Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When you are not adept at Conflict Resolution and Damage Control you invariably short-circuit the key mechanisms that can get you out of bigger conflicts and damages. HERE is the classic case.

Over brunch I called a Ceylonese golfing friend of mine over many years and asked him his take on the KGNS issue. He patronizingly advised me about supply and demand.

I cut in with “what is that racial bit?”

His reply: Bernard, there are more important things like feeding the poor and homeless….

I immediately clicked off my mobile.

Loyalty definitely is not a goose-feathered bed….more like a water bed.

How Colin Thiew, admittedly a young political pygmy, got THIEWED is another classic case study of failure in conflict resolution and damage control. HERE


Bangsat Nasional said...

White ang-pows were meant for MC A's funeral and the ultimate demise of B N !

Toong-Toong-Chiang... Hooray!!!

KoSong Cafe said...

Don't you feel tired of the hypocrisy? I do. It is apartheid, by whatever name they wish to call it.

bruno said...

When the shit has hit the fan,don't breathe.Just suck the batang and ignore the smell.

Jong said...

This Colin Tiew - he was having it so good in-charge of 'rent-a-crowd' until some bloggers and netizens exposed his involvement? That's typical Umno/BN style so why is he complaining now?
From the pics he did not object or seem upset over the distribution of 'pek-kim/pak-kam' by Ibrahim Taliban?

Anonymous said...

thiew the MCA dog kau kau

Anonymous said...

BN is doing well to give out “cash aid” but for goodness sake why only now when the 13GE is round the corner?

What had happened in the last 48 years?

Did you, your father or grandfather receive this BRIM or better call it Beli Rakyat 1Malaysia?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Aren't all the MCA fellas like this Colin Thiew who gets thiewed left, right and center by UMNO, Utusan, Perkasa, KIMMA and everyone else as openly mentioned by MCA's greatest Thiew fella Chua Soi Lek?

MCA feels it has not done enough to hammer nails into its own coffin. MCA wants to drag the innocent and poor elderly folks into the grave with them. Such shameless bustards.