmah’s relative/close friend in April 10 2010?

One cheeky Tambi allegedly committed statutory rape but through UMNO’s magnanimity is now Chairman of Risda.

Then the other guy with more than one Mohamad to his name, a former headmaster who could not understand English in an Australian airport, is rumored to be Chairman of some Health Scheme!

Notice that Moo, formerly MB of Johor is sympathetic to all disgraced MBs and now favoring and overly sympathetic towards an aspiring PAS MB of Selangor. Crows of a feather sure flock together.

And what has resulted from BEING SO CONSIDERATE?


(Here is a list I read somewhere recently:

1. PKFZ RM12bill

2. Submarine RM500mil

3. Sime Darby RM964mil

4. Paya Indah Westland RM88mil

5. Posmalaysia (transmile) RM230mil lost

6. Eurocopter deal RM1bil waste?

7. Terengganu Stadium Collapsed RM292mil

8. MRR2 repair cost RM70mil

9. Maybank Overpay for BII RM4bil

10. Tourism - NYY kickback RM10mil

11. 3 paintings bought by MAS - RM 1.5M

12. Overpayment by Sport Ministry -RM 8.4M

13. London‘s white elephant sports complex — RM 70M

14. MRR2 Repairs - RM 70M

15. MATRADE repairs — RM 120M

16. Cost of new plane used by PM - RM 200M

17. InventQ irrecoverable debt - RM 228M

18. Compensation for killing crooked bridge — RM 257M

20. Lost in selling Augusta — RM 510M

21. Worth of AP given out in a year - RM 1.8B

22. Submarines (future Muzium Negara artifacts)- RM 4.1B

23. PSC Naval dockyard - RM 6.75B

24. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit)

25. The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million. (RM1.6 billion)

26. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s.

27. Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion).

28. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market

29. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam

30. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million)

31. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty on Terengganu RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007

32. Philharmonic Orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million. Hiring a kwai-lo CEO with salary of more than RM1 M per annum !

33. Advisors Fees: Mahathir was paid RM180,000, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (women and social development affairs) RM404,726 and Abdul HamidOthman (religious) RM549,675 per annum

34. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in PPSMIover the past five. Out of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipments which it is unable to give a breakdown. Govt paid more than RM6k per notebook vs per market price of less than RM3k through some new consortiums that setup just to transact the notebook deal. There was no math & science content for the teachers and the notebooks are all with the teachers’ children now.

35. The commission paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million.

36. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion “Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge”

37.RM1.3 billion have been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge

38. RM 100 million on renovation of Parliament building and leaks

39. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million (what happened to the experiment our Space Tourist was supposed to have carried out?)

40. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million

41. Eye on Malaysia – RM 30 million and another RM5.7 million of free ticket

42. RM 2.4 million on indelible ink

43. Samy announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM 38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. RM380 million windfalls for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hike in 2008 alone.

44. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to Sarawak Chief Minister and his family.

45. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion. At atime when MAS incurring losses every year, RM1.55 million used to buy three paintings to decorate its chairman’s (Munir) office.

46. Putra transport system bailout which cost RM4.486 billion.

47. STAR-LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion.

48. National Sewerage System bailout costing RM192.54 million.

49. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway bailout costing RM142 million.

50. Kuching Prison bailout costing RM135 million.

51. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam bailout costing RM8.3 million.

52. Le Tour de Langkawi bailout costing RM 3.5 Million.

53. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in BursaMalaysia under guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth billions of ringgits.

54. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial lands and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgits.

55. Since 1997, Petronas has handed out a staggering 30 billion ringgit in natural gas subsidies to IPPs who were making huge profits.In addition, there were much wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea of the amount.

56. RM5700 for a car jack worth RM50

57. Government-owned vehicle consumed a tank of petrol worth RM113 within a few minutes

58. A pole platform that cost RM990 was bought for RM30,000

59. A thumbdrive that cost RM90 was bought for RM480

60. A cabinet that cost RM1,500 was bought for RM13,500

61. A flashlight that cost RM35 was bought for RM143

62. Expenses for 1 Malaysia campaign paid to APCO?

63. RM17 billion subsidy to IPP

64. USD24 million diamond ring for Ro$mah — cancellation of order — how much compensation???

65. Cattle/Cow gate by family of Sharizat RM250 million




Raj said...

Thambi is in Risda and not Felcra. Felcra is under 6-million dollar man.

Anonymous said...

anyone got MOOHEEDinWit's email address??? Love to send him this to REMIND him of UMNO's Considerate nature... Niamah... PukieAyam ...

zorro said...

Thanks Raj....for the correction.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough just lancheowing them must now also lancheow those voters who voted and still believe and want to vote them.

flyer168 said...

Hello Zorro,

What about this...

Thursday, October 30, 2008 The Muhyiddin-Stamford Land Conspiracy Matter

The following are excerpts from various reports about a matter heard in the mid-90s, in which Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and others were sued by property developer Stamford Holdings S/B:

Stamford Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has sued Muhyiddin Yassin, chief minister of the Johor state, and businessmen Yahya Talib and Syed Mokhtar Albukhary for damages for alleged conspiracy in acquiring land in Johor through the Land Acquisition Act, the Bernama national news agency reported Friday.

