Saturday, January 14, 2012



Pak Zawi said...

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrates Chinese New Year.
Let us all seek the truth.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you,Zorro!

You just made me cried!

May the people in MACC responsible for Beng Hock's death rot in hell!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Another year yet no real justice.
Not just for Beng Hock's family but others as well.

Anonymous said...

That Lee Kee Hiong MUST ANSWER why Teoh was taken into MACC for questioning!! They were manufacturing invoices.

Lee Kee Hiong will have to burn in hell because she is the reason why Teoh died.

... and I am disappointed that PR and Barisan Rakyat bloggers kept quiet about Lee Kee Hiong's role.

zorro said...

Anon716pm ....if you have hard evidence give it to me. I blog responsibly and i do not blog on perceptions and rumors. If you have sufficient evidence that Lee (he is not a she)is wrong, be brave and give it to me. Otherwise don't throw the ball into our half.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

It is a known fact that Lee Kee Hiong assigned contracts to her uncle, Lee Whye Meng's company.

Ask those DAP seniors, this is an open secret and DAP is keeping mum about it.

The sad thing is Teoh is the one who got the short end of the stick.

As for your "I blog responsibly" ... got a question here, you got the evidence on najib and Altantuya??

Anonymous said...

No point making someone who committed suicide a martyr.
Stop being such a racist. If that man is a non-Chinese, will you be championing for his family like this.
We have spent so much money for inquest and Royal Commission of inquiry on this stupid man.
Move on, Zorro.

bruno said...

If possible every members should be home for the family reunion dinner.If for some unforseen circumstances due to other commitments it's not possible it is ok.

HETCHESS said...

Just when everything seems to be relegated to the back burner, this video has not just jogged but has permenantly reinforced it for me.
Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the family of Teoh. Lets be more God fearing and lead the right path to life. Pray that justice be served for Teoh's uncalled for death.

zorro said...

Anon957pm....I was amongst the 72 arrested in Ipoh when Perak was retaken. Months later I was questioned by the Commercial Crime Dept under Sedition. I have not been charged for both.....yet. If I had been an irresponsible blogger I would have been charged. I have to date done 2382 articles in this blog. If I had been irresponsible re Najib and Altantuya the SB would be at my door.

BTW, I was reliably informed that a few in MCMC are assigned to read my blog everyday and to examine the comments that ensues.

Meantime, I await your evidence (if any) re Lee and uncle. Let's be responsible and credible, can?

zorro said...

Anon1041pm....did not your read my posting on Sarbani Mohd?

Anonymous said...

Yes, all must go home for CNY celebration, spread the words of ABU. We want real change to Bersihkan Malaysia!!!

Show the people the right detergent to cleanse Malaysia:

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

You want proof of Lee Kee Hiong and her uncle stuff. Here you go;

Goggle it, its all over the net. Am surprised when it comes to PR stuff, you suddenly become less 'creative' in sourcing the stuff.

Anyway, the uncle company is WSK Services. The contract given to them by the state is for all to see.

Even Ronnie is dirty. So, your PR aint as white as what you been saying.

zorro said...

Thank you Anon545pm for your input

I will upload this into a posting and will credit you for the heads up.

You said:So, your PR aint as white as what you been saying.

Can you prove to me that I made those claims? Just one will do.

Thanks again for the above link.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Sure ... your ABU initiatives alone is enough to show that you think ONLY UMNO-BN is corrupt.

My friend, you live in PJ, right? Take a drive to SS2 and see for yourself all the so-called 'massage centres' there. Now, how come after PR took Selangor, suddenly we have all these 'massage centres' sprouting all over PJ/Kota Damansara and Klang etc??

Take a good look at that Ronnie Liu for example, now do you think he is clean???

And why DAP is so silent about Lee Kee Hiong?? What Lee Kee Hiong and Ian Yong did cost Teoh's life.

I too voted for PR in the last GE. And I think both are fucking dirty. PR, other than Nik Aziz, LKS and LGE ... the rest are crap.

Yes, it is unfortunate that Teoh wont be spending another CNY with his wife and family. And crooks like Lee Kee Hiong is free and alive.

A.B.U. said...

Whatever it is, it is still A.B.U.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

When there is a demand, there wll be supply.

That's why there are so many 'maasage' parlours in Bolehland!

aravind said...

Hi Zorro. I like to post both the Pepsi ad and the TBH clip in my blog please. How do I do that....? Can u help me out if u dont mind.

zorro said...


step 1: click on above links
Step 2: click on SHARE
Step3: click on EMBED
Step4: copy embed code.
Step5: chose size ….go for extreme left.
Step 6: paste code onto your blog.
Step 7: Publish.
Hope this helps.