Monday, January 30, 2012


Yesterday, we had THE village idiot distributing white envelopes instead of red and we never heard even a squeak from the avowed champions of the Chinese porn star and the “hood”less, (read seedless) one from Penang….. MCA and Gerakan lah if some of you still want to forget. And we heard Jib Gor report that 60,000 Chinese gathered at Sitiawan in support of the guy who wanted to dip his keris in Chinese blood. For a free meal, those 60,000 chink and chinkess will seal their lips and conveniently cannot remember a thing.

I am just wondering… there a concerted movement afoot to chip away at Jib Boy’s 1Malaysia papier-mâché colossus?

I just received the pic below from the delectable Rehan who asked,

“Satu Malaysia, uncle?”

………….accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of Jalan Changkat Simon D who commented:

“So this means Malay golfers welcome. Others (Mat Salleh? Who exactly are 'Others'?) are not so welcome. Chinese, even less welcome. Indians not welcome at all. Good to see the rule of law applied evenly!?! Can only assume that they have plenty of Indian golfers at this club and don't need any more.....”

My friends in KGNS say that the President is giving back KGNS to the Government!

I waited for more than 10 years and when they found that I was fit to join KGNS, I threw that OK letter back at them because I heard that there was a move to ban beer at the golfers terrace and the entrance fee had escalated and also I was given enough evidence that some leap frogged over many of us on the waiting list.

Thank God, we don’t have this stupid chauvinism in the PUBS. In all our watering holes, all races, YES ALL RACES mix irrespective if you are gays, lesbians, transvestites, cross-dressers, UMNO, PAS, DAP, PKR, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, East Malaysians, Legal and Illegal immigrants…..making up a potpourri of cocktails that can give the finger to the deformed 1Malaysia.

Lancheow to racists Clubs!

Come to the Pubs!


malchindian said...

Mana dan bila?

Anonymous said...

Giving white ang paus and white table cloth is a no no during Chinese New Year.Claiming ignorance is no excuse, and I suppose many politicians look forward to CNY with an eye for the RED Ang Paus from businessmen or cronies.
Suppose if PR were to have an open house during Hari Raya, serve alcohol, and then claim ignorance?
My belief is that Ibrahim guy would be the first bay for blood, literally I mean.
To make amends, according to Chinese customs and tradition,and to avoid bad luck, I suppose Perkasa or Ibrahim guy must must give each and everyone present at his open house another ang pau, and its must be RED.
But I wonder, why those present did not stage a walkout?

shanghai fish said...

Even golf membership got "crutches" ah ? What a shame. To be a member of a club but eyed as cheap-skates by fellow non-Malay members. No class lah ! ptuuiii ! F&B bills also got Bumiputera discounts ? so shy lah I !

Malaysian said...

Living in a multi-cultural society like ours, giving white packet during CNY is either an arrogant ignoramus or a provocative racist. By this insulting act, IA has just driven more votes away from BN. So much for 1Malaysia!

And it’s unbelievable for this different membership price by race. This is again insulting to the non-Malay members. Doesn’t any member question this racist price? So much for 1Malaysia again!

Zorro, you did the right thing by rejecting the membership.

Anonymous said...

This ang pow and free meal also reflect the corrupted culture that infest the Chinese life. How to win GE13 if we are so damned cheap.

Anonymous said...

Reading all the lancheow stuff coming out from all those lancheow BN politicians, makes me all screwed up and I would utter the LC word to myself! And my wife and kids must have thought I have gone nuts! But i must say more LC to Porn star Loctor Chua and Boh Hood Loctor Koh for being running dogs for Bumno! F them kau2!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, those chinese there deserve what they get.

Can you imagine those chinese there assisting that big mouth yet they did not dare say a word about the 'pak kam'.

Wah! he must be damn powderful!

bruno said...

How to get so many elderly Chinese to attend fat toady's open house.Must be hoodwinked to attend.Have to ask porn star Chua,his lackeys and Mike Yeoh.

jose manuel said...

Thse 0ld folks are transported FREE to the open house,to show that berahim KATAK is not racist. Rm 10,000 Ang Pow money is given to this 300 old folk i.e.rm.33.33/ person. Even small children is shy to accept this amount. Why not ask your Penaung MAMAK KUTTY to sponser this. At least he can get his cronies to sponser RM300.00/person easyly. BODOH PUNYA KATAK.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there are still plenty of chinese who are willing to sell their mothers, wives and daughters for a few ringgit in a white "pak kum" envelope. And for the reported 60,000 Sitiawan chinese who turned up to lick Ah Jib Gor's balls, how does his balls taste? I betcha Ah Jib Gor's balls taste like rotten eggs and smells like decomposing corpse.

