Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hawkeye sent me this comment on the BRB FB Page:

· Hawkeye Jack Happy New Year Guru, you are right on, this is it, this is the year, the year of the people! We have this one chance and now it is here.

My reply:

· Bernard Khoo THIS initiative I will support with my life. DONT DISTRACT me with any others, please.

So don’t wish me a Happy New Year, wish me a Successful ABU Year instead!


v for victim said...

Too bad the V for merdeka event was a failure. So sad. I was walking around with my mask in hand trying to seek anyone else. Thousands of folks at Dataran and all were in party mood, I was the only one with the mask. Lucky I did not put it on. It would have been embarrassing and I just kept on holding on to it hoping to spot at least 1 person but I could not even find 1. Am I the only one that went last night? :(

bruno said...

you are right,Zorro.Everybody will be successful except the filty Umnoputras.Incoming 2012,Umno is all but doomed.Good riddance to a much despised cancerous parasite.

malchindian said...

Dear Zorro,

The new year started with police brutality. I read this disturbing news by blogger Uppercaise. Please refer to MToday.

"Student leader Mohd Safwan Alang was critically injured after being attacked and assaulted in a police lockup after being arrested at a New Year’s Eve student rally for academic freedom, held at University Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Tanjung Malim last night."
Adam Adli twittered from prison.

Let us pray that Mohd Safwan recovers and that no further blood is shed.

Anonymous said...

Have a Peaceful, Serene n Healthy 2012.

In order for this to come TRUE, this Generation of Voters MUST take up the 'CLARION CALL' ...anything but ABU!

Don't allow future Generations to live in continued Misery of 'What IFs' my Parents, Grandparents,Uncles,Aunties, etc have make their Sacrifices for US in GE13.

Make ABU a resounding Reality come GE13. God Bless All. Peace.

bruno said...

Zorro,our neighbours Thailand,
Indonesia and the Philiphines have fallen before due to student led uprising.The beating up of a student leader in a police lockup on New Years Eve might have the Umno/BN starting year 2012 on a wrong footing.

Could 2012 be the year of the students sending Umno into the history books as the first time in 55 years of rule onto the opposition bench,and a majority of Umnoputras to fill the prison cells and Hotel Kamunting.People's power say so and and will be riding on the momentum to kicking Umno out and making history.

Dragonputera said...


Wishing you good health with dragon force in the new year!

Jong said...

Insecure Umno has begun their 'Acts of Evil 2012' at the crack of dawn with the cockerel call!

The arrest of estimated 50 students who held a 'sit-down demo' in campus to protest the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA), were roughened up and beaten by uniformed and plain clothes Perak policeforce at 2.40 am on 1 January 2012, was that all necessary?

This is classic policing nonsense, abuse and misuse of power within university grounds!

If we further tolerate this, look the other way and don't speak up for our kids, we are truly doomed!

Ablogsmith said...

Zorro, RPK's interview with NST. Sounds like he is not on the same page as you and Haris. And sounds like the comments are genuine because it is replicated in RPK's Malaysia Today. Any comment from you?

For me if we have another 5 years with the hated UMNO/BN, I am going to be a very sad man. Wish RPK could have given me more hope.

zorro said...

Ablogsmith.....why are you surprised? free speech mah! To each his own! We have no nose rings, yes....and we don;t smell each other's there you know. I do my own thing and Pete can long as it is ABU. Go figure, can? Wishing you a Successful ABU Year.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Before today, I thought that ABU would stand a very good chance. However, with RPK's interview, it's bye bye to ABU. I am very disillusioned with RPK [second time]; one time he said ABU, next he's all out helping BN. He could have kept his gap shut at this critical time.

Anonymous said...

This ABU video clip is fantastic, very well created with the music. Great Job, we have so much talent in the opposition.