According to Bernama, Stamford Holdings claimed the three had abused provisions of the Act to acquire its 6,600 acres of land through the Johor State Islamic Economic Development Corporation...

ganesh: The Muhyiddin-Stamford Land Conspiracy Matter -

"Muhyiddin called up Stamford again, and told them, “Look, I have this piece of paper in front of me on my desk.

All I have to do is sign it and Stamford Holdings will no longer own the 4,000 acres of land. Now, do you agree or not to develop the land and I take 70%?” Stamford again refused.

The following week, they received a letter from the Johor State Government signed by Muhyiddin stating that the government has taken over the land."

Stamford Holdings Sdn Bhd -

Challenging the acquisition

Apart from accepting the award under protest and then referring it to the High Court (on the expectation that the court will enhance the amount of compensation), the dispossessed owner can also challenge the validity of the acquisition itself.

Various grounds have been raised by the dispossessed challenging the validity of land acquisition. Among them:

That the move to acquire is ultra vires the Federal Constitution; that it is a breach of natural justice; that it doesn’t comply with certain provisions of the Act; that it is mala fide and delays processes.

Only a handful of these succeeded, with the majority of the challenges being rejected by the courts.

In Stamford Holdings Sdn Bhd vs Kerajaan Negeri Johor & 4 Ors (1998, 2 AMR 997), a compulsory acquisition case filled with high drama and political overtones, the Court of Appeal held in April 1995 that there was evidence of “unconscionable and unmeritorious conduct” on the part of the respondents and ordered a full trial of the case.

However, on Oct 6, 1999 the High Court in Johor Baru ordered the respondents - the Johor State Government, the then Menteri Besar, corporate figure Tan Sri Syed Mukhtar Albukhary, businessman Datuk Yahya Talib and the Johor State Islamic Economic Development Corporation - to pay Stamford, a plantation company, RM405 million as compensation. Zainun Ali (J) made the order in chambers after the respondents had agreed to a settlement.

Compulsory land acquisition -

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...


What more can we say when the DPM use such twisted logic to "show" that UMNO is "considerate"? He might as well say that the police is "considerate" that they do not shoot everyone on sight.

But sadly, there are still plenty of Malaysians who believe in such twisted logic spun by UMNO twisted (crooked) leaders. I guess these blind Malaysians have been very influenced by the greatest UMNO crook of all time, the great demi-god Apanama.

Anonymous said...

65 so far...

be prepare for a longer list if a moo bugger takes over.

Anonymous said...

say what ?

fucking rite...

the leading party led by a nincompoop...

the other main party led by a whore- humping idiot...

an ayoyo party led by a spineless yes man...

the rest of the parties ? can all go fuck themselves.

bruno said...

Zorro,did you conveniently forget about the container loads of bras,panties and tampons that went missing from the ports a few years ago.It was rumoured that they were for the Umnoputras.For the wives or hubbies.Guessed it must be for the latter.

bruno said...

Thambi is in Risda?All along I thought that rapist was in Felcra.He should have been a groom or masseur to the NFC lembus.That way the lembus can have his belakang when they get horny.Lembus do get horny too,you know.

sampalee said...

As long as you pick on bn,you are the good guy.When you as much as hint on pr wrong doing,you will be crucified.Wonder why GOD continue to give us bad leaders? He hate it when the people act and judge like GOD.All accusation on RPk are baseless.
People must be told the Truth before they go to the poll and it does not matter which party,is the candidate from.

bruno said...

Zorro,if you go to the pub tonight or in the weekend,not to forget that the last call is for Shahrizat.

nstman said...

Muhi is one SICK JOKE

Anonymous said...


BUT first to do justice it must be amended by including the information that Sabah Sarawak & Kelantan petroleum dollars actually funded much of the list of 65 thefts...

We forget that Petronas used our petrol dollars to build the Twin Towers- lets say to be fair 2/3 come from the 2 eastern colonies.

Further Mahathir's companies have their tentacles stuck in our oil resources.

To us from the "east" this is stealing and we get only a lousy 5%!

This theft amounts to some $20 billion a year....This is the biggest repeated theft- done every year!

najib manaukau said...

Do we need any more reason why Malaysia is borrowing inspire of all the natural resources Malaysia has ?
To borrow even from the chinkie to build a bridge plus also a chinkie to become the world champion of badminton when the chinkie is supposed to be a minority in this bolehland what a joke ? Where is all the wealth of this country gone to ? Just look at Singapore they have nothing and to day they have trillion of ringgits in reserve ! May be the grand son of the perish from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir can tell us. He tries to tell the world he knows everything !

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Debt owed by the Govt to Malaysian citizens. Can be "repaid" through inflation and hyperinflation.

Debt owed to foreigners and foreign banks.
Big trouble. IMF will come in and force us to
undergo austerity (so-called "structural adjustment")
and suffer like the Greeks today.