Anonymous said...

The 'whitepow' is meant for funeral donation ! look at the photo in MK, a yellow-shirted dogtor xxx certainly
knew the 'whitepow' was NOT ok but he was smiling with the @#$%^& son of alibaba !

Malchindian said...

And so the sandiwara unfolds.....
Perkasa performs a major faux pas by hosting a CNY event which saw an equal number of Malays attending with the Chinese and for dishing out "pek kim" instead of angpows. The spineless MCA and Gerakan then do an indignant "how dare you show no respect" bla bla bla...and then a "chastened" katak Ali will apologise......wait for it.
How much money did you guys spend again to curry favour Mr porn star? Your newspaper has been covering the events dutifully too. For the psychology strategy used, how long did it take you to hatch this plan to try to swing former supporters back into your camps?
Verdict? Bad D grade movie. I will pass on the popcorn.

And then the perak function....I bet MCA and Gerakan were ordered to pay out of their pockets (national service) for Jibby's campaign...or else.

Anonymous said...

zorro,did you forget the "no indian " pub run by chinese in ipoh,perak? you orang perak kan?

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali is really “kurang ajar” by giving out ang-pows in white envelopes. He knows very well that ang-pows should be given in red packets and not white envelopes. White envelopes are used to at funerals only. This idiotic Ibrahim Ali is doing this on purpose !

Don’t tell me this fool of an UMNO member and his cohorts cannot find any red packets at all to put the money in. All banks are giving out free red packets. Big establishments like Maxis, most departmental stores etc. also give out red packets during Chinese New Year. All this idiot Ibrahim Ali has to do is to go to his bank to ask for the red packets and I am sure the banks will give him more that he can use for that function. Get what I mean ? He is doing this on purpose to stir up ill feelings among the rakyat.

Geronimo said...

What???? Our Indian brothers have to pay more than the Chinese? Am I missing something here? Such high fee discrimination certainly discourages many Indians from joining the club. I wonder why the club management despise the Indians so much. Oh, I forgot. This is an UMNO club.

zorro said...

Anon245am.....really? Yes I was born in Taiping but left Perak in 1954 for Penang. This is news to me. Dang, tell me more. I'd like to shaft a barnacled pole up some Chinese shithole.

Jong said...

"no indian " pub run by chinese in ipoh,perak?

- never heard of it. When, where?

Anonymous said...

Collin Tiew is a typical MCA coward that kow tow to Umno and Perkasa!

Anonymous said...

Hang Tuah killed Hang Jebat because of serious differences. Dr. M assassinates the career of Anwar because of serious differences. See the parallels. So is Dr. M despising his own premonitions as a result of his actions.

Riversidegrass said...

An open letter to Ibrahim Ali: “Choy, choy, choy, pak kam!" or Red Forever!
Written by The Scissors Sharpener's Daughter

It's not hard to learn a culture.

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Good to the RAKYAT, bad to the devil reincarnation !

Anonymous said...

Aiya what's the fuss over the white envelope. It's still money inside whether it's in red or white packet.
After all, the packet is thrown away.
And what's the big deal about Chinese and Indians high membership in KGNS.
It's just like the DEB lor. We get special treatment like discount on houses.
Why not discounts for golf clubs? Chinese and Indians are richer than the Malays.
And who wants to go to pubs. That's not a Malay favorite place.
Uncle Zorro, do you remember a Petaling Street hotel who opens membership only to non-Malays.
Why aren't you complaining, oh you racist people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33 What is so kurang ajar about katak Ali? At least he can claim being the champion of Malays and Islam, he does NOT know anything about the Chinese and their traditions. He only knows them as pendatangs who sell their women folk for a couple of ringgit. What about the MCA Chinese pornstar leader and his dumb followers? They only know how to fcuk around and watch the antics of their leader? You mean to say they left their dicks and balls at home whenever they go for a function organized by the UMNO thugs.

Now the katak Ali gives out "pek kim" instead of "angpows". Next he will organize a blooding letting do of Chinese blood to satiate the power lust of his master Ah Jib Gor.

The pornstar MCA leader and his eunuch supporters would be there as cheerleaders. What a pathetic lot! Is it true the MCA Chinese would do anything, really anything for scumbs thrown at them by their UMNO masters? What a shameless lot! Prostituting at the expense of the Chinese. These fcukers are worse than the ah longs.

zorro said...

Anon245am....Jong, born and bred and still in Ipoh and I still await your reply....or are you trying to figure a way out....I have your IP that is all.

zorro said...

