Monday, January 23, 2012


Mamasita’s CNY greetings…..

To all my Chinese blogger mates and silent Chinese blog readers, to all my Chinese friends from young until we're already quite old, to all the kind-hearted Chinese who have helped my parents through our hard times (if they're gone, then my greetings to their beloved families), and to those who've helped my immediate family once upon a time..wherever you are..
'Kam sia', 'Xie Xie ni'..
Wishing each and everyone of you a very prosperous Chinese Lunar Dragon Year.

Happy Chinese New Year!
GongXi GongXi GongXi ne ya..**^-^**

Mamasita, whom I read regularly.


mamasita said...

Hoho..thanks Zorro! hehehehe
Happy Chinese New Year my friend..hihihi
I am so honoured..:))

rajan said...

Hi Mamasita,
I want to say that your greetings for the new year is very unique and heart warming.This is the first time in my life of 60yrs that i came across such a greeting.

Jimat Wang said...

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Anonymous said...


mamasita said...

Tumpang lalu Zorro..TQ.

Hai rajan..thank you for the compliment..that is so sweet of you..
I'm so touched..*ada sikit tears now* hehe

Anonymous said...

hi Mamasita,

this is unbelievable, your response to multiracial Malaysians and CNY greetings are so sincere ..

thanks to Hawkeye for leading the way to your hospitality ... bet your children share your sincere warmth ha ha how muhibbah will be your neighborhood, the workplace and Malaysia tanah tumpah darah kita. Xia Xia, Nandri.. can't write but got google translator to help like mindef ha ha.

mamasita said...

Hai Ed..thanks so much. Yes, some of my children are very warm and very sociable..some are a bit reserved..hehe
We have had this Muhibbah thingy for so long..

May God Bless Malaysia with lots of peace and harmony always so that we Malaysians can all live prosperously and our younger generations can enjoy wonderful lives too..Ameen.