Either way, ordinary Malaysians will suffer --- unless
the kleptocrats are booted out of office at next GE.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

not to remember - 1998 commonwealth games unclosed books

Anak Lembu said...

We were told that the Police investigation into NFC scandal was 80% done. Can the MACC investigate the remaining 20% if Shahrizat goes on leave. Maybe the 20% is in her baggage which she will take along when she goes on leave.

Anonymous said...

‘The Whistleblower 711’ blogger has now made another revelation of alleged corruption involving former Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said when it was shown that she had received a CIMB Cheque amounting to RM300,000 on 7 April 2011 from one Dato Yahya Abdul Jalil of Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, for unknown purpose.

Will Azalina also claim that the money is a contribution towards her party work and that she has all the receipts to prove? The cheque was made payable in the name of Azalina Othman and this would mean that it has to be credited into her personal account. This seems a mirror image of Awang Adek’s case where he said that the money received and credited into his personal account was meant for party work for his constituency.

Let’s wait awhile to see if Azalina Othman does come out with a statement to rebut the allegation.

bumi-non-malay said...

Well at least when ordinary Malaysian suffer...the UMNO racist leaders and cronies will be treated Exactly like Gadaffi......move as much as you can fast as you can.....Perhaps you may not have the life to enjoy it nor your children....

All this corruption due to Racism and Caused by Tun Dr. M - Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia....teach yorur kids this tell other children....and ask children "Who is Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia - answer UMNO - Tun Dr, M....... inshah Allah he live to see UMNO Obliterated and his children go to Jail.....

Shahril said...

Recently EPF disposing many shares and cessation of major share holder from many companies! Is it used to help the government to replenish the heavy debt laden national coffer to provide goodies for the Rakyats? If UMNO can come back to power, more taxes will be applied on the Rakyats to recover what had given to the Rakyats! The only way government get income is from taxes on the Rakyats! Petronas usually provide 30% of the profit for the government expenses and the remaining 70% for reinvestment. But it had already been reversed, meaning 70% had been used by the government, left with 30% for reinvestment! The goodies pay to Rakyats are not from the excess profit but is from heavily debt laden national coffer! If UMNO government not imposing taxes on the Rakyat, the government will soon bankrupted!

Anonymous said...

At least RM7,600!!!

Uncle Zorro

I'm a bloody accountant, a bean counter ... I like to count.

I add up the numbers you wrote on those 65 items, except #53 & #54, which were HUGE unknown numbers.

I counted a total of RM198 billion.

We have population of say, 26 million.

That means, every single man, woman, child and baby pays RM7,600 each, to UMNO, Barisan and their cronies.

For a family of 4, parents + 2 kids, that's RM30,400!!!

Imagine what that amount of money can do for a kid wanting to further his studies, a sick person in need of medical treatment or simply a parent trying to put enough food on the table everyday!!!

I haven't even counted #53 & #54 which easily adds another RM2,000 to each person!

Uncle Zorro, if I were you or Pakatan, I would go to town with those numbers. Show the rakyat how much was taken away from them, their children, their month-old baby in need of milk-powder, their grandparent in need of that life-saving medicine. Show the rakyat, make them feel it. If they each have an extra RM7,600, what difference would it make to their lives?


patrick said...

Can't take this 'malay first'dimwit too seriously otherwise you'll blow a gasket!We'll show him how to be considerate when we finally kick his and the rest of the thieving umnoputras' butts out of putridjaya!We will then recover all ill-gotten loot and put them away for a long time on a diet of rice and curry.And that's being considerate.

pinsysu said...

66. Malaysia goes bankrupt!

no. 14 duplicates no. 8.

wongty robert said...

Wonder how UMNO partners in BN are going to defend themselves on their ignorance or silent consent to these thefts!
Just wonder, could these thefts be considered by Bank Negara Malaysia a threat to national financial security as the money has to be moved out of the Malaysia illegally, unless it disappear into thin air. Otherwise, income tax authorities would have reported a huge increase in tax revenue from these smart overnight billionairs and UMNO-BN nationalists.

Anonymous said...


Tun M must be so proud.


Is this the complete Jihad list? said...

Is there any other lists online.

How many billions are all of this, ah?

Anonymous said...

They are vultures of the same feather. Umno is truly a benevolent syndicate to all those plunderers and blunderers. On the other hand, there was once a former member who was sacked and beaten to a pulp with eyes blacker than a panda by the same benevolent concern. Perhaps that guy was betraying their operating principles and was punished with their "house rules"?

flyer168 said...

"How many billions are all of this, ah?"

CORRUPTED BARISAN NASIONAL: The Most Corrupted Malaysian -

In Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore Daniel Lian,

figures “that the country may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM320 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption.”

Mind you, this is only corruption and it does not include wastages!

Note – up to March 15 2004

Imagine what it is now...


Anonymous said...

It's not billions!

It's gone into trillion. If you add the RM888.0 billions of illicit outflow in, they'll come to anything up to RM1.5 trillions with bits and pieces here and there.

Check here - Corruption Malaysia

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I ripped off this piece to place on my scroller in my blog without your permission. Thank you in advance.