Anon1221pm....its the Raggae Club cum budget hotel lah. The Club does not want their business interrupted by raids from the Morality Police of Jakim and Hassan Ali. That's economics if you do not know. Years ago, also along Petaling Street area, the 3rd floor of a hotel has this notice: Muslims are not allowed to patronise this establishment.

Even this well-protected "knock-shop" is open to "disturbances" by the religious department. Of course I have been to this 3rd floor. Jim the pimp was a PR man par excellence!

new fart said...

12:21pm....Genting also ban Muslims from visiting their casino la. Don't put the blame on others whilst your "religion" DEMANDS what you can do and what you can't do. These businesses are only trying to protect their economy interest least they get fucked by your religious morality cowboys! When others criticize, you call it racist and when you criticize, you call it your religious "noble" intent!

Anonymous said...

zorro - you disappoint your ex - students for not seeing the big picture where kgns is concerned......because of the very policy you criticize kgns is today a reflection of a truly malaysian malaysia.

if not for its policies it will be like klgcc or tropicana....majority chinese or extremely rich bumiputras....

as ibm used to say "think" for a change.....

Anonymous said...

While I was at the kg simee clinic reading sinchew, a bumiputra asked if he could borrow it ;
I was wondering : " awak tau bahasa china kah !?"
He smiled : " tengok nombor kuda dan toto saja ! "


Anonymous said...

zorro,you and jong sure "mudah lupa".remember the indian guy whom was shot death. here is abit of information dumbass!

"By G Vinod, FMT

PETALING JAYA: A father of four was shot dead after a scuffle outside a karoake outlet in Ipoh which apparently bars Indians from patronising the waterhole.

The deceased’s employee has lodged a police report claiming that P Kathir Oli, 31, was gunned down by a plainclothes policeman moonlighting as a bouncer.

In his report filed with the Ipoh Central police headquarters, K Sashiteren, 21, said that he, Kathir and two others had gone to the outlet called Angel Fun Pub & Karaoke on Sept 14.

However, they were not allowed to enter the premises.

“A man told us that Indians are not allowed to patronise the pub. Kathir got upset and asked why can’t an Indian enter the pub?” said Sashiteren, adding that a heated exchange ensued.

At one point, he said, a patron threw a bottle from inside the pub which hit Kathir’s face and the latter grew enraged and threw the bottle back."

i want read how you gonna spin this!

Anonymous said...

i one more thing
"Anon1221pm....its the Raggae Club cum budget hotel lah. The Club does not want their business interrupted by raids from the Morality Police of Jakim and Hassan Ali. That's economics if you do not know. Years ago, also along Petaling Street area, the 3rd floor of a hotel has this notice: Muslims are not allowed to patronise this establishment."

then tell me,why did their ban people from india ? please ,spin and spin....and you might just take the throne from rocky bru the spin king.

zorro said...

Anon1021pm.....I not into this to be popular. If I have disappointed you, I suggest you check your compass.As for you being an ex-student i wouldn't know who unless you tell me your name. Surely you are proud of the name your pa gave you right?

zorro said...

Jong, you need to talk to Kula about what anon1149 commented.Surely this is worth looking into.

zorro said...

Anon1152pm....who banned people from India?

new fart said...

Anon 11:49PM...for your fucking info, a few Indian drunkards after being asked to leave a restaurant in Kepong after closing time, and refusing to pay for the alcohols consumed, MURDERED the Chinese proprietor!!! Fucking animals these Indians are! In Jinjang and Kepong where many of them now reside, they rob, steal and harass the locals who have been living there for generations, and you know what, they are consider the scumbags of society and serve them right when others refused their business! Can you blame them?

Anonymous said...

new fart,is fucking chinkys like you ,why people don't trust, you fucking chinese never kill anyone,raped ,robber... .what about the CHINESE FUCKER who raped and killed a female CHINESE kid and burried her in the frontyard and escaped from jail and then got caught after a couple years .there a lot cases in johor and penang where chinese are involve in killing and kidnaping their own .most of it goes unreported.

so,here a solution ,next when a crime/"charity" is commited by a chinese against another chinese,PLEASE DON'T CONSIDER IT AS CRIME AND KEEP YOUR FUCKING CHINKY MOUTH SHUT!.since you chinese are such angels!please sign a statement to support it..

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro

It is a shame that post British colonialism we are still using the derogatory & very offensive terms "Chinaman" and "Chinkee"

Poor and hungry guy said...

hiya, the 60,000 chinese only go for free makan lah, when comes voting, its a different story.